Sweeping the world

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  • Sweeping the world

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    Sweeping the world

    Outside the palace city, there is an empty square on all sides. The ground is paved with bricks and stones. There are no trees, flowers and plants planted. Instead, there is an animal-carved pillar at a distance. Those pillars are actually the carriers of the brazier, which are used to provide light at night. This is a necessary vent area, and it's really not for the sake of beauty to build those pillars. Liu Yan side placed in the face of the guards will not be less than twenty people, Ji Chang as the prime minister in fact the country also has arrangements for escorts, including them is close to thirty people, out of the palace gate has been noticed. After all, it was already afternoon, and it was not easy for twenty or thirty people to get out of the palace gate at this time. After the square outside the palace city is the new Chang'an city, near the palace city are basically very large mansions, and according to the road division, each mansion has a wall, they walked along the wall for ten minutes or wall, you can see how big the enclosed mansion is. On both sides of the road, some trees were transplanted, mostly willows, and there were green belts. Even the road itself was made of bricks and stones. At a distance, there were pavilions to provide feet. The construction style of the pavilions was very pure. There were also some stone piers and a stone table inside. Xu Zheng and Li Tan in a pavilion, they were chatting, far away to see Liu Yan and Ji Chang, two people want to stand up and walk past but was Liu Yan first waved to stop, their guards are toward the position of Liu Yan kneeling on one knee and head down. The residential area of the important officials and dignitaries of the Han Dynasty was originally in this area, but I don't know why Xu Zheng and Li Tan,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, who are adjacent to the mansion, didn't choose to be at home, but in the pavilion beside the road. Out of the senior residential area is a leisure area, Liu Yan and Ji Chang go to the east of the city. There happens to be a racecourse in this area. From a distance, you can see a very large building. If you really want to say something, it's actually a kind of building similar to a stadium. The difference is antique. I allow them to have blood to stay, is adhering to the theory of Yan Huang, continuous blood food. Liu Yanyou said this, before the civil war of any Dynasty,outdoor whirlpool, there is really no extermination, Wang Ba such as the first emperor also left the imperial clan of various countries also left the ancestral temple, the season is also allowed to sacrifice. When he thought of something, he was puzzled and said, "They are not good at governing the country, but they are very good at colonization." Ji Chang smiled bitterly and did not speak. Of course, the lineal branch of the Sima family was going to be monitored, but some of the side branches went to the Indochina Peninsula. I heard that they were doing quite well? The first emperor will leave the six imperial clans side branch in fact is not benevolent or soft, not to leave the future trouble, is the Xia has this rule. And this is the core value of Zhu Xia's "ritual", which is to respect ancestors, especially those who have achieved success should not be without blood food provided by future generations. Counting up, Wei, Zhao, Han, Qi, Chu and Yan have really contributed to Zhu Xia. In the history of the Xia Dynasty, hot tub manufacturers ,massage bathtub manufacturers, Zhao, the ruler of the Song Dynasty, had the least confidence but ascended the throne of the emperor. Zhao did not remember the kindness to bully orphans and widows first, but the two brothers of the Zhao family also came to a "candlelight axe shadow" drama, and Zhao Kuangyin was completely cleared by Zhao Guangyi. Song Lord Zhao's position is so, there is no external achievements, even the old land of the Han family has not been able to recover, the result of the Song Dynasty Zhao emperor is difficult to have a strong, that is the dominant position first heaven is not enough, and there are some problems left over from the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, afraid of military commanders to seize power, and did not really take the hand of merit but ascended the throne, really did not have the courage to challenge the civil service group! "Ministers and others must find clues." Ji Chang gritted his teeth and promised, "a notice has been posted, and someone has been sent to look for the great Confucian scholar." Liu Yan proclaimed himself emperor ceremony, of course, can not be in accordance with the template of the Sima family, he is not usurped the throne of who, is seriously to complete the exorcism Hu Lu to restore China. Therefore, it is not a simple contempt for the Sima family, but really can not follow the ritual of the Sima family. The Great Confucian? Liu Yan was slightly puzzled and said, "Didn't all the great Confucians come to Chang'an?" "A hermit has not yet come out." Ji Chang said in distress: "Either the transmission of information is inconvenient, or the hermit is not moved by fame and wealth.".

    ” Liu Yan has always sniffed at the hermit who will be praised by the people. Since he is a hermit, he should be unknown. Everyone knows that he is still a hermit? Still specially not moved by fame and wealth, is Nima waiting for enough weight of people to please, so as to create momentum for themselves! For those who know everyone, but also self-proclaimed hermit, Liu Yan on this kind of people's vigilance is very high. What he knew was that all hermits of this kind were determined to do great things. It was all right if they didn't come out. If they became officials, they would definitely stir up the situation. Since the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, when they hid to learn and thought they had the ability to become famous, the appearance of that kind of people was the beginning of national turmoil. They may be really ambitious, or they may really be quite capable, but after the first Han Dynasty, no one did anything beneficial to the country, and usually buried the disaster of national subjugation. Heaven does not give birth to XX, and eternity is as long as night. Liu Yan keeps sneering: "Create momentum to invite famous people, even if there is talent, so what?" Ji Chang did not understand how Liu Yan could be such an attitude, originally wanted to ask for instructions, and then with enough courtesy to invite some hermits, this had to temporarily extinguish the idea. Liu Yan had to be alert to those guys, he knew there were many examples, any confidence to do so and have the right to do, is really after the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period, the reformers and the country did not come to a good end. Han don't need the kind of comprehensive change of the big move, to continue to lay the foundation, but the base is absolutely not a vigorous thing to do, don't say rain run silent, can really be to have enough patience and perseverance, but those who create momentum is holding a big news mentality. Now the Han state does not need a whip, there is no room to spread into the mu, Liu Yan don't want anyone to jump out. As they walked, they came to the Temple of Heaven, which was an artificial mountain rammed with earth,endless swim spa, and its shape was not much different from that of the pyramid. The schedule of the emperor is approaching, but the center of the Han Dynasty is not up or down, and natural disasters are regarded as two extremely troubled things. monalisa.com

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