Cloud sideburns and phoenix hairpin + Fanwai

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  • Cloud sideburns and phoenix hairpin + Fanwai

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    Cloud sideburns and phoenix hairpin + Fanwai

    Mingyu and Chunyuan are now at the gate of the city. It has been three years since then. Three years, say not long, say short, but the country's personnel have changed a lot. Her daughter Zhier was already four years old, and her daughter Awa was almost three years old. Her grandmother died the year before last, and the Dazhao Dynasty changed its reign title to Tianxi because of the new emperor's accession to the throne on the first day of this year. The late emperor Zhengde, although he quelled the chaos in the court a few years ago, was obsessed with seeking immortals and asking questions. After Li Tongfu, he trusted another Taoist who had come to visit him. He died at the end of last year because of excessive medicine and stone. The crown prince succeeded to the throne, and this year is the first year of Tianxi. In May, she received a letter from Jiangzhou, saying that Old Master Jiang Kui had read the letter she had sent in previous years, and was fascinated by the magnificent grassland scenery in Hexi mentioned in the letter, and had been clamoring to come. Ruan Hongtian and Jiang Shi could not stand the old man's noise, so they had to come down. Xie Jingzhu has been living with his father in Jiangzhou for several years, missing his brother and sister-in-law, and seeing this opportunity, he also came over. Because Gao Jun had fought here with Xie Nanjin before and was familiar with the conditions along the road, he led the team and picked dozens of strong men to escort him. Xie Jingzhu, who is now sixteen, has moved to Jiangzhou with his father. Since two years ago, people have often come to ask for marriage. Since she had seen such a perfect match as her brother and sister-in-law,digital touch screen board, how could an ordinary man like her? With pity for his father, he wanted to accompany him for a few more years, and he did not want to marry early. Because of Mingyu, Jiang treated Xie Jingzhu as his own son. Entrusted by Mingyu, she has been paying attention to the right family for her. At the end of last year, I met a family who came to propose marriage. Generations of scholarly family, the son of that family is also a knowledgeable and reasonable scholar. Xie Nanjin had no intention of letting his daughter remarry into a family of dignitaries, and he also recognized the marriage. When he was about to perform the ceremony of proposing marriage,smartboards in classrooms, he happened to encounter a national mourning and had to be beheaded for three years. As the daughter of a minister, although she could be engaged, she could not marry. This delay will be three years, after three years, Xie Jingzhu will be eighteen years old, some hesitation about the convenience, procrastinating not to come to the ceremony of marriage. Xie Jingzhu's heart is quite high, and how would he like to get married like this? In the past few years, she took care of her father alone, and often corresponded with Mingyu. She took her as an example everywhere. She was no longer a flower in the greenhouse in the past. She asked Jiang to call a matchmaker to come over and refuse the marriage, saying that she was willing to accompany her father for a lifetime. Jiang Shi anxious, Xie Nanjin also some guilt, feel delayed daughter, secretly asked Jiang Shi to visit another suitable family. Xie Jingzhu himself did not take it seriously, and when he heard that the two grandfathers were going to Hexi, classroom interactive whiteboard ,digital interactive whiteboard, he immediately followed them. Mingyu waited for a moment and saw Xie Zuiqiao leading the chariots and horses on the opposite road in the distance. Knowing that the people had arrived, he was so happy that he hurried over to meet them regardless of the fierce sun. Xie Jingzhu sat in the car, opened the door curtain and saw his sister-in-law coming over. He hurriedly called to stop the carriage, and without the help of the girl, he jumped down and ran towards her. The sister-in-law and sister-in-law met for the first time in three years, and now they held each other's hands tightly and were very happy. When Mingyu saw that Xie Jingzhu was already slim and graceful, elegant and dignified, with a layer of fine sweat on her white forehead, he quickly pulled her to the shade of the city gate and wiped her sweat with a handkerchief. He was distressed and said, "When summer comes here, the weather is dry and hot. It's very different from our Jiangnan. It should be very hard to come all the way." Hsieh Ching-chu was in high spirits. He looked Mingyu up and down and said cheerfully, "Sister-in-law, I haven't seen you for a few years. You're not the same as you used to be. I look more and more beautiful!"! Oh, by the way, where are my nieces and nephews? I brought gifts for all of them and can't wait to meet them! "Ah Yu, just talk to your husband's sister-in-law. If you don't talk to me, I'll lift my feet and go back!" A voice came from the side. Mingyu looked back and saw that his grandfather Jiang Kui was old and strong. Although he was so hot that he kept wiping his sweat, he was still staring at himself with his arms akimbo. He held back his laughter and hurried forward to hold the ceremony. Only then did Jiang Kui turn his anger into joy and see Xie Jingzhu making a face at himself. The two of them had come all the way and were very familiar with each other. They knew that she was laughing at them, but they didn't take it seriously. They held their heads high and went to the city gate, followed by a group of people. After a few days, it was the opening day of the festival of the gods. According to the convention, a place of sacrifice should be set up outside the city, with a Gong hanging high on a wooden frame in the middle, and the local governor shot the heart of the Gong with an arrow to make a sound to pray to the gods.

    Xie Zuiqiao is now a state herdsman, the same as the previous two years, the first shot of the arrow is naturally none other than him, and there are other affairs, early this morning, told Liu Xiangyang and Gao Jun to protect Ming Yu Jiang Kui and others to go out, he went out of the city first. When Hsieh Ching-chu first arrived in Yuncheng, he saw that the local customs were quite different from those in the south of the Jinjing River. The women were all in the streets. They were his sister-in-law, who was the wife of a state herdsman. When he went out, the carriage he took was only covered with a sunshade, which was not as airtight as before. At first I was surprised and surprised, but when I saw that my sister-in-law was calm and calm, I followed her, and I felt quite interesting. Hearing that the festival of the gods would begin today, he was even more excited than a pair of little nephews and nieces. When he went out and sat beside Mingyu in the carriage, he kept looking around. Along the way, I met a lot of local people. When they saw Mingyu, they came forward to greet him one after another. When they saw Mingyu, they also returned the salute with a smile. They knew that their brother and sister-in-law were quite popular in the local area, and it was a great honor for them. Sister-in-law, I used to hear that there were many Xiting barbarians here, and I was always afraid that you would not be used to it. Now it seems that I am worrying too much. Xie Jingzhu took Mingyu's arm and said excitedly. Mingyu said with a smile, "Jiangzhou has its own beauty, and it also has its advantages here.". If you stay long enough, you will know. I like the simplicity of the people here better than in the capital. Hsieh Ching-chu nodded and suddenly remembered. "Sister-in-law," he said,smart board interactive whiteboard, "I just received a letter from Wen Ying before I went out with my grandfather. She gave birth to a son a few months ago. Although she had a hard time, she was well prepared at that time. Now she is in good health. Knowing that I came here to see you, she asked me to say hello to you on her behalf. I hope you will return to Beijing as soon as possible to catch up with the old days. 。

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