Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine a Cai 108

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  • Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine a Cai 108

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    Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine a Cai 108

    "How dare you fight Wang Jinling's savior?" Sure enough, the eldest son was different from the head of the family. When Wang Jinling was only the eldest son, he was as gentle as jade and never forced people to oppress others with power, but when he became the head of the Wang family, it was different. The head of the Wang family, if he is too gentle, he will only be regarded as a bully. Small I don't know. Nanling brocade all feel embarrassed, can think of the father's confession, as well as the mission instilled from childhood, Nanling brocade all dare not resist. The emperor is definitely an insider, the situation reversed he was happy to see the play, but for the arrival of Wang Jinling, he was still very curious, eyes swept to the nine emperor uncle and Feng Qingchen, Feng Qingchen is a face of puzzlement, nine emperor uncle is still as stable as Mount Tai. Have to. Still nothing can be seen, the emperor suppressed the doubts in his heart and continued to watch Nanling Jinfan eat shriveled. I do not know? Three princes, not knowing is not a reason. Whether Wang Jinling is reasonable or not, he is not forgiving. The eldest son is just a reputation and has no real power. But the head of the Wang family is different. Maybe the other three countries don't care too much about the Wang family, but Nanling cares about it and doesn't even dare to offend the Wang family. She hit me, too, and Uncle Nine kicked me. Nanling Jinfan showed his red and swollen left face in front of Wang Jinling. Compared with Feng Qingchen, the wound on Nanling Jinfan's face was even more frightening. It can be seen that Feng Qingchen slapped him hard enough. Hit you? It serves him right. A man haggles with a woman. The royal family of Nanling is well educated. The more Wang Jinling said, the more angry he was. If he came earlier, the light dust would be all right. Master, you can't be so partial. Nanling Jinfan looked up, and there was no murderous look in the slender Danfeng's eyes, only full of grievances. Eccentric? Can you tell me how I am partial? Did you abuse Feng Qingchen with foul language first? Are you the first to move the scholar's Chinese website? When Wang Jinling thought of Nanling Jinfan's words of abusing Feng Qingchen, he wished he could kick Nanling Jinfan back to Nanling. Feng Qingchen, the woman who is so strong that people feel distressed, the woman who is so beautiful that the sun loses its color, should not be insulted like this. That's true, but she also scolded me and hit me, and she didn't suffer losses. Nanling Jinfan also wanted to say, "I am the one who suffers losses," but looking at the cold light in Wang Jinling's eyes, he shut up and dared not speak. No loss? The third prince really found a good reason, if I take you to say those words of Feng Qingchen, to say your mother and concubine, and then let your mother and concubine scold back, do you agree? Nanling Jinfan was startled and asked, Drive in racking system , "Master, you can't ruin my mother's reputation." Words from the mouth of Wang Jinling, even if it is false, the world will believe, because he is Wang Jinling, the world famous, famous big childe. [] Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 357 "You also know that those words will be bad reputation, your mother and concubine want reputation, Feng Qingchen do not want?"? Three princes, don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you. I don't care how you do in Nanling, but this is Dongling. You have to watch the rules of Dongling. Wang Jinling this is not polite to teach Nanling Jinfan, but also the tone of the above. Feng Qingchen was so confused that he wanted to ask Uncle Jiu, but Uncle Jiu, like an old monk, didn't mean to solve her confusion at all. Jin Fan was taught. Nanling Jinfan did not defend himself, but Feng Qingchen heard his dissatisfaction from his tone. Now that I have been taught, I will apologize to Miss Feng. I don't want this to happen again. Wang Jinling overstepped the emperor and gave the order directly. Although Nanling Jinfan was dissatisfied, he answered obediently. However, he was reluctant to let go of one thing: "Master, Jinfan can apologize to Miss Feng, but how about the matter of Dongling Jiuhuang Uncle beating Jinfan?" "I never interfere in state affairs. Jinling has no right to interfere in how the three princes act." He just came to support Feng Qingchen today, using the name of the head of the Wang family, and did not want to mix with other things. Thank you, master. Nanling Jinfan breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that Wang Jinling would be in charge of everything, so he would be beaten in vain today. The emperor frowned and was very dissatisfied with Wang Jinling's practice: "Jinling." "Jin Ling is here." Wang Jinling smiled appeasingly at the light dust of the phoenix. The sharp thorns on his body were put away, and he resumed his elegant gentleman's demeanor. He bowed slightly to the emperor.

    "Jin Ling, I want you to be Prince Shaobao and help Prince to receive the princes of Nanling, Xiling and Beiling." The emperor is not "forcing" Wang Jinling to come forward. Nanling Jin Fan footsteps a meal, sideways to look at Wang Jinling, if the Wangs come forward, Nanling can never get a good point from Dongling, Nanling Jin Fan some worry, if the father emperor knows, because he let the Wangs deal with Nanling, then he will be miserable. Unfortunately, Wang Jinling is not a puppet at the mercy of others: "Thank you for your kindness. Jinling is too young to shoulder this heavy responsibility. Please withdraw your order.". The emperor should know the relationship between the royal family of Nanling and the Wang family. My Wang family disdains dealing with the royal family of Nanling. Of course, the emperor knows the relationship between the Wangs and the royal family of Nanling. He can guess one or two by looking at the generations of the children of the Wangs in Nanling brocade. Otherwise, he won't be suspicious of the Wangs and dare not reuse them. Now it seems that he is oversensitive. The Wangs don't want the world to know because they can't afford to lose face. In that case, I won't force you. Even the face of the royal family of Nanling is not sold, what can he do? The emperor really loves and hates the Wangs. If he can get the full help of the Wangs, he will be able to swallow Nanling immediately, but the Wangs have always done their best. The emperor forgot that he also suppressed and guarded against the Wangs. Under such circumstances, how can you let the Wangs do their best. Nanling Jinfan reluctantly apologized to Feng Qingchen, but Feng Qingchen didn't care. He waved his hand generously and said, "Forget it. I didn't suffer any losses anyway. The third prince should pay attention to what he said in the future. It's better not to say anything without evidence. This is me, Feng Qingchen. If I were another woman, I'm afraid the third prince's words would kill a person alive." Feng Qingchen is typically cheap and well-behaved. Although Nanling Jinfan is not happy, he can only endure it when he sees Wang Jinling defending her like this. omracking.com

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