Li Liang-New Shushan Swordsman

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  • Li Liang-New Shushan Swordsman

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    Li Liang-New Shushan Swordsman

    When Li Ning saw that the monk was so magnificent, he knew that he was a strange man in Jianghu. He wanted to try to ask him, but later he thought that he was also a person who avoided the land, so why should he have more details? Hurried with Ying Qiong to buy things, back to the inn, asked the shopkeeper to prepare a few delicious wine, father and daughter two people while eating, while discussing how to arrange the winter plan back to the mountain. Li Ning has been wandering for half a lifetime, but now he is empty-handed and good for nothing. He wants to be a hero. He has long had the idea of leaving the world. Just because the beloved daughter has not yet grown up, can not bear to give up, Ying Qiong also love to learn martial arts, and vowed not to marry, saying that he would accompany his father for a lifetime. He looked at this powder makeup jade chisel, ice and snow clever a beloved daughter, how can bear to match her with ordinary people? Growing up in seclusion in the mountains, it's all right now, but when her daughter grows up in the future, how will she choose a suitable husband for her? After drinking a few glasses of turbid wine, he immediately began to worry and looked at Ying Qiong, but kept silent. When Ying Qiong saw her father drinking, her mood suddenly turned to worry. Just as she was waiting for a gentle word of comfort, she heard a noise in the shop door. She was naturally active, so she went to the window and looked out. Then the bartender brought a bowl of steamed pork with rice flour. Li Ning was about to call Ying Qiong to sit down and eat while it was hot. Suddenly, Ying Qiong said, "Dad, come and see. Isn't this the monk?" When Li Ning heard this, he immediately moved to the window and went to the outer courtyard, only to see a crowd of people outside crowding the monk, who was the white-browed and red-faced monk he had just met in the town. Can not help but move in the heart, looking at the small two want to ask. Waiter was born with a quick tongue. Without waiting for Li Ning to ask questions, he grabbed his mouth and said, "My guest, come and have a meal quickly. It will be cold later. It's not good to enjoy it." He seemed to interrupt Li Ning's inquiry intentionally. Li Ning still does not give up,cantilever racking system, ask: "What does that monk contend for?" Waiter pursed his lips and said, "We're supposed to open a shop and do business. As long as we don't owe money, it's easy for anyone to say. It's also because today's birthday is too good, and we're catching up with the October incense flood. There's only one room left in the whole shop, and it's finally rented by the guest officer. This Pai Mei monk, how many temples nearby, don't go to register, but he can save money. He just wants to come to us and force us to stay in the shop? "Our master was willing to give him the inner room of the accounting room to live in. Not only did he not want it, but he spoke rudely. He insisted on living in the guest officer's room. When asked what the reason was, he said that the geomantic omen of the room was so good that whoever lived in it would become an immortal. If he refused, he would set fire to the room." To tell you the truth, there are many temples here, and there are thousands of people in front of the mountain every year. There are many people who depend on the Buddha for a living. How dare they offend Buddhist disciples at will? If he were in another prefecture or county, he would be so vexatious that he would not be caught by the government, sent to the street gate, beaten up, and then expelled from the country! The shop is small, asrs warehouse ,warehouse storage racks, like a string of beads, and said this big thing. Li Ning just meditated and said nothing. He was annoyed with Ying Qiong and said, "Dad, this monk is too unreasonable!" Before he had finished speaking, he heard the monk outside say in a loud voice, "Don't you know I'm coming?"? If you say I'm unreasonable, I'm unreasonable. If I don't give up the house, I'll leave! When Li Ning heard this, he was so anxious that he couldn't bear it any longer. He didn't care to eat any more. He quickly got up and went out of the room. He walked up to the monk and made a deep gesture. Then he said, "This restaurant is really full. The old Zen master doesn't mind. Please come to my room and sit down first. At the same time, he ordered the shopkeeper and the old Zen master to try to find a place to stay. As for my room, if the old Zen master likes it, How about I move to the cabinet room and give my room to the old Zen master? "You know what you're doing," said the white-browed monk! But you are willing to let the house although very good, I am afraid you are uneasy good intentions, even after the poor excuse to suffer a lot of trouble, I am not fooled by you? I'd better not. It's smart. At this time, the onlookers saw Li Ning come out to solve the difficulties with the shopkeeper. The monk was still unreasonable. They all said that Li Ning was a good man. The monk was not a thing. How could a monk be so unreasonable! When Li Ning heard this, the more respectful he was, the more sincere he agreed. "I just want to do something for the Zen master.".

    ” The monk laughed and said, "Don't think I'm so unreasonable. When I go out as a monk, how can I have a lot of rich silver with me?"? If you live in that room and eat and go, I'm afraid it will cost you four or five yuan a day. If you give me the room, won't it cost me a lot more? "I've always wanted to live here, but I'm going to discuss it with you. If you live in a cabinet room, you have to spend the money for the room. If I live in a cabinet room, I still have to spend the money for the cabinet room. Just now the shopkeeper said that as long as you spend eight cents, you don't care about eating. We all understand that this is a fair deal, and we are willing to do so. Otherwise, if you live in yours, I still want the shopkeeper to find a room for me. It's "What did the old Zen master say?" Said Li Ning. "You and I will meet by chance. It's just fate. What's a little money in the shop?"? The disciple is willing to ask the old Zen master to live in the room. The money for the room and the meal will be paid by the disciple. It's a little bit of a show. What do you think of it? When the monk heard this, he was overjoyed. "That's very good!" In front of him, the shopkeeper said, "You all heard that he was willing to pay for the room and the meal. I didn't blackmail him. I said long ago that if I wanted a room, who would dare not let me?"! You see, this sentence is not in vain! At this time, the shopkeeper and the bystander were so angry that they almost burst their bellies, but they could not do anything about the old bald donkey who was cheap and well-behaved. They are really confused, think impassability, why Li Ning is ridiculed, but also respectfully admit losses? The monk, however, took it as his duty to eat and drink freely, and even said cheap words. The shopkeeper wanted to tell Li Ning a few words, but kept winking. Li Ning only pretended not to be strange, but urged the shopkeeper to move quickly. The seventeenth chapter of God carving Buddha slave. The seventeenth chapter of God carving Buddha slave. Because both sides are willing, the shopkeeper does not meddle in other people's affairs, so he has to ask Ming Li Ning, and he will pay for the room and meal. Only then did Li Ning call Ying Qiong out and move to the cabinet room. The monk no longer paid attention to people, but went straight in. After sitting down in the room, he asked for a lot of wine and food. The cabinet was originally a small suite in the accounting room, which was used by the shopkeeper to store sundries. It was dirty and dark, and the light and air were all very bad. At first, the shopkeeper was deliberately trying to prevaricate to the monk,shuttle rack system, but who would have thought that the guests in the room would be willing to give up. After moving in, the shopkeeper felt very sorry and went into the room to accompany him. Li Ning was unperturbed and did not take it to heart at all. When he saw the shopkeeper going into the room to apologize, he only said that it was the same everywhere when he was away from home.

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