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  • Anticorrosive Paint manufacturers

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    Anticorrosive Paint manufacturers

    Anticorrosive Paint manufacturers  聽
    Product Characteristics

    (1) Room temperature from the dry, smooth light, high elasticity.
    (2) With excellent adhesion, weather resistance, permeability, tenacity and wear resistance, good mechanical properties.
    (3) Considering the environmental protection issues, there is no need to add a diluent.
    (4) Because the car often passes through, add the curing agent to increase the wear-resistant type of the product.
    (5) The construction site is in the port, the environment is relatively humid, the product has added anti-skid agent, so that the product has anti-skid performance.

    Product Use

    Can be applicable to the parking lot, warehouse, conference room, hospital, airport corridor, stadium, auditorium, electronic instrument workshop, computer room, electronic, food parking lot, asphalt color change and other heavy objects rolling workshop and other field painting. It not only has good environmental protection significance, but also is a suitable coating for modern industrial workshop and public places.

    Recommended Construction Process

    1, The ground foundation is well handled, convex place with grinding machine grinding smooth, concave place with putty filling and grinding smooth.
    2, Blow the dust on the ground clean with a hair dryer.
    3, Spray the first time to change the color top paint, cover the original color of asphalt.
    4, Spray the second time to change the color top paint, so that the ground color looks more full, brighter gloss

    Construction Points

    1. After asphalt color finish paint cover to stir evenly (with mixer mixing 5 minutes)
    2. After the paint mixing first, then into the curing agent mixing evenly (with mixer for 5 minutes)
    3. The paint mixing ratio: paint: curing agent =10:1
    4. When construction pay attention not to mix other kinds of paint, solvent, pay attention to keep rolling coating environment clean.
    5. It should not rain before and after the construction, and the road should be cleaned to ensure that the road is dry and evenly mixed, and the air spraying machine can be sprayed on the road requiring construction. After spraying and drying to traffic (24 hours).
    6. After use, the remaining paint and thinner should be sealed separately to prevent moisture absorption.
    7. Storage method: store in a closed place in a cool and dry place.
    8. Expiry date: 12 months

    A Schematic Diagram Of The Construction Structure
    Disposal of ground foundation
    The ground dust is treated clean
    Surrounding, color separation area paste good beautiful grain paper
    Spray the color paint for the first time
    After the first spraying, dry for 3-6 hours
    Spray the second paint
    Dry the second color paint for 3-6 hours
    Stick the beautiful grain paper in the underlined area
    The last line
    Technical Parameters
    Item timesSurveillance projectUnit symbolCriterion of detectionDetection result
    1Status in the container......
    ......Stir well without hard blocksconform to
    2Solid content (after mixing)%
    3Drying timeH
    hTable stem 4, hard work 24Table stem 2, work 8
    6Abrasion performanceG
    7Resistance to shockCm
    8Pencil hardness (scratch)......
    Note: For a more specific test report, please contact the technician

    After-Sales Service

    Our company has an experienced professional technical team, which can provide the corresponding construction plan according to the different requirements and actual situation of the owner; During the construction process, with technical problems, our company will do our best to provide technical support; after construction, we will deal with related problems.
    聽Anticorrosive Paint manufacturers

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