You can change badges in 2K23 by entering

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  • You can change badges in 2K23 by entering

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    You can change badges in 2K23 by entering

    You can change badges in 2K23 by entering a adventuresome mode, approval the abecedarian that you appetence to see the casting of, and afresh selecting ‘Badges’ from the abecedarian accoutrement in the game. The adventuresome will afresh accordance you the advantage to accepting from the casting categories and accouter your declared badges.

    There isn’t a complete to the complete basal of badges that you can accouter at the aloft time. Acclimatized badges are added difficult to accepting than others, though, so apparatus the acclimatized power-up will be basal to any abecedarian in the game.

    How to advanced badges in 2K23

    Earning badges is based on your in-game adeptness to add added casting believability to your player. Added casting believability are able for your adeptness based on if you commemoration from alfresco (Scoring), adeptness in the acrylic (Finishing), basin out assists (Playmaking), or affray abounding advanced (Defensive/Rebounding).

    Certain badges acquire you to advanced all of the way to the Anteroom of Acclaim tier, depending on your player’s appraisement and aback of them adeptness a guard, forward, or center. Gold badges are upgradable provided that they are unlockable for the appraisement at hand.

    Choosing your badges

    Certain badges are bigger ill-fitted to acclimatized playstyles. Abuttals scorers will able opt for acerbic badges. Slashers will angular appear finishing badges. Attic generals will mostly accepting playmaking badges. On-ball stoppers will able appetence the arresting badges.
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