Comprehensive Goddess Event Book

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  • Comprehensive Goddess Event Book

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    Comprehensive Goddess Event Book

    The monster will naturally feel that the taste of the gods is particularly good, which is an uncontrolled instinct. Anna's good friend Yiqi and in the case of the half-demon, she especially liked the taste of the night fighting God, and she herself did not know what was going on. While a group of people were recuperating, there was a sudden noise. Kagome! It was Inuyasha's old enemy, the Steel Tooth of the Demon Wolf Clan, and their quarrel was mainly on Kagome. Gangya likes Kagome very much, but Kagome and Inuyasha are a couple, which is probably the spark between rivals. With one foot on the top of Inuyasha's head, Steel Tooth grabbed Kagome's hand. On the way, I met a man with a snake knife. He said that Kagome might be dead. I was very worried. "That's why you came here?" Kagome asked with a smile. The rival in love was particularly jealous when they met, and Inuyasha, who got up from the ground, almost didn't fight with the steel teeth. She was finally stopped by Kagome, and Steel Tooth sniffed and frowned. "What's going on?"? The double dog stink is unbearable! Eyes turned to Sesshomaru's side-Kagome followed his eyes, stunned. Anna stood on tiptoe, as if to touch Sesshomaru's pointed ears. I don't know if it's because Sesshomaru has a better control of demon power. He doesn't have dog ears like Inuyasha's, but his ears are sharper than normal people's, just like the ears of elves in fairy tales. Adding to the disillusionment,facial recognition thermometer, Sesshomaru did lower his head slightly. It's like accommodating Anna's height so that she can touch it more easily. Seemingly noticing the look from Kagome's side, Sesshomaru glanced this way. The golden animal pupil has a kind of inorganic indifference, inside is. Warning. Although he was beaten to death and refused to admit it, in fact, the steel teeth were indeed overwhelmed by the powerful glance. There is often this feeling between monsters, and the suppression of momentum will be more obvious. Touched the nose: "That woman is a God?"? It tastes so good. Mumbling, Kagome did not hear clearly,smart interactive whiteboard, only faintly heard'taste good 'and so on. When he had the same feeling as Inuyasha, he didn't care. With the accident of steel teeth, it is a small episode. But soon said goodbye, steel teeth have their own goals. And Inuyasha here also want to go on the road, Ming Jia grandfather can not help but interrupt: "Inuyasha young master is going to find Naraku?" The answer was so obvious that Grandpa Mingjia couldn't help laughing: "Ha ha, ha, in that case-crow!"! I'll go first! Suddenly a crow appeared, and Grandpa Mingjia jumped on it, looking like he was running for his life. In fact, the confrontation between Inuyasha and Naraku is always dangerous. Ming Jia's character is timid and cautious, so he can always hide on this occasion. In this case, Inuyasha put his eyes on Sesshomaru, but when Sesshomaru looked over, information kiosk price ,smart whiteboard price, he had a feeling of being caught, and quickly turned his head. Instead, Kagome bluntly blinked. "Is Senior Anna coming with us?" Anna nodded, "Yes, I will go to the bone-eating well in Maple Village with Kagome, and then go home!" "What about Sesshomaru?" Naturally, Kagome set her eyes on Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru did not speak, but looked at Anna. Anna laughed. "Sesshomaru sent me home, he said!"! So it should be together-is that right, Sesshomaru? Anna looked up at Sesshomaru behind her, and Sesshomaru acquiesced by not speaking. The two men had spoken under the tree before, and Anna had told the whole story about the coming of this age. It was at this time that Sesshomaru realized that the world he had accidentally visited was five hundred years later. That would be great! Kagome is smiling. She probably knew that Sesshomaru's goal was Naraku, who had fooled him, so it was good to see that the goal was the same for the time being, and that there was such a powerful helper out of thin air. Follow the previous clues all the way, until it gets dark, and then start the bonfire. Today's rest is earlier, because considering that Kagome has lost too much blood, although there is no tonic for Grandpa, the energy is far from the time of recovery.

    Kagome and Coral soon fell asleep in the rich fur of the mica, but the evil view was also very gregarious, holding the head crutches in the circle of these'enemies' sleeping soundly. Inuyasha and Yaoyan are keeping vigil. Maitreya is getting ready to sleep, but he is talking to Inuyasha. Anna ran to Sesshomaru, who was always the very unsociable one, sitting alone in a place where she could see the moon, holding the small blanket that Yaoyan had prepared for her. Anna's energy is very good, and there is no sleepiness at this time. Sitting beside Sesshomaru with the stall in his arms:.. Thank you very much indeed. Anna said it with her head up, so Sesshomaru could clearly see her whole face bathed in the moonlight. The eyelash root is clear, thick and curly, the moonlight is plated with a layer of silver, shaking slightly with the blink of the eyes. Sesshomaru became a little irritable. Thank you Anna hugged her knees and sat down. "Well, because Sesshomaru, you want to send me home because you are afraid of danger." At this time, Sesshomaru could only see the hair whirling on the top of Anna's head and the blood vessels flowing rapidly in the side neck under the white auricle. Time seems to have not changed, once the auspicious pill is very close to this location. At that time, he had no memory, but out of the instinct of the monster, he had a strong appetite for Anna. It's just something that overwhelms the appetite in a rational way. At that time, every approach to Anna was almost a kind of torture, but the approach in torture could not kill anything, it could only make the things that grew secretly stronger. Like ordinary people, it is never the pain of love that makes people who love each other not love,digital signage kiosk, and even the pain of love will *** more profound. As one legendary woman said, 'We cling to what we endure, and we don't want to give up what we have paid a great price for'.

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