The nation split, as e'er mounts and rivers remain.

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  • The nation split, as e'er mounts and rivers remain.

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    The nation split, as e'er mounts and rivers remain.

    Fan Guowen's Maxim made the limited firepower of the Eighth Route Army suddenly fierce. Nice shot! ~” "Good!" "Well done!" "Good job." There was a lot of cheering. Many soldiers cheered, the fighter plane appeared almost in a flash, and it was gone in a flash. Taking advantage of the machine gun's blind fire, a blaster rushed over, crossed the bunker covered by grenades and the blown wall, rushed straight to the bottom of the blockhouse wall, wielded an engineer shovel to dig and pry a few times, dug a shallow pit, stuffed an explosive bag into it, quickly ignited it, and then rolled back. Perhaps in a hurry to get out of the range of the explosion, he fell to the ground in a few steps when he approached his own position, so anxious that several soldiers rushed over and pulled the blaster back. Just returned to the position, a dull thunderous noise, the earth shook violently, a huge column of black smoke rose, everyone's chest as if hit by a hammer, bricks, clods,brushless gear motor, like rain down. While the surrounding blockhouses were being bombed, several blasters pounced on them. Two blockhouses were detonated in succession, and the progress of the battle was greatly improved. Like the death of a rabbit and the sorrow of a fox, three blockhouses were blasted, and almost all the people inside were spared. The rest of the blockhouses were like crazy. A few bricks were broken on the walls, revealing more shooting ports. Even machine guns were mounted on the top of the blockhouses. A lot of devils rushed out of the blockhouse gate, screaming and rushing to the Eighth Route Army soldiers. Almost accompanied by a chorus of shouts, some of the soldiers in the second and first platoons pounced on it,Small Geared Motors, and the hand-to-hand battle broke out. The bunker in front of the main blockhouse was covered by flames, and the sand was flying on the white-edged battlefield. It was almost impossible to distinguish between the enemy and ourselves, and the shining bayonets collided with the iron-gray military bayonets. In particular, the machine gunners who did not have bayonets on their machine guns were taken care of by the Japanese soldiers, and the soldiers around them fought to the death in front of the machine gunners. The hand-to-hand combat stopped many of the machine guns that besieged the company for a time, and the Japanese sometimes even swept over their own people without scruple. The final madness of the Japanese brought great casualties to the third and second battalions as the main attack. The two sides involved in hand-to-hand combat are almost one for one. Both sides lose. Careful! "Fan Guowen was thrown to the ground by the deputy gunman.". A string of bullets whistled past Fan Guowen and burst into pieces of sand and stones. Bah! ~”“o! ~shit! My breath has been punched a few holes! Let you taste my power again. Fan Guowen got up quickly. He grab that cap of the eighth route army, which was covered with sand, and shook it, but still thought it was too dirty, so he simply threw it aside. He pulled up Maxim and continued to work. Koyanagi! Thank you very much. If it wasn't for you, I would have hung up just now! "Fan Guowen is shaking left and right, pulling Maxim and firing in succession." Xiao Liu? Why don't you say anything? What's the matter? Fan Guowen realized that Liu Zhi had not come to help him carry the bullets as he had just done. Fan Guowen turned his head and suddenly pushed the Maxim heavy machine gun away. Panicked and screamed: "Xiao Liu!"! Liu Zi, don't scare me. What's wrong with you? Deputy machine gunner Liu Zhi threw himself beside him, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Vending Machine Motor, motionless, pale, with blood oozing from his body. Fan Guowen in a hurry to pick up the assistant machine gunner Liu Zhi, Liu Zhi's chest has been red with blood, Fan Guowen desperately to cover his wound. The blood was still pouring out. Hygienist! ~ Medic, come on, there's a casualty! Fan Guowen looked around and shouted desperately.

    Since he came to the company, Liu Zhi, a young man less than 18 years old, has acted as his deputy. In many cases, although the culture is not high, the assistant who is very diligent does not behave as he should be. He shows a more mature style than Fan Guowen and does his best to assist Fan Guowen, whether in the maintenance and debugging of machine guns in peacetime or in life. This young assistant is always in front of Fan Guowen, helping Fan Guowen wash clothes, make meals, maintenance tools are always clean and clean, always when Fan Guewen needs to use, it has been delivered in time before he opens his mouth, and machine gun bullets are always polished yellow and shining, when marching, he always carries heavy bullet boxes and machine gun brackets, as far as possible to help Fan Guewen carry heavy loads. It seems that there is infinite strength in the short and thin body. More often than not, Liu Zhi, as a loyal listener, accepted Fan Guowen's talk, including what he saw and heard in the United States, his own knowledge, his usual anecdotes, and even his complaints and depression. He kept smiling and listened silently. If he thought it was useful, he also relied on his own culture to record it. Liu Zhi was like a thirsty sponge for many years. Drawing useful knowledge from Fan Guowen's many nonsense, when Liu Zhi began to raise some professional questions, Fan Guowen began to be stunned, unable to underestimate the learning ability of this rural child who did not read much. Baidu Search Book Bar to Read the Latest and Most Complete Novels/ [db: wangzhi] Section 115 Small! Say ! txt! God . Don Fan Guowen unreservedly imparted all he knew to this young man who was much younger than him. It was enough for him to be excited to find a talented person with outstanding learning ability from many unremarkable soldiers. He always wanted to know how much the little devil would grow up in the future. If the machine gunner represents the unparalleled lethality, then the machine gunner means fore sight. When Fan Guowen is playing the lethal power of Maxim, Liu Zhi is an important guarantee to maintain the operation of the machine gun and prompt the target. The tacit understanding between the two can make every bullet play the greatest killing effect. Now, Liu Zhi is seriously injured in order to cover himself, and Fan Guowen deeply regrets and blames himself. Liu Zhi, who was in his arms, suddenly moved his body, slowly opened his eyes, coughed violently, and blood kept spilling from the corners of his mouth. Fan Guowen, however, was not surprised at all. Anyway,micro gear motor, he shook him even more in horror: "Liu Zhi, don't close your eyes, don't close your eyes!"! "He knows better than anyone that this is a return of light." I'm a hygienist. What's wrong with him? It's a girl's voice.

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