Psychological dominator

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  • Psychological dominator

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    Psychological dominator

    At this time, the time has reached 4:55, or did not find any abnormalities, Lu Ying is more familiar with Fanghua Park, and proposed to separate from Zhao Qiang to find, Zhao Qiang felt unsafe, after all, if there is a murderer, then this person may still be in the park. Lu Ying is not very worried, "you can rest assured, I practiced martial arts when I was a child, if there is anything I call you, and there are staff members, shouting can be heard." Zhao Qiang thought about it and began to search separately with Lu Ying. After separating from Zhao Qiang, Lu Ying suddenly thought that one of the most famous scenic spots in the park was the music fountain in the center of the park, which was sprayed every half an hour. The last time she sprayed was exactly at 5 o'clock. She looked at the time, which was already 4:57, and quickly quickened her pace to run there. Time soon arrived at 5 o'clock, Zhao Qiang still did not find anything, he thought it was a prank, then took out his mobile phone to call Lu Ying,x56 line pipe, the familiar ring back tone rang in the ear for a long time, but Lu Ying has not answered the phone. Zhao Qiang called again, or no one answered, he was a little anxious, Zhao Qiang while making a phone call, while blindly running in the park, his hands were cold, from the heart began to feel cold. Lu Ying,uns s31803 sheet, you must not have anything, you must not! "Ah!"! Fountain "There's someone in the fountain!" "Call an ambulance!" The sudden scream from the park mixed with the ringing tone from the mobile phone constantly stimulated his nerves, and people behind him kept running past him, and they were all running to the same place. Zhao Qiang pinched his cell phone and ran there. He comforted himself in his heart. Maybe Lu Ying was just busy saving people and had no time to answer her cell phone. Maybe her cell phone just fell to the ground. Maybe, maybe. The cold air was filled with the faint smell of blood, the fountain mouth constantly gushing water, falling and rising, constantly alternating, blood-red water all over the pool, splashing around the pool, blooming one after another blood-colored flowers. Lu Ying!!! The author has something to say: VIP Chapter 30 Collapse (3) Who is crying in the darkness? When Qin yuan arrived at the hospital, they saw Zhao Qiang sitting there with his head hanging outside the emergency room, with blood on his clothes and hands. Qin yuan walked to his side, "how is Lu Ying?" "It's still being rescued." Zhao Qiang raised his head to wipe the tears on his face and clenched his teeth with a painful face. "Captain, if I didn't know the way, x60 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, I wouldn't let Lu Ying go with me, and she would be all right.". It's all me! It's all me! It's all my fault! His fist slammed into the wall behind him, and the roar of pain echoed in the corridor. Qin yuan grabbed his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "Zhao Qiang, calm down. It's not your fault. Lu Ying will be all right." "So much blood, she left so much blood." Zhao Qiang spread out his hand, the palm is full of bright red blood, that is Lu Ying's blood. If he had not let Lu Ying go with him at that time, if they had not acted separately at that time, Lu Ying would have been all right, would not have been lying on the operating table, life and death were uncertain, it was all his own fault. Zhao Qiang buried his face in the palm of his hand, and his chagrin, sadness and pain swept over his whole body. Qin yuan patted Zhao Qiang on the shoulder to let Tang Yi accompany Zhao Qiang, and then returned to the scene of the crime with Mujiu and Chen Mo to continue searching for the murderer. The water in the fountain was dyed red, surrounded by a large area of blood, it can be imagined that Lu Ying's injuries are very serious. Investigating the scene, Qin yuan said: "The murderer sent a text message to all of us at 4:45, claiming that there would be a body in Fanghua Park at 5:00, which was exactly the time when Lu Ying was stabbed. In addition, no body was found in the park." Chen Mo: "But Lu Ying's arrival in Fanghua Park was a complete accident, so the murderer may be waiting in the park for an opportunity to act, looking for the victim at random." "But this kind of action is very risky, may be discovered, may fail, and he just attacked Lu Ying without anyone noticing.".

    "Qin yuan walked to the back of the fountain. There was a handkerchief soaked in ecstasy and a bloody knife on the ground, which had been collected by colleagues in the forensics department." The murderer stunned Lu Ying here and stabbed her with a knife, then threw her into the fountain. " Chen Mo said: "The camera here can't take pictures of the back of the fountain. It's a dead corner. I went to see the surveillance here, but I didn't take pictures of the murderer." Qin yuan nodded and said, "The murderer is very bold, but he is also very cautious. He knows where there is surveillance and how not to be caught by surveillance. So he obviously has a plan for this action.". He also sent a warning message to the police in advance. We can't rule out that the killer's initial plan was to attract the police and assassinate them. He frowned and said in a deep voice, "And it was only for the people of our special case team. It was Zhao Qiang's girlfriend who was stabbed." What if this case is against us from the beginning? Qin yuan did not say the words behind him, but his worries were completely expressed on his face. Mujiu looked at the pool full of blood, the heart is also faintly uneasy, she always felt that this is just the beginning. And Mu Jiu's uneasiness was soon confirmed by a phone call from Lan Xiaoya. Captain, it's not good. Brother Song, Brother Song is dead. Lan Xiaoya sobbed on the other end of the phone. Qin yuan listened to a shocked face, "what did you say?"? Xiao Ya, where are you now? Lan Xiaoya: "I, I am in the Bureau now." "Don't worry," said Qin yuan. "We'll be right back." Hung up the phone, Qin yuan three people rushed back to the Bureau, as soon as they entered the office, they saw panicked Shi yuanfei and Lan Xiaoya. What the hell is going on? Lan Xiaoya was both sad and anxious. She cried and said, "I didn't know until Brother Song's body was transported back to the Bureau. But what should I do? Captain, I can't get in touch with Sister Mei. She can't get through the phone all the time. Could something have happened?" "Captain," said Shi yuanfei anxiously, "and we are not in charge of this case. We are asking the criminal investigation team to investigate this case." "Don't worry,uns s32760 plate, Lan Xiaoya continues to contact Mei Jie, Chen Mo goes to Mei Jie's home to see the situation, I go to find the captain of the criminal investigation team." 。

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