Wolong gives birth to Fengchen Xiayin

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  • Wolong gives birth to Fengchen Xiayin

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    Wolong gives birth to Fengchen Xiayin

    Master Yixin suddenly opened his eyes and said with a smile, "Life and death have a fixed number. How can cause and effect be strong? Why are you quarreling?" With that, he closed his eyes and crooned the Great Mercy Sutra. In the pain of the strange poison gradually attacking his heart, Master Yixin still had a slight smile on his lips. The Black Arhat Sanbao knelt on his knees in front of Master Yixin. Tears welled up, but there was no sound of crying. This kind of silent weeping with tears was the most nerve-racking. However, in a moment, the two corners of the Black Arhat's eyes were bleeding. Although there was no sound of crying outside the Fengyue Cave, the sad atmosphere was better than a few people crying loudly. Standing on one side, Luo Yanqiu also saw the stars in tears. Suddenly he remembered the two bags of Huisheng Xuming San presented by the disciple of Qingxin Shenni, the girl in white. One bag was given to Shang Ganlu, and the other bag was still with him. He quickly reached into his bosom, took out the bag of Huisheng Xuming San, and sent it to Hua yuan, saying: "The younger generation has a bag of medicine, which is a gift from a strange man. I wonder if it can cure the Confucian swordsman Hua yuan raised his head with a suspicious look on his face. He took the medicine from Yanqiu's hand and slowly opened the paper bag. Immediately, a faint fragrance went straight into the Dantian. Looking closely at the powder in the bag, the color was light red. He was stunned and could not recognize what medicine it was. The thick fragrance spread wider and wider, and several people around him could smell it. "Strange!" Cried Shang Ganlu suddenly! This is the same as the smell of the cup of boiled water that the old beggar ate at Lv Zumiao. As he spoke, he opened his eyes wide and doomed Yanqiu. Confucian swordsman Hua yuan could not recognize what medicine it was, and for a moment he dared not give it to Master Yixin. He also looked up at Yanqiu and asked: "This medicine has a strong fragrance. It's a special product. Boss Hua has studied medicine for 30 years in vain, but he can't recognize the origin of this powder. Do you have a name for this medicine?" Yanqiu replied in a low voice, "This is the resurrection of the Tianshan Mountains." Hua yuan was stunned for a moment. He jumped up and said with a smile, "No wonder Boss Hua can't recognize it. It turns out that it's one of the two life-prolonging treasures rumored in the martial arts world. I'm an ordinary man. How can I see that the old monk can't die?"! Go and fetch some spring water. After Hua yuan had spoken, the Black Arhat and Yan Yaner flew to fetch water,ultrasonic handheld welder, but Shang Ganlu's eyes were like lightning. She stared at Yanqiu's face and asked, "The old beggar ate a cup of boiled water you gave me in the Lvzu Temple in the west of Shandong. Did you secretly put this life powder in it?" Luo Yanqiu nodded. Shang Ganlu sighed and said, "The old beggar has never accepted the favor of others in his life. I didn't expect that after seventy years, he was rescued by you twice in half a month!" Then he lowered his head and seemed to have endless feelings. After a while, the black arhat and Yan Yaner each wrapped two bags of spring water with two leaves and came back. By this time, the old monk's breath was weak. He saw his lips moving and he was still reciting the scriptures, but he could not hear the sound. Hua yuan's right hand pinched the teeth of Master Yixin, and the old monk opened his mouth involuntarily. The left hand of the Confucian swordsman took advantage of the situation to put a bag of life in his mouth and washed it down with spring water. This Huisheng Xuming San is made by Tianshan Shenni Qingxin, collecting hundreds of wonderful medicines from all over the world, blending them together, and then refining them through three years of fire. It can not only detoxify all kinds of strange poisons, but also has the power to bring the dead back to life and keep the face and prolong life. After Master Yixin had taken Lingsan, there was a burst of thunder in his abdomen. He opened his mouth and spat out a lot of black water. Then he saw that the black scattered all over his body gradually gathered in the wound. Just now, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic molten metal, there was black water flowing out of the two knife edges cut by Huayuan. The Confucian swordsman pressed around for a while. After the black water came out, blood came out. Huayuan washed Master Yixin's wound with spring water and took out a small white jade bottle from his bosom. Pour out some powder and apply it. Wrap it up. After a moment, Master Yixin opened his eyes and sat up. He felt that he had lost all his pain and seemed to have recovered. Then he looked at Hua yuan and said with a smile, "The old monk has heard that you are a master of medicine. You really live up to your reputation. The old monk saved the day with a wonderful hand." "Don't listen to the rumors in Jianghu," said Shang Ganlu. "Boss Hua's medical skills are probably only good at carrying medicine boxes for others. If you expect him to take care of your wounds tonight, I'm afraid the young monk has inherited the mantle of your old monk's abbot.

    ” The Confucian swordsman nodded his head and said with a smile, "Boss Hua is really ashamed. The old beggar is right. In your Buddhism, this is called good cause and good result. Maybe your old monk has sown a lot of good causes, so he has such a coincidence. If Luo Yanqiu doesn't come with him, Boss Hua will be scolded by the old beggar all his life." Master Yixin turned his head, looked at Yanqiu, nodded with a smile, and said, "I have never met the benefactor before. Thanks to the wonderful hand of rejuvenation, I have saved the monk's life. I am here to accept the hospitality." As soon as the old monk's words fell into his mouth, Monk Sanbao, a black arhat, knelt down to Yanqiu. In a panic, Luo Xiaoxia helped and hugged him. Then he lifted Monk Sanbao up. He shook his head and said, "How can you do this to me? You traveled thousands of miles for Luo Yanqiu and ventured into Laoshan Mountain. This great kindness has not been repaid. You make me feel ashamed." With tears in his eyes, the black arhat could not speak. He thought to himself, No wonder Xiao Jun was so anxious when he heard that he had ventured into eastern Shandong alone. It turned out that he was such an affectionate and righteous man. I, the little monk, really should have made friends with him. After Luo Yanqiu picked up Monk Sanbao, he turned to Master Yixin and said, "Don't flatter the younger generation. I'm just offering flowers to the Buddha and transferring other people's ready-made medicines. What's the matter?"? It is the elder Hua who cures the disease properly, and the master has deep wisdom roots, so that he can turn bad luck into good. Shang Ganlu looked at Master Yixin and said with a smile, "If you make a move, it will be like fire and water. If I don't hurt the enemy, the enemy will hurt me. Now that you, the old monk, have fought for your life with others, how can you still be merciful? It's good to teach you a lesson this time. When you fight with others in the future, you won't be merciful again." Master Yixin gave a wry smile and said, "Monks killed too many people when they were young. Now they always want to keep some good virtues for Buddhism.." Master Yixin pondered for a moment, then looked up and said with a smile, "Although Buddhism is vast, it is not enough for people. Since the old monk can't get rid of the troubles in the world of mortals, how can he talk about benevolence? My Buddha has a spirit. Forgive my disciples for killing in the future." When Jiangnan Shenqi heard this,ultrasonic dispersing machine, he burst out laughing and said, "You have thoroughly realized that good and evil do not coexist, and that the enemy and ourselves are incompatible. This slap is not in vain." 。 fycgsonic.com

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