All melee attacks are delayed DaD

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  • All melee attacks are delayed DaD

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    All melee attacks are delayed DaD

    Shield blocking does not allow rapid followups as does parrying, but it dose negate the damage. The ability to block melee attacks drains a shield bar . The amount that drains depends on the amount of damage caused by the attackand also the quality and size of the shield. A buckler isn't as good for blocking, but can be used as an aid to parrying for another weapon, like. Offering a roundel dagger as another option with a larger parry window.

    When shield blocking it is possible to perform overhead attacks and thrusts of which can be quickly evaded and have limited space to strike the enemy, making your attacks slower.


    All normal attacks across the entire class now move between 50 and 40 percent faster, allowing you to pressure enemies and making the parry more challenging.

    All melee attacks are delayed for upto half one second by holding down this button...

    All melee attacks that are delayed longer turn into block breakers. They are a type of smash through that does with less damage, while reversing the stun that is slight, penalizing players for trying to avoid the attack that was telegraphed, allowing the player to follow-up with a swift attack or to start a power attack that forces the opponent to move back or attempt a second failed parry.

    Power attacks cannot be stopped. even after death. Once the power attack starts, the momentum will be carried through to the end , perhaps post mortem.
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