Ender's shadow

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  • Ender's shadow

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    Ender's shadow

    Bean is tired of talking about these things. She was so excited when she talked about God, but he couldn't even spell what God looked like. It seems that she attributes all good things to God's grace, but when bad things happen, she always gives God a reason to make it a good thing in the end. But what Bean had in mind was that if he had had a little more food, the children would not have died. If God is so fond of them, and he is omnipotent, why doesn't he give those children more food? If God wants them to die, why not let them die soon, preferably not born, so that they don't have to struggle to survive and suffer. Bean could not understand at all, and the more Sister Caillot explained, the more confused he became. If there is a judge in the world, then he should be fair. Since he is not fair, why is Sister Kerot happy that he is a judge? But if he tried to tell her what he thought,polyfoil tube, she would immediately repeat more things about God, and she used many words that he did not understand. The best way is not to argue with her, just let her say what she wants to say. It is reading that fascinates him most. He loves numbers. What makes him most happy is that there are pens and paper, and he can actually write with them. And a map. At first she did not teach him how to read a map, but there were several maps on the wall,cosmetic tube, and the shapes on the maps attracted him. Sometimes he would climb up and look at the small print on the map, and one day he saw the name of a river, and he knew that the blue area was the river, and the bigger blue area was the water that was bigger than the river, and then he noticed the same words in other signs that had been on the street, and he realized that it was a picture of Rotterdam. That reminds him of something. The map of Rotterdam looks from the bird's point of view, all the buildings are invisible, and all the roads are empty. He found out where his old nest was. Where Pok died, and other related places. Sister Caillot was thrilled when she found out that he had read the map. She showed him Rotterdam on other maps. On one map, Rotterdam was just a small block. On another, eye cream packing tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, it was a small dot. On one map, Rotterdam was even too small to be seen, but she knew it was there. Bean never knew how big the world was. There are so many people. But Sister Kerot returned to the map of Rotterdam and asked him to try to remember where his first memories began. Nothing looked the same on the map, so it wasn't easy to recall, and it took him a long time to point out where and from whom he had been fed. He showed these places to Sister Kerot, and she marked all of them, every one of them. After a while he understood that all the places were in one area, and then, in order, they pointed out a route from where he found Pock to.. …… That clean place. That's just too difficult. He was so frightened that he followed the guard and ran out of the clean place. He didn't know it was there. The truth is, Sister Kerot herself said that the guards probably lived near that clean place. So she followed Bean's memory back, and she probably found the guard's apartment, where the guard lived at least three years ago. Or is it still there? What would the guards know? He knows where the clean place is. He must know. Now Bean understood: it was important for Sister Kairot to find out where Bean had come from. Find out who he is. Only.. He already knows what he is. He tried to say to her. I'm right here. I know. I'm not lying. "I know," she said. She smiled and hugged him. Good. It feels really good. She let go of him. He didn't know how to move his hand. She was asking him to hug her. He had seen other children do this — children with a mother and a father — but he always felt that they had to hold on to their parents so that they wouldn't get lost on the street. He doesn't know that they only do that because it's comfortable.

    Sister Kerot's body was hard in some places and soft in others, and it felt strange to hold her. He remembered the hugs and kisses of Pock and Achilles, but even if he had been used to hugs, he would not have wanted to kiss Sister Caillot, and he did not want to hug now. He let her hug him, but he never wanted to hug anyone else. He had not had that thought for a moment. He knew that sometimes she would hug him instead of explaining, and he didn't like it. She didn't want to tell him why he had to find that clean place, so she hugged him and said, "Oh, you little cutie," or "Oh, you poor thing." But that means it's more important than what she said, or she thinks that even if it's explained to him, he doesn't have enough knowledge and wisdom to understand what she means. He continued to try to remember as much as he could, but he wouldn't tell her everything, because she didn't tell him everything, and that was fair. He would find the clean room by himself and not let her know. Wait until he thinks it would be better for him to tell her. Because what if she gets a bad result? Will she throw him back on the street? Will she not let him go to school in space? Because she had made such a promise after the test, when she told him that he had done well in the test. But he could not go now, at least until he was five years old, and not even then,custom cosmetic packaging, because it was not all up to her, and he knew then that she was not strong enough to carry out her promise. So if she found anything wrong with him, she might take back her promise. Even the promise to protect him from Achilles would not necessarily be fulfilled. So he's going to find the place himself. emptycosmetictubes.com

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