All those years, the girls we chased together

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  • All those years, the girls we chased together

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    All those years, the girls we chased together

    On holidays, I rolled and crawled out of bed at daybreak and reported to the gate of the Cultural Center. While reciting English words, I waited for the administrator to open the door and carried an extra bag to help Shen Jiayi occupy a seat. At noon, I took my Chinese textbook and recited all the way from the path next to the Cultural Center to the Eight Diagrams Mountain. Then I picked a bold tree and sat down. I wrote English examination papers leisurely. After thoroughly absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, I slowly walked down the mountain and returned to the Cultural Center to do math. The air conditioning of the cultural center makes people really want to lie on the table in a coma. Shen Jiayi, Shen Jiayi, I must catch up with you when I get to the university. You wait and see! I yawned and looked at Shen Jiayi sitting at the opposite table. Shen Jiayi, a hard-working ghost, is sure to pass the joint written examination. I can't be killed first. Come to think of it, my physical chemistry is only above average, so I specialize in the three subjects of Chinese, English and Mathematics, which I am best at, which is in line with my abacus. Yes, there is no coincidence in life. I always take these three common subjects to bet with Shen Jiayi. It must be meaningful. On the eve of the winter vacation, I didn't see Shen Jiayi at the written examination venue for the university entrance examination. What the ***? I scratched my head and shuttled back and forth between the examination rooms. Asked several people in succession, Yang Zeyu, Liao Yinghong, Ah He and others,gold shaking table, all do not know what happened to Shen Jiayi. It was an age without mobile phones, and the whole thing was overwhelming. You're not sleeping to death! I was dumbfounded. This is not like what the steady Shen Jiayi would do. No, what happened to Shen Jiayi on the way? In a nervous mood, the written examination passed one by one, and I wrote out of my mind. As soon as I left the meeting, I called Shen Jiayi. Fortunately, it was Shen Jiayi herself who answered the phone. I asked her what was going on. It's okay if I don't ask,chrome washing machine, but when I ask, my whole body is attacked by strong electricity. It turned out that there was a girl in the class who ranked after Shen Jiayi in the primary election, but she hoped that Shen Jiayi would give her the quota of management science in the selection examination. After some communication, Shen Jieyi really gave up the quota. Shit! Then why didn't you tell me? I was screaming and dying in a public phone booth. Oh, that's it. Shen Jiayi also did not know what to say, the tone is sorry. My mind went blank, and I really wanted to kill an egg. Later, I checked that the girl who replaced Shen Jiayi to take the exam did not come to the exam at all. The reason is unknown. She completely failed to live up to Shen Jiayi's good intentions. The whole thing is that the big devil of fate is spoofing me! "Would you like to go to Xinyuanxing to say goodbye?" Xu Bochun shrugged his shoulders. No I stormed away. After the winter vacation, the results came out. I passed the joint written examination and qualified for the oral examination of the Management Department of Jiaotong University. Since then, the development has been referred to as "the sad revenge of the resentful man". With infinite hatred and a pile of specious resumes, I came to Jiaotong University, where the ratio of men to women is 7:1, referred to as the male school, sodium cyanide price ,gold CIP machine, to attend the interview. The interview is divided into four checkpoints, one of which is a written essay, the topic seems to be "the pursuit of success" and other bullshit. The remaining three stages of the interview were held in three classrooms, with two or three professors at each stage. The professor hiding in the examination room seemed to be playing a kind of pressure game. Many examinees came out of it with tears streaming down their faces. I saw all these crybabies lying on the exit list. I'm going to die laughing. I twisted my neck. I, on the other hand, have a great hatred for the Great Demon King of Fate, and I am in a wonderful super state. Three passes in a row, with the professor's Ling Chi, I have less and less patience left. You have been the leader of two Buddhist camps, so what is Buddha? The thin professor looked at me. It would be strange if I could say this kind of thing clearly. As the saying goes, Tao can be Tao, very Tao. I frowned. "Ke, why do you think your department should admit you?" The fat professor was dispirited. If you risk nothing, then you risk anything. "I watched the clock on the wall for a long time. It's a bit of a wrong answer.

    "Another professor sneered, shook my high school transcript and said," Your grades are very bad, and you dare to come to our Jiaotong University at this level! " "Please, it's just right!"! I'm ranked twenty-six in the whole school! I stared at the professor and said, "If my grades were a little better, I would go to the medical examination and come here to the management department." Without fear. In this way, the interview is over. I got in. wWw。 xiaoshuo txt.coM Girls We Chased Together in Those Years (22) Small! Say ! txt! God . Don In this way, by mistake, I was admitted to the Department of Management Science at National Chiao Tung University. Although the reason and the process were somewhat incredible, I was very happy that I did not have to continue to face the joint university entrance examination. Among my close friends, none of them went to college in advance, so everyone was envious of my "solo flight", wandering freely in the school in the second semester of senior three, living with an annoying smile. There is no reason to read books, I just listen to the radio of "Studio English Classroom" all day to practice English listening, and peep at "Youth Express" under the desk. Of course, I don't have to go to places like cram schools, but I still stay at school every night to accompany Shen Jiayi to study, ready to spend a box of biscuits with her to relieve the depression of studying. In the classroom during the day, I began to do some very strange things, such as planting flowers in the drawer, tearing the examination papers into small pieces of paper and sprinkling them on my classmates' heads as snowflakes. Besides, I'm always looking for someone to accompany me to play badminton outside the corridor, and I'm sweating without the pressure of the joint entrance examination. Hsu Po-chun, if you want to study hard, you can't ignore such things as the joint university entrance examination. I took two badminton rackets, one of which hit Xu Bochun on the head and said, "Hey,coltan ore processing, play badminton with me!" Damn it, go to hell! Fight with your left hand and your right hand! Xu Bochun compares the middle finger with me. I didn't have to take the joint entrance exam. I was full of plans about how to give Shen Jiayi a little surprise when I graduated, and how to keep in touch with Shen Jiayi after graduation. And think about when it is a good time to make a "serious confession". I was so bored that I practiced the technique of "30 seconds of tears".

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