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You don't mind expensive, this is the place next to the Surabaya Huadiao wine market. Although Liu Da is gone, the Cao is still there without injury. If it has something to do with it, it's worth spending a lot of money. Lv Wen had some money in his hand, but he really didn't want to spend one or two yuan of gold to buy a hectare of land. For no other reason.. Lv Wen doesn't sell wine! But Sishui Pavilion is half an hour away from Peixian County. The land has come to this point. What about other places? The cheapest one costs seven or eight thousand yuan a hectare. After hesitating for a long time, Lv Wen finally gave up. Now, three hundred Yi gold, one thousand hectares of land! How can Lv Wen let it go? The old man seemed to know that some things seemed to have been done too much. Now go to see Liu Da, quite a bit embarrassed. As you get older, you will care more about the face. In the end, let Lv Shizhi take the gold. Go to Loucang to discuss. The old man did not say anything else, but told Lv Shizhi, "When you get to Loucang, listen to your brother.". Just listen to what he gives you. Don't make him angry. Flash only half a year, Lv Wen found himself to face Liu Da again, afraid to need to tremble! Lu Shizhi is a guy who doesn't have much heart, and he doesn't understand the old man's mind. But before we left, we were very excited. With three hundred Yi gold in hand, Liu Da has basically collected enough two thousand Yi. However, he was not in a hurry to deliver it to Ren Xiao, and he was still waiting patiently. Wait for Chen Yu. Waiting for the sparrow.. People can't be faithless. In this month, Wang Ben died of illness. With the death of Wang Ben,Inflatable water park on lake, it also represents the complete withdrawal of the old generals from the stage of history. In the hands of the first emperor, three groups of generals emerged. Such as Wang Jian Meng Ao, this is the oldest group of generals. Meng Ao entered the Qin Dynasty from Qi during the reign of King Zhao of the Qin Dynasty. During the reign of King Zhao, he had already served as a minister, and then served as a general during the period of King Zhuangxiang of the Qin Dynasty. Began the military career of conquering the six countries. It can be said. Such as Wang Jian Meng Ao, is the wealth left by King Zhuangxiang of Qin for the first emperor Ying Zheng. Meng Ao died in battle in the seventh year of the reign of the king of Qin. Wang Jian died of illness at home in the third year after the destruction of Chu. Subsequently, there are Meng Wu Wang Ben Li Xin and other generals emerged. These generals were promoted after the first emperor ascended the throne, and they belonged to the Mesozoic era in terms of age. From Lv Buwei's destruction of the Zhou Dynasty to the sweeping of Liuhe by the first emperor,Inflatable 5k obstacle, these people basically participated in hundreds of battles, big and small. There is victory and there is defeat; there is glory and there is equally shame. Li Xin died of illness in his hometown in Longxi in the year when the first emperor unified the six kingdoms, while Meng Wu was sick and now basically ignored the world. Now Wang Ben also died of illness, leaving a son, named Wang Li. Older than Meng Tian, he held an important position in the army. In the heart of the first emperor, grief is unusual. However, these things have nothing to do with Liu Da. Xianyang is thousands of miles away from Loucang, and he has no feelings about Wang Ben's death. Birth, old age, illness and death are human nature. It was the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, during the busy farming season. For three days in a row, the drizzling rain never stopped. This is undoubtedly a good thing for Loucang. During the busy spring ploughing season, this light rain is helping to cultivate. On this day, Liu Da rode to the Suishui River with Cao Shen, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable floating water park, Zhou Chang, Cheng Miao and Xiang Qiang. My Lord, in two months, it will be the flood season. Xiang Qiang said worriedly, "I just don't know how the flood situation is this year.". Last year, the Suishui River surged and burst its dike from Longwangkou, flooding thousands of hectares of land. My Lord, please look, three miles south from here is the mouth of the Dragon King. The east side is low-lying, and once the dike bursts, it is very dangerous. He pointed to the front and explained to Liu Da. Liu Da was silent, longitudinal horse slowly along the river bank. Lao Cao. What do you have in mind? "Blocking is better than dredging, which is a method handed down from ancient times." But the question is, how to dredge? Shen Yulu has not yet made a decision. Zhou Chang and others also kept silent and observed the terrain quietly. For a long time, Cheng Miao suddenly opened his mouth and said, "My Lord, this year we should give priority to reinforcing the dike. After all, it is too late for us to do other things.". But after the busy farming season is over. We might be able to do something. Miao has an idea, but I don't know whether to say it or not. "Just say it, Mr. Cheng." Cheng Miao thought for a moment, "When the State of Zheng built a canal, it expanded eight hundred miles of fertile farmland for the old Qin Dynasty.".

The year before last, when we passed through Sanchuan County, we also saw the Hong Ditch, which was also built to dredge the river course. Of course, such a large-scale construction of canals. It is not suitable for us. But build small canals, divert river water.. On the one hand, it can alleviate the flood situation in Suishui, on the other hand, it can also prevent drought. Build a canal? Liu Da frowned. This is not a trivial matter, it needs careful planning, and it needs to be presided over by someone who is good at it. As he spoke, he looked at Cao Shen and the others. Which one of you is good at this? "This.." It's not just Cheng Miao who has nothing to say. Even the three men, including Cao Shen, were silent. All right, this matter needs to be discussed in the long run, and it can't be decided overnight. We all think of ways to try to have a plan before the autumn harvest. But before that.. Lao Cao, I need to bother you. You have to stop a group of people, reinforce the embankment, do not let everyone work for a year, and finally come to naught. And Qiang Lao. You should also cooperate with Lao Cao. This is the most important thing now. Cao Shen and Xiang Qiang answered on the horse: "Here!" Liu Kui turned his horse's head and looked up at the sky. He said in a deep voice, "Old Zhou should tidy up the granary as soon as possible these days. In a few days, a large number of baggage will arrive at the granary.". You must do it properly, and don't make any mistakes. This is also the first time that our warehouse has been put into use. "Don't worry, my Lord.". Xiaoguan will treat it with care. Zhou Chang looked solemn. He answered with a hand. Let's all go to work. Mr. Cheng and I will go around again. You don't have to wait with me anymore. By the way, Lao Zhou, there is one more thing you should pay attention to. I remember that when I first came to Loutingdi, people said that there were three evils in Suishui. Now that the abandoned son has been lost,Inflatable outdoor park, the flood can not be solved in a day. In addition, there is the harm of big rats, so we need to be careful. It's better to consult with Qiang Lao to see if there is any way to prevent it. 。

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