Titanium's first MiniLED high-end monitor tailored for eSports players goes on sale _ Technology _ Support _ Picture

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  • Titanium's first MiniLED high-end monitor tailored for eSports players goes on sale _ Technology _ Support _ Picture

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    Titanium's first MiniLED high-end monitor tailored for eSports players goes on sale _ Technology _ Support _ Picture

    Original Title: Titanium's First MiniLED High-end Display Tailored for E-sports Players Is on Sale Titanium core selling point: 27-inch 25601440 resolution, Miniled screen, 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms (MPRT) fast response HDR1000 support, covering 100% sRGB wide color gamut, 95% Adobe, 95% DCI-P3 cinematic color gamut, 10 bit dazzling color depth, 1,0000,000: 1 contrast ratio, 1000 nits peak brightness Adaptive-Sync synchronization technology, T? V Rhine Certified Hardware Physical Low Blu-ray 65W high-power Type-C reverse charging interface, competitive atmosphere lamp, ergonomic lifting bracket supporting 90 ° rotation SKY, the founder of "China's first e-sports player", has experienced many years of professional e-sports career. He knows that the quality of e-sports equipment will greatly affect the performance of players, so he has been hoping to make a set of high-end e-sports equipment that everyone can afford. Now, he has taken another step towards his dream. Under the background that the mainstream MiniLED monitors on the market are often five or six thousand or even tens of thousands,titanium round bar, on July 15, Titanium and Longli Technology (300752) cooperated to launch the first 1000 yuan MiniLED competitive display, which is expected to have a promotional price of only 1999 yuan, opening the era of MiniLED display "1". Titanium Miniled competitive display uses 27 inches, 25601440 resolution and Miniled competitive screen, which brings high-end configuration to players. Support HDR1000, quantum dot wide color gamut covering 95% DCI-P3 movie-level color gamut,nickel titanium wire, 10 bit dazzling color depth, T? V Rhine certified hardware low blue light, 165Hz rapid refresh, 1ms (MPRT) rapid response, Adaptive-Sync synchronization technology brings high-end e-sports experience. Improve the player's operation space and enjoy every minute of the game. The high brush is invincible with zero delay In terms of game experience, Titanium MiniLED competitive display is designed based on SKY's long-term professional competitive experience. It adopts 165 Hz high refresh rate professional competitive level configuration, which supports players to show all kinds of extreme operations and control the situation in a natural and unrestrained way. When shooting games and MOBA games need to switch the screen quickly, the Adaptive-Sync technology can also synchronize the signal transmission between the graphics card and the display, reduce the delay, prevent the screen from stuttering and tearing, even if the player sparks the keyboard and mouse, the screen is still silky and clear. Expand the full text High-end screen display technology extraordinary visual enjoyment If the game experience is well done, the visual performance will naturally be of high quality. Titanium MiniLED competitive display adopts the industry-leading MiniLED backlight technology. Through micron-level fine light control, it ensures that the bright area of the picture is not exposed and the dark area can be darkened, 3d titanium wire ,nickel titanium wire, bringing more delicate and realistic picture performance. For players who pursue a more advanced viewing experience, they can also turn on the HDR function in the video settings to further enhance the visual performance, so that the bright places are brilliant and the dark places are subtle. It is worth mentioning that the titanium MiniLED display also uses T? V Rhine certified physical hardware low Blu-ray technology, comfortable viewing while ensuring eye health.
    The original color presents all things mottled. As a product with a wide range of application scenarios, titanium MiniLED competitive display can also be used for image processing or graphic design, which uses QD quantum dot film technology to cover 95% DCI-P3 movie-grade color gamut, 95% Adobe RGB color gamut, and supports HDR1000. It not only brings excellent color space and delicate level, but also provides visual creators with the ability to use and create high-quality HDR content, so that every animation and picture works can be fine, thorough and lifelike. High-end is also carefully carved in detail. Strong performance, industrial design can not be left behind. Titanium MiniLED competitive display uses ergonomic multi-functional bracket, which supports players to adjust the screen at will. Whether it is horizontal and vertical screen viewing, or split-screen dual-screen multi-screen operation, it can be adjusted to the appropriate angle, greatly improving the use experience. As a slash youth in the new era, whether the product has a rich expansion interface is also an important criterion for purchasing. Titanium MiniLED competitive display provides HDMI, Type-C (65W), USB IN and other interfaces. Whether it is desktop/notebook, XBOX/PS5/Switch, or mobile phone/tablet, it can be easily connected to enjoy the large-screen experience. Its 65W high-power Type-C interface can also be used as a data transmission/fast charging interface to meet the needs of users and continue the battle. Intimate after-sales service accompanies every player Strong products can not be without the support of strong after-sales service. All users who buy Titanium MiniLED competitive display can enjoy "worry-free after-sales" service: including 7-day no-reason refund, 15-day quality problem replacement, 3-year free warranty, and 2-year free on-site service! So that every user can buy at ease, use at ease, enjoy the happiness and beauty brought by titanium display. Excellent performance and high cost performance At present, the basic price of displays with MiniLED technology on the market is about 3,000 yuan, some even as high as 7,000 or 8,000 yuan, and the high price is prohibitive. And either lack of low blue light eye protection, or poor resolution, frame rate, etc.
    The emergence of titanium MiniLED competitive display has changed this situation, with the first promotional price of less than 2000 yuan, physical low blue light, HDR1000, 165Hz high brush, 65W Type-C reverse charging and other mainstream configurations. A great choice for a 2000 price point MiniLED eSports monitor! At present, Titanium MiniLED competitive display is being pre-sold in Jingdong. The first promotion price is expected to be 1999 yuan, and 50 yuan E card will be sent. It's better to take action than to be moved. Take it into your pocket immediately! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor: (function() { function getBrandHtml() { var brands = [],titanium tubing price, html = ''; for(var i = 0; i < brands.length; i++) { var brand = brands; if(brands.length i+1) { html+= '

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