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    But the Texans Mut 24

    Would Okoye actually have been a better choice for the third round of the draft as an idea for development to possibly take on a regular basis at the age of 23 or 24 instead of when he's 20?

    But the Texans overlooked his age and took him, while also overlooking the next batch of players selected, which included Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch, and Darrelle Revis. What do you think of the Texans today with Willis or Revis?

    One might note how the selection process in 2007 was filled with disappointments, with those who were picked ahead of Okoye such as Levi Brown, Jamaal Anderson and Ted Ginn Jr, but Okoye is the one in that area that stands out the most because of the fact that it was a risk to select a teenager into the Madden NFL 24 that at the very beginning of the draft. He played for four seasons in Houston and has also been a bench player for the Bears in the past two seasons.

    The bright side is that there is still the time to make Okoye get his life back on track. In the end, he's only 25!

    Honorable Nomination: Six picks after the Packers selected defensive tackle Justin Harrell out of Tennessee. He started his career recovering from an injury to his biceps tendon. He after which he showed up to OTAs overweight, played in seven games as a rookie. He then started 2008 on the PUP playing in six games He was out for all of 2009 and missed only one game in 2010. and was out of the game with fourteen games played and two games played. This is an Harrell of more then Green Bay expected.

    7. Mike Williams, WR, USC - 10th overall, Detroit in 2005.

    This has to be one of the least-controversial inclusions in this list, wouldn't you agree? There are too many factors such as "WTF?" to ignore the fact it was Williams lost to the Lions at 10th made no sense whatsoever.

    The Lions had just taken Roy Williams at seventh overall the year before.The Lions had just drafted Charles Rogers at second overall in the year prior to Roy Williams! He has not played football in a year.If you're planning on loading up on a position three years in a row, and you're the Lions, really you're taking wide receivers? If you're playing for the Lions as well as Matt Millen, it is logical. He was chosen over DeMarcusWare, Shawne Merriman along with Derrick Johnson. Not to mention Aaron Rodgers, at a moment when you could have written off Joey Harrington without much fight from anyone besides Joey Harrington.

    Instead, they went with Williams who did not come off as a surprise when he caught 37 passes for 449 yards and two touchdowns during two seasons in Detroit and Williams himself admits to eating to get out. He definitely takes a significant chunk of this list.

    Honorable Honourable Troy Williamson went to the Vikings three selections ahead of Williams. The track star did in a 4.32 40-yard time which, I believe, would have been enough for him to get Minnesota to select the pick they were offered for Randy Moss on his replacement. Unfortunately he more closely resembled the Moss that played for the Vikings in the latter half to his time, and not at the start of his career.

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