Deceased System _ 202002 15155549.

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  • Deceased System _ 202002 15155549.

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    Deceased System _ 202002 15155549.

    The phantom king shook his head with a wry smile, then looked at Chu Tianming and found that he was looking at himself, and his heart began to beat faster for no reason. Let's go to rest first. There are still two days to go before the general attack. During this time, we should conserve our energy and prepare for the battle two days later. Said the Phantom Hades. Yes, deputy temple master. The immortal kings nodded yes and then went down. Before leaving, the woman in green also blinked at Chu Tianming, which made Chu Tianming depressed. I went down to rest, too. Chu Tianming looked awkwardly at the magic keeper and made a gesture to leave with those people. But the Phantom Hades grabbed him. Tianming, don't take what Yi Yue said just now seriously. She just likes to play with others. Chu Tianming smiled, "well, I know." "Well, then you go down to rest, two days later when the general attack, you stay with me, do not run around." Said the Phantom Hades, nodding. Yeah, it's down. Chu Tianming smiled and turned to walk back. Looking at the back of Chu Tianming far away, the eyes of the Phantom Hades could not help flashing a smile, then a flash, then disappeared in the main control room. How could the magic king of the underworld not have investigated the information of Chu Tianming, the founding emperor of the Ming Yang Empire, now a wife and a daughter, the daughter has just turned three years old, these magic king of the underworld all know,Magnesium Oxide price, naturally she will not fall in love with a man with a wife and daughter, for Chu Tianming, the magic king just regarded him as his good friend or brother in general, just see Chu Tianming embarrassed. She also thought it was funny, but it didn't seem to break for a while. Chapter 804 war! Thanks to the two monthly tickets cast by the tired reader brother 520, thank you! ...... Two days passed in a flash. In a twinkling of an eye, it was time for the general attack. This day, Chu Tianming finished practicing,calcium nitrate sol, the figure flashed, then appeared in the main control room. All units ready, target Zerg lair, advance! The control of the entire mothership, although controlled by the intelligent mastermind, but the command still needs to be issued by the master, at this time Chu Tianming saw an accompanying immortal king is giving orders, on the other side, is waiting for the magic Hades and others. There you are. Looking at the Phantom Hades and others, Chu Tianming looked solemnly at the entrance to the secret world of the universe in the distant starry sky. The lair of the Zerg, I don't know how much strength the Zerg has. Chu Tianming was not sure how powerful the Zerg in this Zerg lair was. This time they gathered twenty legions, of which ten legions first step into the Zerg lair, is the vanguard, the main role is to detect the specific strength of the Zerg, if necessary, the remaining ten legions will immediately rush in to meet, and three temple masters, Magnesium Oxide powder ,calcium ammonium nitrate price, there are two with the vanguard into the Zerg lair. It can be seen that they listened to Chu Tianming's proposal and intended not to give the Zerg any chance to breathe. Boom. Ten legions, hundreds of millions of spaceships, heading for the Zerg lair. Orderly through the entrance to the secret world of the universe, appeared directly over the black land. The Zerg are clearly aware that the enemy is coming. So they were ready for battle, and the moment the first spaceships entered, countless attacks swarmed in. However, the alliance has long been prepared for this, each spaceship's shield has been opened to the maximum power, at the same time, the Lord of the Moon Spirit Temple has personally set up a green life barrier in front of the army. Boom! The roar of the explosion almost deafened their ears. The eardrum trembled as if it would break at any moment. When the first wave of attacks dispersed, the green barrier still stood in front of the army. The first group landed successfully. A message was transmitted to all the other spaceships at a very fast speed. Immediately after that, a large number of spaceships entered the secret world of the universe, allowing the Zerg to attack again and again. Can not stop, the green barrier of life, again and again blocked their attacks. Deep in the Zerg lair.

    This is a blood-red desert. At the bottom of the desert, a huge underground city has been built here. Countless Zerg of all kinds have rushed past. Deep in the city, hundreds of Zerg nests, millions of kilometers long and wide, float there. Boys, the alien race has entered our world. The war has begun, if you want to survive and continue our Zerg, you have to kill all the other races, kill ~! The sound spread to every corner of the underground city in an instant. In a flash, countless Zerg raised their heads and let out a deep roar. In the roar, millions of passages opened over the city, and countless terrible Zerg warships rose into the sky and headed for the surface. The mother's nest of hundreds of huge immortal emperors also flew towards the sky. The same scene. In every corner of the secret world of the universe, the sea of blood, the black forest, the rocky slope.. Countless dense Zerg, began to fight for the race, the huge Zerg nest, the small one is 100,000 kilometers long and wide, the largest one is over a sea of blood in the deepest part of the secret world of the universe, it is a terror nest billions of kilometers long and wide, around it, there are ten nests billions of kilometers in length and width. Eleven mother nests float quietly over the sea of blood with the largest diameter of 3 light-years, which makes the whole cosmic secret place look extremely depressed. In front of the battlefield, the Zerg has been fighting with the Alliance army, countless artillery fire, blue, red, black, beams of light of various colors rose into the sky, sweeping away large areas of Zerg, and Zerg is also fierce and fearless of death, hundreds of thousands or even millions of Zerg United together, issued a terrible attack, directly swept hundreds of spaceships, the immortal strong man of death. It's thousands! Human life, at this moment has become so cheap, Chu Tianming stood above the huge mother ship,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, looking at the tragic scene, can not help sighing gently. The number of people who die in a war between races every second is more than the total population of the earth before the end of the world. Fortunately, such wars do not happen very often. Chu Tianming sighed with emotion in his heart.

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