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    Solitary Moon Travel

    Immediately, the horse was hit by Huahua and fell to one side, and Xiao Yue fell off the horse. He landed on one knee in front of me, and his white clothes were covered with mud and water in an instant. The sweet rain runs down my cheeks and gathers on my clothes. And landed on the ground. I walked up to Xiao Yue coldly and said, "As soon as the saint knelt down, I suffered from the lonely moon sand!" "Lonely Moon Sand!" Xiao Yue raised his head in astonishment and was stunned. Huahua. Huahua ran back to me and knelt on her knees. I jumped on her back and rode away. Shadowmoon! I'm home! I, Gu Yuesha, finally came back! The big raindrops hit every place of the shadow moon tenderly, and the empty square was already deserted, and the people hurried back to the house. Or stand under the porch to shelter from the rain. When I rushed to the square, there were countless officers and soldiers around me. It was Xiao Yue. She hurried up from behind. The peacock hair, which was usually elegant, had adhered to her hair. How dare you! Xiao Yue's whip pointed at me, "How dare you pretend to be the Queen of Shadow Moon, Gu Yuesha!" "Humph!" I smiled coldly, "Xiao Yue, don't you want to go back to Youguo?" The crowd began to gather slowly, despite the heavy rain that was falling. They are all coming here suspiciously. People with or without umbrellas looked suspiciously at me, a strange outsider who had been rounded up by Xiao Yue. I sneered, "The ninety-nine and eighty-one stone gates have been closed. If you don't let the soldiers of Youguo quit the Shadow Moon,Inflatable 5k obstacle, I will let you all be trapped in the Shadow Moon!" "Ah!" Whether it was the soldiers of Youguo or the crowd of onlookers in the distance, there was a sound of breathing. I looked at the frightened faces and shouted, "People of the Shadow Moon, I am Queen Guyuesha.". Close the stone gate just to drive these barbarians out of the shadow moon! After that, men and women are still equal and free to go or stay! "The Queen!"! It's the Queen coming back! "Is it really the Queen?" "Freedom to stay or go?"? Is it true? "Are men and women still equal?" "Is it true?" "Don't believe her. Which queen ever set our men free?" "Yes, we didn't know there was another way for men to live until these outsiders came!" "Yes!"! Open the stone door! Let us out! "Yes!"! Let us out! "We're going out!" "We're going out!" A unified, indignant protest rang out in the square, above the rumble of thunder and the sound of rain. s. I raised my hand,inflatable water slide, and the roar died down. The people of the shadow moon looked at me together, and I lightly swept over those who were full of expectation, happiness, or resentment. Or with a frightened face, he said lightly, "For thousands of years, women have been superior to men, and men have no freedom to go in and out of the shadow moon. But we know that it is wrong. It will only make our shadow moon men weaker and more like women." The rain gradually stopped, the fresh air brought out the fragrance of the earth belonging to the shadow of the moon, and everything was washed so pure by the rain. An exclamation came from the crowd, and gradually, the square was filled with the people of the shadow moon. On this trip, I saw the outside world, a world where men are superior to women. Outside, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable air dancer, women without talent are virtuous, women's ignorance is a blessing, women have no status, no right to speak, flower streets are also women's brothels, women are men's playthings, but is that world right? This is why the shadow moon is not tolerated by the world, because the shadow moon is a rebellious place. In the future, there will be equality between men and women in the shadow month, and the men who stay in the shadow month will each get a piece of land, and they will be free to marry and not be robbed by force. If you want to leave the shadow of the man, you can get the fare, the vast sky outside, you can roam, but I want to warn those men who want to leave, the outside world is not necessarily suitable for you, please take care of yourself! The crowd immediately began to stir, and the faces of the men and women took on expressions of surprise and uncertainty. Are men and women really equal? I smiled and nodded. Is there really a field collar? I still smile: "Yes, in addition, I will ask the men in the outside world to teach you how to behave, so that you can become the same man as outside.".

    ” "Are we really going to pay the fare to leave?" Nod and smile: "Youguo withdraw troops, I will open the stone gate, open the shadow of the moon." "Her Majesty is really back!" Why should we go to the outside world when we have land? I want to stay! "Me, too. In fact, my hostess is very kind to me. The people of Yingyue are very kind." "Yes, yes, except for the nobles." "Aristocrats are not necessarily bad people. When the Ban family falls, others will be restrained." "I am from the outside world, and the shadow moon is very quiet compared with the outside!" You are all deceived by that woman's evil words. I want to get out of this place! Get out of here! In the words of the people, I raised my hand to point to the slightly flustered Xiao Yue, sink a track: "Holy Messenger, please leave the shadow moon!" At that moment, she was stunned and shocked by the majesty of my generation of empresses. Chapter 69 forced retreat. Gradually stopped, the clouds began to disperse, the sun once again sprinkled down, sprinkled on, sprinkled on the stone statue on the side of the sky road leading to the square, the gem on the scepter in the hands of the stone statue shone like a rainbow, dreamily like heaven. You, how can you prove that you are the queen! You are Guyuesha! Xiao Yue shouted so loudly that the whole square became silent. She, and they all looked at me quietly, waiting for me to prove my identity: Shadow Moon Queen: Lonely Moon Sand! "Yes, I heard that the original Queen of the Lonely Moon was very ugly." "Is it transfiguration?"? It is said that the queen will change her face. "I don't know. If she wasn't the queen, wouldn't those words be empty words?" "Huh?"? God, I don't want to die in the shadow moon. Just then,Inflatable mechanical bull, a horse team came from the distance, led by Zhao Ning. She came leisurely and squeezed in from behind Xiao Yue: "What's going on?"? Why is there a lively scene to watch just after the rain? Zhao Ning looked at me doubtfully. I looked at Xiao Yue coldly. Xiao Yue's lips brought out a trace of cunning: "That woman claimed to be the queen of your country, Gu Yuesha." 。

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