Feng Lin Tian Xia: Princess 13 years old

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  • Feng Lin Tian Xia: Princess 13 years old

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    Feng Lin Tian Xia: Princess 13 years old

    The holy priest stood at the other end of the white jade bridge, looking at the eyes of the people of Hades Island, full of coldness and madness. You shut up. The king of Hades shouted angrily, and his voice like thunder interrupted the words of the holy sacrifice to continue. At the same time, he turned to Lian Fei and the others and said, "Go back, all go back. I beg you, go back first, go back first." As soon as the words fell, all the angry and anxious people of Hades were stunned. King Hades, their king, their supreme king. Once upon a time, I lowered my stature like this. Once upon a time, I asked others like this. And now, he's begging them to go back. He's begging them to get out of here first. Inside here.. Headed by Lian Fei, the people of Hades Island looked at the bitter and anxious face of King Zun of Hades Island. I was in a daze for the first time. At this time, standing on the other side of the cliff, Liu Yue and others. But Qi Qi raised his eyebrows and looked at each other. The Lord of Hades defends the Holy Priest here and now. It seems that there is something fishy about it, and I'm afraid it's not easy. They know that the king of Hades is not clean. Chapter 1839: The Truth 3 But the previous idea, at most, is that the temple is the Lord, and the King of Hades just did not stop it. But that's the way it looks now. Perhaps, their guess is still biased. Liu Yue, Xuan yuan Che, Yun Zhao, and Capricorn did not open their mouths. Duguye and Lian Qing, who were the last to come, did not speak. Several people stood on the cliff and watched quietly. The autumn wind flies over, the golden sun is dazzling, but it is cold without a trace of temperature. After all the people in Hades were shocked,lamella clarifer, the eyes that had looked at the king of Hades, who was still respectful, began to slowly deteriorate. The king of Hades thus upholds the holy sacrifice. It seems that Wang Zun may not be able to get away with the fall of the baby. The hearts of the people of Hades began to sink. The Holy Sacrifice they worship is a devil. And now they worship Wang Zun, perhaps. It was full of suspicion, anger, disappointment, grief, and many emotions flashed in the faces of the people of Hades Island, shooting straight at the King of Hades Island. The king of Hades saw this and suffered in his heart, but he could not say anything. The leader Lian Fei and Ouyang looked at each other. In each other's eyes, they saw doubts and fears, as well as burning their boats. Turning his head slowly, Lian Fei looked at the King of Hades and said very slowly, "No, we won't go back. We must get to the bottom of it today.". No matter who is in the way. The voice is very slow, filter nozzle ,Rotating sludge scraper, but there is no room for turning around. It is clear that we will not stop today. If the King of Hades is stopping them, then don't blame them for being unfaithful. Listening to Lian Fei's words, he did not wait for the King of Hades to react. The holy sacrifice on the other side of the white jade bridge was already laughing out loud. Wang Zun, they don't appreciate your kindness. You want to be a good person, but you are nothing in the end. Okay, so if you want to know, this sacrifice is.. "Holy Feather, do you want to make my Hades Island never turn over?"? You just want to ruin everything here? The shrill roar destroyed the cause of the holy sacrifice to the mouth. The King of Hades had blood-red eyes at this time. Ouyang, Lian Fei, don't ask, don't ask, that result. Chapter 1840: The Truth 4 Not you, or all of us on Hades. Can bear it. The fierce shout of the King of Hades just fell. The silver family chief, who had been standing beside the king of Hades, but kept silent, looked at Ouyang and Lian Fei and suddenly opened his mouth. The voice, full of boundless pain and injury. Lian Fei, who was just about to refute, could not help frowning tightly. Too sad, too painful. The head of the silver family knows the inside story. He must know. But, in the end is what kind of inside story, unexpectedly let this also follow the forced abdication of the silver family patriarch, at this last moment, soft mouth? What the hell? What happened to Hades. Let their expressions be so painful? Lian Fei's hand, holding the sword, began to tremble a little. Standing on the other side of Hades Island King Zun, on such an occasion, there is no position to open the mouth of Ouyang Yufei. At this time also a deep sigh. He turned his head to his father's eyes. He shook his head slowly and said, "Father, don't ask any more questions. I'll tell you the reason later.". But, now, don't press. As a result, it will really destroy the whole island of Hades and the whole generations. With that, Ouyang Yufei shook his head again. Do not break, do not stand, break and then stand. This is his original idea, the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, very impulsive, but also dare to do.

    But he never wanted to destroy all the people. He just wants them to understand that he wants to improve this place and rebuild a Hades Island. I want to give the island of Hades, which has decayed to the bone, a new life. Not destruction, not the worst destruction. All these people are gathered together at this critical juncture. Disrupting his plans. If the truth of this fact is known. They'll break down. They'll go crazy. Ouyang patriarch looked at the deep sigh of Ouyang Yufei. There is everything in those eyes. Because of understanding all this, it will subvert the forbearance of all this and the determination to betray. Ouyang's five fingers slowly clenched into fists. He gets it. He gets it. Ouyang Yufei knew the inside story long ago. So, he chose to betray. He chose to overthrow Hades. Chapter 1841: The Truth 5 He chose to expose the truth to all the people of Hades. He knew it. He knew it all along. And this truth made him choose to betray and overthrow. At the risk of becoming a traitor to Hades, bearing the hatred of all, to expose the facts for them. Monofilament, but also at this juncture, let them not ask. Because they can't afford it. This What is the reason for this? What the hell is going on? Chief Ouyang's body began to tremble. That inner uneasiness is getting bigger and bigger,Mechanical fine screen, perhaps the answer that this forces to ask, really. Looking at each other, Ouyang and Lian Fei hesitated for a moment. khnwatertreatment.com

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