Chaos Lei Xiu

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  • Chaos Lei Xiu

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    Chaos Lei Xiu

    "Cough!" Fire sperm some embarrassed cough twice, and then said with a wry smile: "This, Zirong's behavior, although there are difficulties, but still some excessive.". In fact, we've already scolded her, and she knows she's wrong. I've been living in regret all these years! "Is it?". When Song Zhong heard this, he couldn't help sneering, "Why don't I believe it at all?"? With Muzirong's mind, will she know regret? Cut. I'm afraid she's too happy to find the north to know I'm dead, isn't she? "No!" "My good nephew, I know you misunderstood Zirong before, but this time, I can assure you that Zirong really repented!" Said Lixuan, the fire sperm! Like right now. You see, she is the owner of this island, and now she is no longer here to preside over, and then she will be in the Xuantianbieyuan to observe filial piety for you! You can see the depth of her remorse! "Filial piety?" When Song Zhong heard this, Li Hai sneered, "Is it filial piety or cuckolding me?" Mouth, it's filial piety! Fire sperm hurriedly way! "If you don't believe me.". Let's go back to Xuantianbieyuan with the transport array here. You can see that Zirong is really observing filial piety for you! "Is it?" When Song Zhong heard this, he immediately said doubtfully, "In that case, I really have to see it!"! If she is really in filial piety,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, the past can be written off, but if not, hum, "hum, don't blame me for being rude.". In fact, Song Zhong wants to see Mu Zirong is false, want to take the opportunity to hurry back to Xuantianbieyuan is true. He couldn't wait to expose the false faces of the Fire Dragon Taoist and the Fire Thousand Dance. But it would take days to fly back like this, and he couldn't wait! So he followed the words of the fire sperm and promised to go back and have a look. In fact, his real purpose is just to ride the transport array here,hot tub wholesale, so as to save a few days. But the fire sperm also obviously has another purpose, he sees Song Zhong to promise to go back with him, immediately way: "Good, we go now!" " With that, the fire sperm got up and took Song Zhong to a heavily guarded pavilion in the back. After saying hello to the guards here, the fire sperm took Song Zhong into it. There is a huge transport array inside. The fire sperm pops up a series of methods to start the transport array. At the same time, Ding exhorts: "My good nephew, this transport array can only send one person at a time. I'll go in first. After a piece of Xuan, can you enter again?" OK As soon as Song Zhong heard that the fire sperm was willing to take the lead, he immediately nodded and agreed. Because in this way, he is not afraid of fire sperm secretly playing tricks to send himself to some dangerous place. When the fire sperm saw that Song Zhong had agreed, he immediately smiled and said, "So I'll go first!" With that, the fire sperm darted into the blue light of the transport array, accompanied by a flash of white light, and disappeared in an instant. After the fire sperm completely disappeared, whirlpool hot tub ,endless pool swim spa, Song Zhong estimated that the other party had arrived, and he also stepped into the transport array. Then came a familiar sense of vertigo. This is when riding the transport array, the stronger the person, the faster the recovery. With Song Zhong's present strength, but a little trance, he restored his Pure Brightness, and then opened his eyes and found himself in the moving building of Xuantian Bie yuan. The fire sperm didn't wait for him. Has already flown out of the transport array. However, just as Song Zhong was about to follow him. Fire sperm suddenly roared: "Quickly launch a big array, rebel Song Zhong to kill over!" " Song Zhong listens to immediately froze, how oneself become rebellious? But before he could react. The three golden elixir monks stationed in the big array were shocked, and immediately launched the Wanlong array, which was guarding the transmission of bursts! With a flash of colorful inspiration, the transport array was completely closed, and Song Zhong was trapped in a narrow space with a radius of dozens of feet. At the same time, the alarm bell that moved upstairs also rang, and the whole Xuantianbieyuan was alarmed. Song Zhong said, immediately surprised. But he knew that the Wanlong Array, which guarded the moving building, was a special super-strong array, and even ordinary distracted masters who fell into it could only be hated on the spot. At the beginning of the time, Song Zhong is the wind old demon deceived to this later, only then lets him open a yuan Ying friar Leng is captured alive, obviously this array method is formidable.

    But unexpectedly, the geomantic omen turns to my home today! Song Zhong, he was also deceived into one day! When Song Zhong saw this situation, he naturally did not dare to move. But when he became angry from embarrassment, he could not help cursing: "Fire Sperm, what do you mean?" Ha Seeing this, the fire sperm, who had long been hiding outside the formation, immediately said triumphantly, "Damn demon spy, you are now caught in a dragnet. Why don't you be captured without a fight? When will you wait?" "Fart". Song Zhong was so angry that he cursed loudly, "I grew up in Xuantianbieyuan. I only went to the East China Sea for a few years. When did I become a spy of the demon clan?" "You have been a demon spy since you were a child, not only you, but also your parents!" "This is already a well-known thing," said the head of the fire sperm. How can you deny it? You, you, you are so farting! Song Zhong was so angry that his face turned green. Then he cursed, "My father is a direct disciple of the former Academy. How could he be a spy of the demon clan? What evidence do you have?" "Fire sperm smell speech, also can't help lower the head, in the heart wry smile way," ghost just have evidence " However, at this time, a steady voice suddenly came: "Song Zhong, you were rescued by the East China Sea monster, is the best evidence.". Otherwise, how can those cruel monsters save you. As the voice fell, more than a dozen figures suddenly appeared outside the big array. The leading three are the current college of Xuantianbieyuan, the Fire Dragon Taoist, and around him are Mr. Da and Mr. Er, all of whom are disciples of Jindan. Apparently after hearing the alarm. If you want to know what happened, please log in,whirlpool hot tub, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading! Section 263 Expulsion from the school.

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