Si Mei Ren [Jin Bang]

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  • Si Mei Ren [Jin Bang]

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    Si Mei Ren [Jin Bang]

    They set out from Tangdi to Shujiuguo and attacked the city all the way. At first, it was very smooth. But after Changyi, everything changed. When the people of Shu Jiu heard about the slaughter of Chang Yi, they were in a panic. Hearing Bochong's arrival, no one offered the city consciously and welcomed it with joy as they had met before, and even some people resisted with the Chu people. Bochong was so angry that he brought a captured Shujiu man to him and asked him why he was with the Chu people. The man replied that he had a wife and parents, and the Chu people told him that if he did not want to repeat the disaster of Changyi, he had to defend it. Only then did Bochong know that his massacre of Changyi had been widely known. He was so angry that he hated the Chu people for spreading rumors and the people for refusing to believe him. But no matter how angry they were, their offensive was blocked everywhere, and every place, even if the population was less than a thousand, became very difficult. After the invasion, most of the people left the house empty, no longer lined the streets to welcome the scene. The rebels were originally a mixture of four sides, but after being frustrated, their fighting spirit was no longer high. People from all walks of life began to think about how to save the people in their hands, and they were no longer submissive to Bochong's orders. When they met with more difficult things, they pushed and shoved. Mang heard all this in prison. After he let Qianmo run away, Bochong was so angry that he immediately took away his amulet and sent someone to escort him back to Tangdi. Mang once argued with Bochong, but to no avail, he was beaten up. Not long after he was taken to Tangdi, he heard that Chu Shi had come. Quietly, one night,garden jacuzzi tub, they surprised the rebels. It is said that the rebels suffered heavy losses and retreated in a hurry. Several cities captured earlier were taken back by the Chu people before they could even stand firm. The rebels were disunited, and tens of thousands of them died or fled when they went to war. After they returned to Tangdi, there were less than ten thousand left. A month ago, the people were ambitious, and the palace where they took the oath was now linked to the whole mountain, surrounded by the Chu people, and became their last surviving place. Mang finished the porridge and handed the empty bowl to the foot soldiers. "If you don't feel full, I'll go and ask for more." Foot soldier way. Mang shook his head. "I have nothing to do every day. Why do I eat so much? I'd better leave it to others." Foot soldiers look gloomy,endless swimming pool, should a promise, back out. The door just closed, not long, but was pushed open, but see is Jiakun. He looked grave and said in a low voice, "Mang, let's go!" "Have the Chu people come in?" Mang asked. Never! Jia Kun said irritably, "I think they are going to trap me to death!"! Mang, long childe is now delirious, shouting every day to break through, but so many people in Chu, no one listens to his orders. I wait for the people of Shu Jiu, now only more than two hundred people, still holding the heart to follow the two childe. But now the eldest son is not successful, can only count on you. As he spoke, Jia Kun's eyes turned red and he choked for a moment, endless swimming pool ,whirlpool hot tub spa, unable to go on. Mang was silent for a moment and asked, "How many people are there on the mountain now?" "Seven or eight thousand, broke through twice, and was killed back." Jiakun said, "Mang, we are all the meat of the Chu people.". It's not a pity for me to die. I just don't want these Shujiu brothers to die. Mang congealed his eyebrows and pondered, but did not answer. For a moment, he suddenly asked, "The people of Chu have come a long way. Why did they not attack?"? Where is the king of Chu? When the ship of the King of Chu docked, Sima Jiao was already waiting by the river. He was waiting to come forward when he saw the woman behind the king of Chu, her face sinking. Previously, when they attacked Tangdi, they were about to do it in one fell swoop, but the king of Chu suddenly left in a hurry and ordered the enemy to be surrounded. Without his orders, they were not allowed to move. Pepper does not understand its meaning, but had to obey. The rebels were nothing more than scattered birds and beasts, and it was not difficult to surround them. But for the next many days, pepper could only stay put, which was really a torture for him. Now that the king of Chu had brought back the woman, he suddenly understood why he had left in such a hurry, and he was immediately angry. Unexpectedly for a woman and abandon the army! Dizzy! Pepper bitterly to the clan brother Shang Dao. Then he went up and saluted the king of Chu. "Your Majesty." The king of Chu nodded his head in reply. Without nonsense, he looked at the mountains in the distance and asked, "How are the rebels?" "The rebels have been trapped by our division and are not allowed to go in and out of the mountains." Pepper Road. The king of Chu nodded and asked some questions about the number of rebels and the recent state of the Chu division. The pepper answered one by one, all of which were clear.

    "The rebels have been besieged for many days, and I think they can strike at one stroke." Pepper Road. Qian Mo listened to this, and his heart sank. Looking at the king of Chu, I saw him looking ahead with far-reaching vision. Make a surprise attack tonight. He said meaningfully, "They must be anxious, too." Jiao Yixi, get the order to go down. Qian Mo listens to their words, the heart has been bumping into uncertainty. When the king of Chu took her to the tent and sat down for dinner, he saw her preoccupied and said, "Just now someone came to report that Shu Mang has been in prison all the time. When attacking, I will let no one hurt him." Qian Mo's eyes brightened. "Really?" "Indeed." The king of Chu cut a piece of meat and put it in front of her. "But don't have too much hope. In the chaos of the army, no one can be safe.". If he refuses to surrender, I will not let my soldiers die. Qian Mo just put down the heart and mentioned, thought about it, feel that the king of Chu this is also true. This is war, and people will do all kinds of unpredictable things in a state of life and death. No one is the savior, let the king of Chu choose between Mang and his foot soldiers, he chose foot soldiers is also a matter of course. Can I go and see it? Still feeling lucky, Qianmo hesitated for a moment and asked. Can The king of Chu handed over another piece of meat and took his time. "After the war is over." At night, the bright moon travels through the clouds, sometimes bright and sometimes dark. Near the time, the pepper suddenly launched an attack, the drums were loud, and the Chu people began to attack the rebels. These days, the rebels are surrounded by hunger and fear, but unexpectedly, they are not taken down at one stroke. When the king of Chu heard that he was entrenched in a high and important place,endless pool factory, he injured many Chu soldiers with rolling stones and falling wood. He frowned and called for a retreat. The rebels have held the hilltop for too long and have hoarded a lot of wood and stone. Pepper exasperated, "if the king had let me attack immediately, there will be no trouble!" 。

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