Imperial engagement: the sweet wife of the ghost king boss

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  • Imperial engagement: the sweet wife of the ghost king boss

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    Imperial engagement: the sweet wife of the ghost king boss

    "Ha ha!" Looking at the anxious and annoyed color on He Li's face, Gong Na laughed proudly, "He Li, you refused me for her, and sent me to prison for her!"! But now, for me, you give her to those vampires for fun, ha ha, it's worth it, it's worth it! He Li's wrinkled face was puzzled. You don't understand, do you? Gong Na proudly tunnel, "in fact, that day you see, should be me!"! And the memories in her head are mine. He Li's face, plus a step white, "impossible, that is clearly." Yes, the body is indeed hers! Tut! Gong Na said shaking her head, "You are still a high-level vampire, and you can't see that your beloved has been possessed by a ghost." He Li at this time, how I hope the sky can fall, it is best to crush him, it is best to let him disappear, so that there is no one called He Li in the world, He Li's vampire. In fact, it is not our ability that is high! Looking at He Li like this, Gong Na is so proud that she wants to return all her pain to him, plus ten times,tin beneficiation plant, "just because you are too selfish, saying how much you love her, but you don't give her the most basic trust!" Gong Na's words can almost abolish He Li. Yes, he is too selfish. If, at that time, he could trust Chen Wenxi again, he would surely find that Chen Wenxi, who had fallen into Li Chen's arms, had been possessed by a ghost. But at that time he did not, as soon as saw Chen Wenxi fall in Li Chen's bosom,tin beneficiation plant, in his brain, thought most is, she is using him, is deceiving her again. As Gong Na said, he said how much he loved her, but he didn't even trust him. Mr. Ho! Gong Na finished, Li Chen then opened his mouth, "After listening to Nana's words, do you feel very hit, oh no!" Li Chen paused, a look he was wrong, "I think, Mr. He is not only hit now, but also has a heart of smoke? Right, Mr. He? He used his life to love people for more than ten years, but in the end, he destroyed her, but also used such a cruel way. When Li Chen finished, he kept looking sideways at He Li. For so many years, magnetic separator machine ,gold heap leaching, Li Chen, who has been pressed by He Li, is more proud than Gong Na. This time, he not only retaliated against He Li and Chen Wenxi, but also. The radian of Li Chen's mouth is constantly expanding. You want to control me? He Li understood why Gong Na and Li Chen cooperated. Gong Na to revenge him and Chen Wenxi, Li Chen is to control him. Li Chen nodded at He Li. I exist legally! In a little while, you won't exist legally! Wenxi, our little girl! Listening to Li Chen call Chen Wenxi like this, he Li could not rush up and bite Li Chen to death. Li Chen proudly looked at He Li's itchy expression, smiled and continued, "Our school sister, but a fierce woman, this point, you should know better than me, do you think she will be obediently humiliated by those vampires?" Speaking of this, Li Chen raised his hand and glanced at the watch on his wrist. "From the moment the school sister roared, a total of five minutes and twelve seconds have passed, and the school sister has been strong enough to commit suicide!" Why did Li Chen waste Zhou Zhang so much to let He Li know the truth. This is his psychological tactics, knowing the truth of He Li, how can he face all this. He must be demoralized and hate himself. And at that time, if he did it, it was an accurate word. After Li Chen's words, he Li, who stood in front of him, looked completely dilapidated. Half hanging his head, he completely lost the charming spirit of the past. It seems that after hearing the word "suicide", the whole person has only one body. It is obviously a powerful vampire, but it gives people the feeling that a gust of wind can blow him down. Li Chen's eyes, are all excited light, he is waiting for this time. It's finally here. He can finally succeed. With He Li, then in this Z city, he can not care about Yan Xin and become the second person in this city. Then train some Yin things to form a group of Yin army, Chen Yuhang is not necessarily his opponent.

    Li Chen's lips quickly started up and down, and he approached He Li as he recited the incantation. He Li raised his head. He Li, who raised his head again, had scattered eyes and no expression, just like a marionette, at the mercy of Li Chen. He Li! Li Chen suddenly stopped and called out He Li. After calling out He Li, Li Chen almost held his breath and stared at He Li tightly. Half ring, he Li's lips moved and hung his head to Li Chen, "Master!" “……” Li Chen almost cried out excitedly. He did it! He did it! "Congratulations to the master, congratulations to the master!" Gong Na hurriedly congratulated Li Chen. Good, good, good! Li Chen nodded repeatedly. Master, let's hurry inside! Gong Na's eyes glowed with a sinister light. Now Chen Wenxi has just passed away, black and white impermanence has not come, she wants to control Chen Wenxi's soul. Chen Wenxi, Chen Wenxi, do you think you will be free when you die? Even if you are a ghost, I will not let you go. I know you're in a hurry! Li Chen picked Gong Na's face and laughed. Master! Of course I'm anxious. I've been waiting for this day in my dreams! Wait for her to control Chen Wenxi's soul. She must ask Chen Wenxi to understand what pain is. Li Chen smiled, "well, it's up to you!" With that, he turned to face He Li and said in the tone of his master, "Lead the way ahead!" He Li hung his head and nodded obediently, "Yes, master!" When the words fell, he led the way in front of him. A few minutes later, He Li led Li Chen and Gong Na to the villa where Chen Wenxi was locked up. Master, I'll go in first! Without waiting for Li Chen to agree, Gong Na went in first. Her ghost, a dodge,Carbon in Pulp, immediately disappeared from the front of Li Chen and He Li. Li Chen did not stop Gong Na, because he promised her that if she succeeded, Chen Wenxi would give her whatever she wanted to do.

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