Demon Lord of the Other World

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  • Demon Lord of the Other World

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    Demon Lord of the Other World

    The blood slave made everyone who saw him feel uncomfortable. The mysterious demon body wrapped in the blood-colored armor without seeing its true face, the murderous look in the cold bones and deep in the spinal cord, made people feel a chill out of thin air. Fortunately, he did not talk to anyone. In his heart, Zhang Wenlong was the only one who obeyed his orders and did not care about anyone's feelings. Shark Island, the accumulation of all the troopships can be collected, the invasion of the Sun Empire, dare not rashly place a space door in the territory of the enemy, in order to avoid arousing the attention of the enemy's strong, to rob. Can only be in accordance with the traditional way of transporting troops, a ship of transport, 130 thousand main legions, the need for the size of countless ships. Fortunately,dap diammonium phosphate, Shark Island is only two or three thousand miles from the coast of the Sun Empire, otherwise, if it is farther away, it will be even more troublesome. A large number of new ships are being carefully assembled by the orc warriors who are proficient in carpentry for the final process, and are constantly being put into the water,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, lest there are not enough ships. Shark Island is a notorious pirate island, surrounded by hundreds of nautical miles of sea, there is no shadow of a ship, and Dulek ordered hundreds of flexible pirate ships, patrolling the sea every day in turn, once found to dare to approach, first kill and then rob, the ship back to the island, as a military. The news of the army stationed on Shark Island was tightly blocked, and there was no leak. On a sunny morning, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide price, one hundred and thirty thousand elite soldiers on Shark Island came out in full force. Like ants, they boarded troop carriers of different sizes that had been moored. Ships full of soldiers rowed out constantly. The new empty ships approached the shore. As soon as they stopped, the soldiers filed up one after another. The expeditionary army of the frozen territory is officially on its way! Zhang Wenlong boarded the largest flagship. Fluttering a black flag fluttering in the wind, above is the white portrait of Solomon, the main God of darkness, simple outline, mighty costume, the great demon God's expression vividly displayed. Ah, the flag of Solomon's insignia, which only a dark paladin can display. Thousands of flags, hula flutter on every ship that breaks the wind, every flag. They all read "For the glory of Solomon, in the name of jihad, go forward" and other various words advocating jihad. A demon warrior with the ability to fly. Take turns to soar into the air. Fly over the fleet to patrol. Whenever a passing ship is spotted. He flew away. Break and kill the ship's personnel. So as not to leak the news of the army's departure. Go all the way. Not a trace of his whereabouts has been revealed. The Empire of the Sun bordering the Aegean Sea. Never dreamed of it. Glacier continent. One hundred and thirty thousand troops were sent to invade the coast of the Empire at one time. This is undoubtedly a huge act of aggression. Usual. The two countries are on the land of the middle line of the continent. Hundreds of incursions, large and small, break out every day. Or a Demon Lord. Or a wandering demon in the abyss. Or a light fighter. Or war angels. Or the Light Ranger. But Ding Po Tian has thirty thousand and fifty thousand people at one time. It is a large number of conflicts. A hundred thousand level invasion. Three thousand years ago in history. Although less. After all, there have been. Three thousand years later to this day. The number of Zhang Wenlong's 130,000 legions. It is the first time on a super-large scale. In particular, he unabashedly preached in the name of the Holy Land. A mighty flotilla. It shows its aggressive expansion momentum. After days of sailing in the vast ocean. Under the guidance of the manipulators who are proficient in water and sea warriors. In the middle of a carefully chosen night. The night is as black as ink. The wind is like crying. The vast fleet of ships in the frozen territory. According to the landing site determined by the robbery expert, the fierce shark Durek. Quietly docked. Demon warriors and blood warriors rose into the air. Dozens of miles ahead. Kill any coastal fisherman you encounter. Cover the disembarkation of the orcs, pirates, and sea warriors. At dawn. Thousands of soldiers were left to guard the fleet on the shore. Hundreds of thousands of troops. Make a rapid advance toward nearby towns. Men of the Frozen Dominion. Is about to show the teeth of a ferocious invasion! Dawn. Is the darkest hour of the night. It is also a sign that the light is about to break through the darkness. The Sun Empire is the nearest fishing village by the sea. The door of a humble fishing house suddenly opened. A middle-aged fisherman who has lived here for generations walks sleepily out the door. Walk to the foot of the wall. Pull out the guy. He splashed a bellyful of urine. Feel the gradual and light process.

    The sound of footsteps rained down in my ears. What's that sound? The middle-aged fisherman turned his head in confusion. Looking out of the village. The pupils of his eyes. The sudden stare was like a brass bell. An incredible scene appeared in front of us: large groups of ferocious bear people. Waddling penguin man. Life of the sea race in grotesque shapes. Farther away. From time to time, I saw the figure of the skeleton horse and the skeleton warrior with ghosts and ghosts in the cranial cavity. In the sky. It was dark and full of fierce figures. Like a flock of big birds.. His lips trembled. He thought he saw a series of fantasies. Shake your head vigorously. Rub your eyes. When you look again. Hordes of orcs sprang out of hell to get closer to the earth. Has rushed into the streets and alleys of the village. I couldn't help howling like tearing my heart and lungs: "Devil … …" The devil is coming.. Devil "Zap!" In the night sky, a flash of cold electricity hit the head of the middle-aged fisherman who roared in alarm in a hurry. Like a bloody stone, it made a beautiful arc. With a thump, it fell on the gravel and rolled a few times. The two frightened and angry eyes were wide open. It was the blood slave who accompanied Zhang Wenlong to fly in the night sky. He reached out his hand to recall the blood-colored long knife with the same heart. His backhand was inserted into the scabbard behind him, like a ghost that did not exist, standing behind his master. In the darkness before dawn, a fearless cry suddenly came, which immediately shattered the tranquility of the peaceful fishing village. The noisy voices of people rose one after another, and the warning sound spread all over the village. The strong man,Magnesium Oxide powder, wearing only shorts, went out of the door with a bare harpoon. Before he could see the enemy clearly, a double-edged axe cut down his head.

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