China Back Front Sliding Door Freezer

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  • China Back Front Sliding Door Freezer

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    China Back Front Sliding Door Freezer

    China Back Front Sliding Door Freezer  Main Features
    鈶?Direct cooling arc glass display self service counter adopt all-in-one refrigerator, universal wheels and level adjusting bolts, easy to move.
    鈶?High-performance compressor and condensing unit, copper pipe refrigeration.
    鈶?Mechanical 7-level temperature control, manual defrosting.
    鈶?Stainless steel inner boards, aluminum alloy frame and door channel.
    鈶?Back and front sliding door, big curved tempered glass.
    鈶?Special red/pink LED lamp inside.
    鈶?Double compressor and condensing system for upper fridge and under freezer.
    鈶?Self demisting for front glasses.
    Product description
    Cooling systemDirect cooling
    Defrost typeManual defrosting
    Temperature controlMechanical
    Temperature range(鈩?Fresh:2~8 ; frozen鈮?15
    Door typeBack&front sliding door
    Insulation boardCyclopentane fomed
    Climate typeN-ST
    Applicable ProductsFresh meat, deli food, bottle drinks, dishes, dairy, fruit, vegetable beverage
    Applicable placeSupermarket, butchery chain store, convenient shop, restaurant , hotel
    Unique design change life
    鈽?Auto. self demisting. During the use of the freezer,  water mist will form on the glass surface due to the temperature inside and outside the showcase is different,, which will affect the transparency of the glass. For this reason, we designed a hot air demisting function for the display cooler. The heat generated by the freezer during work is blown to the front glass by the fans to achieve the purpose of removing water mist on the glass surface, similar to the defogging of car glass.
    鈽?Windshield galss. Please note that this is not a redundant or decorative glass. When the door is opened, it can prevent external hot air from entering the cabinet, and ensuring that the cold air inside the showcase does not leak and convection in the cabinet to improve the cooling effect.
    鈽?Visor for the lighting. If the light is not blocked, it will shoot the customer's eyes directly, which will make the display effect of the refrigerator get worse. So we extended a light-shielding board from the aluminum alloy frame, so that the light only shines on the inside of the cabinet.
    Under freezer and the independent switch
    鈾?nbsp;The dual-temperature freezer,that is, a 115 liter or 200 liter frozen case is added to the bottom of the display fridge, its temperature can reach minus 18 degrees, which could meet the requirements of most users for frozen food.
    鈾?/strong> Direct cooling arc glass display self service counter adopt Independent temperature control switch. This item has two 7-speed manual thermostats, which respectively control the upper refrigerator and the lower under freezer. There are 7 levels of temperature control, 1 is the weakest refrigeration and 7 represents the strongest refrigeration. Users can adjust to the corresponding gear according to their needs.
    Common concerns from customers:
    鉁?/strong> What is the lead time?
    The normal lead time will be 20-35 days for mass production.
    鉁?/strong> Can I use our own logo on our order?
    Yes we accept OEM/ODM orders , customization size, cormer shape tec.
    鉁?/strong> Are you a manufacturer?
    Yes, we are factory with more than 13 years experiences on commercial refrigerator manufacturing.
    鉁?/strong> What's your MOQ?
    1 set for trial order.
    鉁?/strong> How about the payment terms?
    50% deposited in advance by T/T , the balance 50% before loading in factory.
    鉁?/strong> What is your normal trade terms ?
    FOB, CIF and EX-factory.China Back Front Sliding Door Freezer

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