Blood Rain Fragrance Sword

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  • Blood Rain Fragrance Sword

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    Blood Rain Fragrance Sword

    Seeing the miraculous doctor, he looked gloomy and thought about it. Then he sighed lightly, "All things in nature are restrained by each other. However, restraining the things of three-leaf iron willow is equal to having nothing." Qu Yufeng listens, the spirit is refreshed, had the experience that treats for Zhang Meiying before, he thinks only a glimmer of life, always can think of a way. Then he asked, "Elder, tell me, what can save you from the huge poison of the three-leaf iron willow? As long as the younger generation can do it, even if it is to go through fire and water." We also need to find the antidote. His heartfelt and sincere intention made the blind doctor deeply feel it. For a moment, the old man burst into tears and said gratefully: "This intention of the little friend has made the old man deeply impressed and unforgettable forever.." Chang Dun continued, "There is only the gallbladder of the eyeless iron python in the world, which can detoxify the three-leaf iron willow. However, the eyeless iron python is an extremely rare species left over from the flood and famine.". As far as the old man knows, in today's martial arts world, only Guxin Huatuo Xing Wufei, who lives in the'Banyang Valley 'deep in the Tianshan Mountains, raises one. This person is good at medical science, and his use of poison is even more amazing today. However, he is mean, greedy and despises righteousness. He never shows benevolence lightly. No one asks for anything from him. He must satisfy his greed for no time and allow what he asks for. Qu Wang Feng frowned and looked embarrassed. He said in a low voice, "If you have a little money, you can still manage it. If he is greedy for too much, I'm afraid it's hard to get enough for a while.." He looked at the miraculous doctor and said with a wry smile, "You don't know that this man is very rich. Ordinary gold, silver, pearls and jade are not in his sight at all. What he covets is either the ancient miraculous soldier or the unique learning of Gai Dai." As soon as Qu Yufeng heard this, she frowned even more tightly and hesitated for a long time. Her eyelids suddenly showed the color of perseverance, but she murmured in her mouth: "Dear teacher, my disciple is forced by the situation. He has to disobey the precepts of the school. If my disciple is lucky enough to survive in northern Xinjiang, he will come to you and accept the heavy responsibility." As he murmured, the expression on his eyelids became even firmer, and his eyes shot with extraordinary splendor. He looked at the Japanese miraculous doctor and said, "Elder, the younger generation has already thought of a foolproof plan. As long as you see the fox heart Bi Tuo, Xing Wufei kept his palms before and offered him the courage of a blindless iron python.". Without further ado,uns c68700, I would like to ask you to tell me the way to get to Banyang Valley in the Tianshan Mountains, so that the younger generation can go early and return early. The miraculous doctor seemed to have guessed what Qu Yufeng was thinking. He stared at him for a moment and said with a sigh, "The old man knows his destiny. He doesn't regret the matter of life and death. Just now, because of a moment of anger, he showed his ugliness and smiled generously." "But I don't know, little friend, if I can tell the old man about the so-called perfect plan." Qu Yufeng thought a little and said, "Senior, this is not the time to say it. When the younger generation brings back the eyeless iron python, the younger generation will tell everything in detail." Although he had been with the blind doctor for a short time, he had a deep understanding of the blind doctor, and knew that if he spoke out about the secret decision, he would be blocked by the blind doctor. Therefore, empty and perfunctory, unknown truth. He frowned and hesitated for a moment, then said, "Well, you go. I hope you can't do anything that will make the old man feel uneasy." With that, he drew a simple map on the spot, and explained to Qu Yufeng the way to Banyang Valley, x70 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, and agreed to meet with Qu Yufeng at an inn in Qingchengzi. Qu Yufeng kept it in mind, raised her arms, and was about to set off immediately. Suddenly she stopped and asked, "What the elder has been poisoned by can be supported at most.." Support for many days? "Four weekdays are supported." "All right, the younger generation is scheduled to come back within the limit." Long Hanqiu, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said, "Brother Feng, I'll go with you." Qu Yufeng looked at Long Hanqiu and said thoughtfully in a low voice, "Brother Long, Elder Wan and Miss Zhang are both wounded and need to be taken care of. At the same time, I think it's better for Brother Long to stay." The meaning is profound, and the feeling of concern is expressed directly. Zhang Meiying kept silent, and her two eyes, looking at the eye doctor, and looking at Qu Yufeng, red lips start to speak and stop. God its expression, quite want to go with Qu Yufeng. But she thought that her injury was not healed, and she was afraid that it would be difficult to bear the long-distance fatigue, so she did not speak to her lips.

    Qu Yufeng weighed Long Hanqiu and nodded his head lightly, saying, "I dare not forget the kindness and kindness of the golden words. I have a deep feeling." Then he led the horse and stroked the top of the snow ape's head with his hand and said, "Stay here. Don't be naughty. I'll be back in three days." Floating on the horse, watching three people will hand an arch, urged to ride away. When Qu Yufeng got on the horse, Zhang Meiying stared at Qu Yufeng in her eyes. Thousands of eyes, thousands of instructions, thousands of tenderness, all in this deep look, revealed. It was not until Qu Yufeng's figure disappeared that she slowly withdrew her eyes. Straight to make people, Qu Yufeng this go, almost life Tianshan, soul from hate, after their own confession, here is not the table. Said Qu Yufeng hurried, let the horse gallop, in his estimation, if there is no delay on the road before dark, can arrive at lying bear cliff, let the mount a little rest, continue on the road, before dawn, in any case can also reach the half sun valley. He sat on his horse, his eyes flickering around. And the brain is spinning, the way the doctor refers to the situation, so as not to go the wrong way. Time slipped by without stopping. The sun was already in the west, the heat suddenly converged, and the cool evening breeze blew across his face, which made him feel like a spring breeze, and his spirit was comfortable. In the remaining time of Yu Yang, he has seen in the distance, a mountain like a bear crouching, he saw his mind as one of the vibration, secret way: "Could it be that this is what the old people of ten thousand years ago called the Crouching Bear Cliff?" Gathering eyes to search the past in thought. He saw countless lights flashing under the cliff, which looked like a bear crouching, which made him confirm what he had expected. After a cup of tea, he was less than half a mile away from the Bear Cliff. The sky was also completely dark at this time, and he took a brief look at the mountain town named after the mountain with flashing lights. I saw houses, about a thousand buildings, bursts of crying voices, with the night wind drifting over,316 stainless steel plate, his eyes roughly a moment, that is, to ride straight into the town.

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