Dear Banker (Industry Elite's Childhood Sweetheart Entertainment Banker vs Little Movie Star)

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  • Dear Banker (Industry Elite's Childhood Sweetheart Entertainment Banker vs Little Movie Star)

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    Dear Banker (Industry Elite's Childhood Sweetheart Entertainment Banker vs Little Movie Star)

    He untied his belt, took off his skirt, wore sexy red lace underwear, exposed two white to almost transparent thighs, and straddled him. He made a heavy gasp and then moved a few times. Look at her eyes, become deep, full of desire-hope and love-tide. Cut! Cameron called a halt. "This one passed." Cameron was satisfied, and a living V was born. In fact, Lu Manman was fully armed and prepared. It's the kind of anti-exposure jacket that shows the back but blocks the front. Filming abroad is more open, but Lu Manman is still not used to it. Anthony covered her with the big bathrobe he had prepared early in the morning and left the set quickly with two directors and lighting engineers. Let her change her clothes. We'll wait for you outside. Hurry up and take a bus to the desert immediately to shoot the main play of you and the heroine. Cameron said. This play is really in a hurry, Lu Manman curled his lips. Suddenly, Anthony laughed again outside the door. "Next time, please, don't blush.". This will make me play every minute! "Anthony!" Lu Manman was so angry that he jumped! Chapter 64 I am V. Sitting in the desert, the sun is in the sky, very hot and uncomfortable. Lu Manman is the first time to film in the desert, and he is really not used to it. Anthony didn't come because he had to catch up with several scenes. Cameron is following the hero's part, so the scene in the desert is followed by assistant director Eli. The director has a good eye. The heroine Euan is set to be a mother. So, he gave up looking for someone new, and you played it instead. In reality, you're a mother of three. When Lu Manman and Vivian spoke to each other,temperature scanning kiosks, they chatted a few words. Yes, Cameron is demanding. Those young A-listers may be beautiful, but they somehow lack motherhood. But.. Vivian blinked mischievously. "You're still a child yourself, but you have maternal instinct." Um. Lu Manman panicked: "No!" Vivian laughed. Seeing that the two actresses had a tacit understanding, Aili shouted to prepare. In front of a series of action fighting, Lu Manman finished it neatly and smartly. Eyes are in place, ruthless and decisive. And her punches are getting harder and harder. When he got up,temperature screening kiosk, he stuck out his tongue and licked his dry lips, revealing his bloodthirsty nature. Then he pulled it out of his waist and threw it to the ground, mocking it with a low, rustling voice: "Come again!" Have to say, Vivian's appearance is very good-looking, a representative of the scientist's white coat, half-long hair, appears to be intellectual and beautiful. Her appearance is very beautiful, and thirty years old is the best age for a woman. Vivian is French, with all the beauty of a French girl, slender, charming, very temperament. One side of her and V fight, obviously unable to do what she wants, but her eyes are very stubborn and firm, digital signage screen ,face recognition identification, that moment, she is pure like a girl in her 20s, that pair of eyes also showed a sense of inexplicable Chu Chu. In the play, there was a moment when Lu Manman was fascinated. Cut! Ai Li is a little speechless, he is facing the monitor, can see this Chinese man actually to a generation of movie queen to show the eyes of admiration. You and Anthony have a lot of scenes, you can look at him like this, I think I will thank you! The whole audience laughed. Even Vivian couldn't help laughing, and her voice was crisp and pleasant. Lu Manman touched his head sheepishly. Man, you know how to appreciate the beauty of every age. You are a person with connotation. Vivian smiled. Don't you French have a saying: 'Life has just begun at the age of forty!' So, you are still young, don't be an old oil stick! Then, by the way, I popularized the English version of Lao Youtiao in Chinese for her. There was another laugh at the scene. The play begins again. I want to fool Euan. I can kill her, but I want to play with her and beat Euan to the ground many times. But Euan still stubbornly refused to give up, no matter how miserable, or to climb up, refused to fall to her. Vivian's eyes and acting skills are in place. Finally, V trampled her in the sand, and Euan's face was buried in the golden desert, showing only pale yellow and somewhat withered hair.

    "Don't you tell me what the password is?" He spoke coldly, but smiled coldly, like a real colorful snake. She kicked Euan a few times and kicked him aside. You kill me! Euan crawled to the ground and spurted a mouthful of blood. Just want to die, huh? Lu Manman suddenly had a flash of inspiration and remembered the teasing words of An Zhichun, "But my means have just begun!" It looks vicious and sexy, and it's very.. Have a personality! One word "cool!" Ai Li shouted in a low voice. Euan's face was ashen and his hand was clutching his coat bag. He was noticed by V and kicked her again, and a picture fell out. I was about to step on the photo when I saw the warm picture of Euan holding the baby and the mother and son smiling. I was stunned and my body was stiff. There was a slight twitch in her face. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, her tone was even more vicious. "This is your child, eh?" Instead of looking at Euan, he kept staring at the child in the picture, showing a strange, unpredictable smile. But in the seemingly horrible vicious smile, there is a trace of narcissism and inexplicable sympathy?! Vivian looked at her and thought she was even more terrible! When Euan heard the mention of the child, he was extremely frightened, but unexpectedly, he turned around and left. Lu Manman is facing away from the camera. Her back is very graceful, and her walking posture is also beautiful. With a purplish red Monaco style embroidered dress she wore, it was really elegant. It's very eye-catching. Suddenly, Lu Manman stopped, bent down gracefully, took the hand gun on the ground, then lit a cigarette and held it in her hand. The close-up pictures in the camera were all her back, not her front, but her body language was all drama. Soft and strong, sexy and perverse,face detection android, vicious and willful insolent, there is only a little conscience, through the back to show out. A few figures reveal the huge and complex inner world of V.

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