The Little Wife of a Military Family by Wang Jiangying

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  • The Little Wife of a Military Family by Wang Jiangying

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    The Little Wife of a Military Family by Wang Jiangying

    For a long time, Mrs. Zhang finally said, "How do you do this business? Do you have a charter?"? You know, I'm not involved in the Luo family's business now, and you'll have to make up your mind about how to do it. It's implied acceptance. Feng Zhen breathed a sigh of relief and said, "My shop is still too small. I heard that the Luo family also has a big distillery. If I can use the Luo family's distillery and the reliable masters inside, I can directly supply the whole city of Suzhou and even some big cities in the Central Plains." "Of course it's no problem." Mrs. Zhang nodded, she has 70% of the profits in her hands, she naturally will not grasp all in her hands, when the time comes to give the Luo family 20% of the profits, it is enough. Seeing this, Feng Zhen added, "I'm only worried that if this business gets bigger in the future, if it spoils the interests of a big family in the capital, I'm afraid it will cause trouble for my wife and the general." "Well, you don't have to worry about that." Mrs. Zhang's face was solemn. "Doing business depends on your ability. If you don't have the ability, you can't blame others for making money.". You just do your job well. Only then did Feng Zhen laugh. "Madam is wise. Feng Zhen has the confidence to make this business bigger in the future." She smiled with some embarrassment. "It's just that my winery hasn't opened yet. If I can continue to sell the goods in Luo's house in the future, it would be better.". On weekdays, I also want to brew some wine and sell it in the shop. Mrs. Chang said with a smile,Thyroid Powder Factory, "It's harmless. You can open your own shop." Then he said to Mammy Wu, "Go back and send a plaque to the distillery to use my seal." With the seal of the general's wife on the sign, no one dares to cause trouble. Feng Zhen was overjoyed and hurriedly saluted and thanked him. Now that you're doing business with me, you don't have to be so polite in the future. If you have business difficulties, you can come to me directly. Then Mrs. Zhang ordered Mammy Wu to give Feng Zhen a house number so that she could come directly to her house in the future. Feng Zhen knew that she had succeeded in getting on Mrs. Zhang's boat. Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages in this matter. But now she has only such a way, can only go on well. Who knows how far it will go in the future. When Feng Zhen left,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, Mrs. Zhang immediately asked Mammy Wu to find someone to find the head of the Luo family to discuss the matter. After waiting for Luo Jiaju to come, two people discuss for a long time again, this just settled the thing finally. After seeing off the head of the Luo family, Mrs. Zhang stood at the door, looking at the gray sky and breathing a sigh of relief. Mammy Wu, this may be an opportunity for us, and also an opportunity for Dingnan. "Madam." Mammy Wu looked at her in puzzlement. Mrs. Zhang smiled mysteriously and said, "The general will know later that I can only bring him more and more." Because of the change in business, Feng Zhen's small wine shop was also delayed. She did not say this to the two elders of the Feng family, but only casually mentioned to Xiaoshan that she was now doing business with Mrs. Zhang. Xiaoshan this is not very concerned about these, just some tangled way, "you are not for me, deliberately to get close to Mrs. Zhang, Sex Enhancement Powder ,D BHB Factory, if for this, then forget it.". A real man should take his own fame and fortune. "You look up to me too much." Feng Zhen pinched his ear, "if I have this ability, I will not ask for an official for you, I will ask for an official for myself.". I'll be in charge of you from now on. "It's really not because of me?" Xiaoshan pressed on her body, and a mouth was already close to her. Today he managed to get his father-in-law drunk, and now he can finally be in the same room with his daughter-in-law, so naturally he won't waste such a good opportunity. Feng Zhen hid and laughed. "Don't make trouble. Be careful that I will tell Dad about your thoughts tomorrow." "It's no use telling me. I've finished learning the thousand words anyway." Xiaoshan kissed his pink lips with a proud face. Remembering this, he felt very proud. Think about how long it has been. He can recognize a thousand words. Although the handwriting is a little ugly, it can be recognized in the end. The father-in-law praised him for his cleverness. When Feng Zhen saw him showing off, she said, "Don't be complacent. You know why you learn so fast.". Other people read sages' books and think about sages' things, but you are full of bad water. "Hey, my wife understands me.".

    "Xiaoshan is not ashamed but happy, the big hand has been tossing up on Feng Zhen, all of a sudden touch this, touch that side, make Feng Zhen breathless, repeatedly beg for mercy.". The New Year's Day has passed, and Xiaoshan has to return to the barracks. This time to be able to stay at home for so long, is already a captain Zhang special care, Xiaoshan naturally will not continue to stay. And although these days and daughter-in-law are very moist, but his heart is still thinking about the brothers in the barracks. Now that he has his own confidence and ideas, he can't wait to make meritorious military service and seek fame. Before leaving, Feng Zhen prepared several jars of liquor for him. "This liquor is too strong to drink more.". Going back to the barracks will delay things. You are a person who has read books now, but you can't be reckless and think twice before you act. "Don't worry, you've told me so many stories, and I remember all those lessons." These days, Feng Zhen seized the opportunity to tell him some stories of historical celebrities, as well as some stories from the thirty-six stratagems and Sun Tzu's Art of War. Xiaoshan heard a lot and remembered it in his heart. Feng Zhen encouraged, "I believe you, you are a person who does great things.". I'm still waiting to be the general's wife. Praised by his beloved daughter-in-law, Xiaoshan immediately felt lofty sentiments, "Zhener, that day will not be far away." The barbarian hasn't been killed yet, so he has a chance to render meritorious service. The barbarian gave them so much shame this time, and there were many chances to get it back. This is the second parting, Feng Zhen heart more and more reluctant, has been sent to the city gate, watching him ride away. Feng Xiucai touched his beard and nodded with satisfaction. "My son-in-law is so progressive that his future is limitless." Feng Zhen secretly said, with her watching, you have to become a useful person even if you don't become a useful person. After Xiaoshan left,Heme Iron Polypeptide, the Luo family also sent someone to invite Feng Zhen to come over. Also do not know how the general's wife and the Luo family said, anyway, now the Luo family wine cellar here is under the control of Feng Zhen.

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