Winston unhappy with the free agency madden 23

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  • Winston unhappy with the free agency madden 23

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    Winston unhappy with the free agency madden 23

    Winston unhappy with the free agency

    Offense tackle free agent Eric Winston is "frustrated" over the way the process of free agency has been so far. He's adamant that he's not over-valuing himself in wanting three to four million dollars per year.

    A Blog For About The Boys: Winston, Cowboys are talking

    It was a strong offensive tackle class at the beginning. The upcoming draft is incredibly deep in the area in addition, which is certain to hurt Winston's worth.

    Dallas solicits Free to cut pay

    Doug Free is set to make $7 million in 2013. with a his cap figure which is $10.02 million. For the Cowboys this is far too much, particularly when you consider that Free was the highest-penalized offensive lineman in Madden NFL 23 last season. Dallas would like to add Winston to fill in the role, while Free being a defender inside the ball. But, even though the team has requested Free to accept a salary cut, it's unlikely that he's motivated to do so, given that his cap hit will remain the same in the event that he is released.

    Saints re-sign De La Puente

    The rise of Brian De La Puenta as a top-flight center has been excellent for the Saints however, both sides have been unable to come to terms on a long-term agreement until now. As of Tuesday night, they renewed his contract for a one-year contract that's worth $2.023 million, and smart money is now on the team to find extensions this season.
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