The dragon crosses the river

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  • The dragon crosses the river

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    The dragon crosses the river

    I like to see them happy. But in addition to me, everyone else met a strong opponent, even Li Dongtie spent a lot of effort to win the game, and the more unfortunate Nangong Yushu was originally the weakest one in the top 32, did not expect to be very lucky, met a weaker guy, he was not in good health, or took out the final strength, got the opponent, but also exposed his bottom line. The mood of the same Nangong family naturally knew and understood his realm. Unexpectedly, in such a short period of seclusion, the inner strength of the rock reached seven layers, and the mood just reached six layers with my help, which also made the mood a little sad. In the past, Nangong Yushu was stronger than her, but now the gap is so big, she naturally knows the difficulty of it. But the mood is alarmist, her inner strength is no longer pure rock inner strength, to tell the truth, she will not be able to practice for another ten years, because after integrating some characteristics of Wanliu Guizong, it has become a unique method only suitable for her own mood. How could it have anything to do with the inner strength of the rock. And according to my observation, the mood now is absolutely no worse than Nangong Yushu. Inner strength is superior to the other side in quality, although I don't quite understand what the seventh layer will look like, as for the victory or defeat, it's hard to say,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, martial arts is not achieved overnight, only people who don't know how to think about what elixir all day, it's impossible to become a master even if you have diarrhea. External objects can only be used as auxiliary conditioning. Success and failure. It still depends on individual efforts and talent. We have also made a lot of efforts in this area, but it is precisely because of this understanding that we can have a more correct understanding that appropriate drug assistance can indeed play a good role. To be fair, Nangong Yushu's aptitude is not bad, and there is no waste time. Now he is out of the struggle period, and it depends on fate if he wants to break through. Just like me now, I can only simply strengthen my inner strength and mental strength, and I can't improve my realm any more. Cold frost sisters continue to advance triumphantly, sweet image,mirror stainless steel sheet, superb martial arts has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, now no one dares to look down upon this pair of sisters, Zhuge Qinger or with her usual calm end of the game, why use calm, because compared to the military masked girl's cold iron blood is already gentle. In the end, the top 16 were confirmed: Wang Zhong, the romantic hidden emperor, whose origin is mysterious, is suspected to be an ancient martial arts family. He was born with several peerless beauties. He is a legendary congenital master and is recognized as the first master of the new young generation. In just one month after his debut, he has created one miracle after another. This year's biggest hit.. God, why is it so unfair! Xingjun-Li Dongtie, a master of the younger generation, a disciple of the Li family, the seven stars and two instruments of the True Force are superb, originally the most powerful competitor of Purple Dragon King Ling Shuihan, but now they are all meaningless. Jinzhong-Li Jianmin, in the offensive supremacy now, seeking the limit of defense, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, horizontal practice hard Qigong extraordinary, is also the only lifeblood of the horizontal practice faction, the children of the Li family, but this competition is as a representative of the military, I do not know what kind of training in the army, we have to look forward to. Yushu Linfeng-Nangong Yushu, after two rounds of hard work, broke into the top 16, Nangong family, rock inner strength, elegant style with stability.. The most popular man in this year's exchange meeting. Breaking the wind stick Sima Guangliang, a good player with a stick, participated in the ancient martial arts exchange meeting for the first time. His school was unknown, and he also swept his opponents all the way. Only in the thirty-two matches, he used his good stick skills in the face of a strong enemy. The last fifth wind was in his hands. Liu Xu Jian-Sun Jian, a master of Iron Sword School, has a long and exquisite sword skill. Contrary to his rough appearance, he is very patient. He participated in the ancient martial arts exchange meeting for the first time. Thunderbolt Legs: Zhou Tao, a direct disciple of the Zhou family in Lingnan, is really good at striking a series of heart-passing legs. He participated in the ancient martial arts exchange meeting for the first time. Five thunder palm one by one Chen Bao, day thunder faction, pure just fierce all the way. Tong Zi Gong, I heard that you don't fight with women. Disappear: Shen Liang, a member of Yixiantian, is good at flying skills and assassinations.

    Qin Feng, the last man in the top 16. No title, or even no impression, we do not know how he broke into the top 16, at the same time with the military masked female Fan Huayu is also masked, but he is wearing a mask, plain breath, but can go to this step who will not underestimate him. Is there all alike in the world? Na Si Kui ? There are six heroines who have entered the top 16: Gemini, Frost and Ice. They are good at flying skills, a strange palm with the fragrance of flowers. They participated in the ancient martial arts exchange meeting for the first time. Like many people who participated in it for the first time, they all came out of thin air. They had never heard of such characters before. At the same time of their strength, what caused everyone to give way was that they were all They are absolutely beautiful but similar in appearance and spirit, which can be said to be the most noticeable women in this ancient martial arts exchange meeting. Nangong mood, the original jade girl, is now taken, so that a large number of fans frustrated, but the other side is the new rise of the unfathomable emperor Wang Zhong, we all have no courage, the idea of venting is just YY, rock inner strength, but from the performance of the ability to see, there are changes, specific unknown, with a steady performance into the top 16. A modest and mature beauty. Honghua-Fan Huayu, a representative from the military. Although she is a woman, she has a strict military style, which makes the other two people in the army a foil, but I don't care about this title. According to the news, her appearance is amazing. Too bad I can't see her. All the way through with the most basic military combat skills. He is one of the players whose strength is unpredictable in this conference. But now no one has any hope of challenging Wang Zhong. The innate secret makes the contrast between the challengers become adults and children. Ice girl Zhuge Qinger, a talented and beautiful girl, advanced to the top 16 with excellent performance. Xuanyu made great achievements, but according to the news, she was very close to Emperor Wang Zhong. I heard that I had been guided by the emperor,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and I was grateful for him. Always indifferent disappear, hope all fine son Meimei's pursuer one hundred and ten thousand vigilance, red alert!.

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