Descendants of Maoshan

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  • Descendants of Maoshan

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    Descendants of Maoshan

    Strictly speaking, Lianhuashan is located in Linzhang County. At that time, the Linzhang County Public Security Bureau also sent people to deal with the murder case. So after several people got off the train from Lanzhou, they hired a van and went directly to the county seat of Linzhang. After finding a hotel to stay, the first thing Zhang Guozhong and Sun Ting did was to go out to inquire about the resigned forensic doctor in Pang Dayang's mouth. According to Pang Dayang's confession, the forensic doctor who resigned was Cui Liyan. The police of the local public security Bureau secretly called him One Eye. The reason was very simple (three words could not be seen, speculated). That man had only one eye, and the other eye was fake. It was even more frightening than a dead body. Linzhang is not big, and the common people are more enthusiastic about outsiders. In less than half a day, they found the "clinic" opened by Cui Liyan. Coming to the door of the clinic, Zhang Guozhong was really stunned. On the top of a small front room hung a signboard about the same size as the front room: Jianmin Clinic. Began to hear the people say that the man is a doctor, open a clinic, thought it was a deliberate joke, now a look is really a clinic, my mother, ah, the people who used to deal with the dead are now dealing with the living. After entering the clinic, even Sun Ting was surprised,lamella tube, this small clinic although the appearance is not big, the equipment is five internal organs. In the room of less than 30 square meters, there are two large medicine cabinets, a table and several chairs, a diagnostic bed, and even a microscope workbench, an electrocardiograph and a number of test tubes for laboratory tests. The electrocardiograph is a little old,fine bubble diffuser, and I don't know if it can still be used. In addition, there was a small door in the corner of the room, on which hung a waist-high curtain, which had not been washed for a long time. The background color should be white cloth, but from Sun Ting's point of view, it looks like camouflage. On the curtain, three words were written crookedly in red paint: "Inpatient Department." Excuse me Is Dr. Cui here? Zhang Guozhong shouted and observed the furnishings of the small clinic. At At Hearing the shouts, the curtain of the "inpatient department" was lifted, and a big man of at least 1.85 meters came out. At the sight of this man, Zhang Guozhong and Sun Ting took two steps back at the same time. Fortunately, it was daytime, and if it was in the middle of the night, I'm afraid Zhang Guozhong would have to bite his tongue and spray blood. Seeing Zhang Guozhong and Sun Ting, multi disc screw press ,wall penstocks, Cui Liyan was also stunned. Factory workers all have free medical care. They usually go to the county health center to see a doctor. Those who come here are usually farmers around them. Even adult people go to the countryside to give birth to a second child secretly. And in front of these two are neither like farmers, nor like the sound of the second child, not only dressed very fashionable, but also holding a mobile phone, looks like two rich people, why do this kind of people come here? You.. Are you Dr. Cui Liyan? Zhang Guozhong managed to squeeze out a little smile. To be honest, it's really difficult for a living person to grow up like this. Oh It's me! I don't know, guys..? Cui Liyan looked puzzled and stretched out a big hand that could almost hold the basketball. Shaking hands with Cui Liyan, Zhang Guozhong concisely explained the purpose of his visit. Hearing that they had come for the case of "dumping corpses in barren hills" a few years ago, Cui Liyan immediately looked alert, "Who are you? Why do you ask? "We were asked by the victim's family to investigate this matter." Zhang Guozhong briefly talked about Liao Ruoyuan and handed over the copies of the two autopsy reports by the way. "We consulted an expert who thought the two reports were inaccurate. I heard that you were the first forensic doctor to come to the scene, so I wanted to ask about the specific situation at that time." Hearing the word "expert", Cui Liyan's face looked very unnatural. He took the report and threw it on the table without looking at it. "All the experts have been found. Why did you come to ask me?" Hearing this, Zhang Guozhong suddenly realized that this man had resigned because he was different from the experts in the province? Then mention "expert" to others, isn't it to expose their scars? Oh, it's like this. I came from Tianjin, and this Mr. Sun came from the United States on a special trip. If we could trust the experts there, we wouldn't have come all the way to consult you.. Zhang Guozhong's reaction is quite quick. It seems that he has learned a lot from old Liu Tou in the past few years. At least he has practiced his lip service.

    "America?" Cui Liyan looked at Sun Ting, as if a little incredulous, Sun Ting also really, directly took out the passport, Cui Liyan took the passport to look at, is really an American. Mr. Cui, we heard you mentioned by Mr. Pang Dayang. We heard that you insisted on your own views, even at the expense of resigning to defend science. We admire you very much, and we firmly believe that your views are correct! It seems that this Sun Ting's ability to flatter is not covered, on these two words, has raised this Cui Liyan to the height of Bruno *. Listen to two people so a pat, Cui Liyan's face suddenly from anger to joy, hurriedly to two people to move two stools, "come on, two gentlemen, there is a patient inside, I go to deal with it first.." Notes * Bruno: Italian philosopher and thinker imprisoned for propagating the heliocentric theory of Copernicus. In 1600, the Vatican declared him a "heretic" and burned him in Rome's Campo de 'Fiori. Chapter 10 the Palace of Eternal Youth t:xt. Small `say ". God About ten minutes later, Cui Liyan took an aunt into the room, lifted the curtain, took out a woven bag from under the bed, grabbed three or four handfuls of Chinese herbal medicines, wrapped them in newspapers and took them away. Hey! Now these factories! Economic benefits go up, regardless of the health of the people! Cui Liyan angrily moved a chair and sat opposite Zhang Guozhong. You here.. Is it Chinese medicine or Western medicine? Zhang Guozhong was a little dumbfounding. What was in the medicine cabinet was clearly Western medicine, but Cui Liyan grabbed Chinese medicine for the patient. He really recognized the handful of medicinal materials he had just grabbed. It was licorice. Their disease,Wall Penstocks, had better be raised slowly with Chinese traditional medicine. Cui Liyan frowned. The factory you said just now? What's going on? Growing up in the United States, Sun Ting was full of curiosity about the situation in mainland China. It was still early at this time, so he wanted to know more about it.

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