Golden Clothes-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Golden Clothes-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Golden Clothes-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

    Zheng Zhudi's heart was more confused than hers. At this time, she shed tears and thought to herself that this was not bad. Instead, she asked herself for advice. She managed to calm down a little and said, "Now things are urgent. If we slow down for a moment, Jiang Shangyun will go away. We can't wait at home. We can only try our best to find the elder Jiang.." Zhu Yuhua wiped away her tears and said, "That's the only way.." She did not dare to let Wang know, so she hurried out of the shop with Zheng Zhudi. Early in the morning, the cool morning breeze made her calm down a little. They took a few steps. Zhu Yuhua made up her mind and suddenly stopped and said, "Miss Zheng, please try your best to find my grandfather to report this, but I can't delay. I'm going to go after Yun Di immediately. Although I can't order him to come back, at least I can keep him for a while.." Zheng Zhudi was astonished and thought to herself, "You are so gentle, and you don't have any experience. How can you set foot in Jianghu alone?"? It would be strange not to suffer great losses on the way. Just as she was about to be persuaded, Zhu Yuhua said decisively, "It's all right. It's a pity that Miss Zheng is injured. Then we can go together. That would be better." The voice did not stop, only to see her rest, only to see her turn around and jump into the room, probably to pick up some travel expenses and some personal clothes. Zheng Zhudi hesitated for a moment, then wiped her head and walked to the west of the city, with a strange feeling in her heart. It should be noted that Zhu Yuhua is so beautiful that when she looks up, she naturally reveals a gentle and generous manner, which makes people involuntarily want to be close to her. Because of this, Zheng Zhudi, with a woman's eyes, was already wary of her, and saw her shed tears when she heard the news,hot tub spa manufacturers, which was a thousand kinds of impatience, described endlessly. At that time, Zheng Zhudi had a thorn in her heart, so she finally wiped her head and went out of the city to look for the whereabouts of Jiang's father and others. But when she left the West City, the more she walked, the more nervous she became. She did not know if she had done something wrong. Fortunately, when she crossed two hills, she suddenly saw six or seven people gathered in the grass in the valley in front of her. She first recognized that a girl in a light-colored dress was Long Biyu, and she hurried down the valley. The valley was covered with green grass. At this time, the morning dew was not thin. The grass tips were dotted with small beads,jacuzzi swim spa, and the feet were cold. Besides the two old men, there were four people, including Long Biyu. They were all scattered around, more than twenty feet away from where they were sitting. It was Sun Bonan who stood beside Long Biyu, while Jiang Zhongzheng stood on the other side with Jiang's father's sword crutches. Not far from him stood a young strong man, who was Sun Shangguanli, the disciple of yuantai, who had shaken the mountain. They all looked nervously at the two old people in the middle. When Zheng Zhudi appeared, they only looked at her and then ignored her. Zheng Zhudi was overjoyed and thought, "I finally found.." Walk faster at your feet and go straight to the valley. Long Biyu suddenly turned around and leaped over. At the place where the strange sound started, the Jasper pole turned into dozens of shadows and poisoned Zheng Zhuti's vital acupoint. Unexpectedly, as soon as Long Biyu met him, Zheng Zhuti was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat and hurriedly tried to retreat. When the green shadow closed, Long Biyu closed the pole and stared, "If you go any further, I'll kill you.." Zheng Zhuti felt that the blood was attacking his heart, his whole body was weak, and he felt dizzy and wanted to vomit. Knowing that it was because of the exertion, he hurriedly closed his eyes and gasped, jacuzzi suppliers ,Chinese spa manufacturer, unable to speak. Long Biyu saw Zheng Zhuti's situation, although he felt a little strange, but he did not think deeply, so he looked back at the two old people again. Zhen Shan Shou Gui yuan Tai's eyelids were red, as if he were drunk. He protected his chest with one palm and pushed it forward with one palm, but even his eyes were closed. Father Jiang was sitting five feet away in front of him. He also pushed his palm forward and protected his chest with one palm. His eyes were about to close but had not yet closed. From time to time, he showed a ray of light like electricity. The silver beard under his chin was windless and automatic, and his expression was very solemn. It turned out that these two world-famous old men were each practicing their own internal skills for more than 60 years, competing with each other. Just look at the people watching the battle on both sides to avoid the position behind them, we can see how far their internal force has reached. By this time, they had been fighting for two hours, and both of them felt that they had lost too much energy, so they were more careful to maintain the confrontation. Sincerely afraid of a little danger, by the other side to take advantage of the gap and people, that is even too late to retreat.

    Another half an hour passed, and the pressure on their palms gradually eased. Finally, Father Jiang stood up and laughed: "Brother Gui's family attainments have taken away the merit of good fortune, and the old wife admires him.." Shaking the mountain hand, Gui yuan Taiyi, sat like an ancient stone. He opened his eyes and smiled. He said slowly, "Brother Jiang is a master of a generation. Gui is overreaching himself. He still wants to learn how to split the empty palm.." Jiang's father did not sit down politely. "Master," said Jiang Zhong, "Master Yun hasn't come home yet.." Father Jiang looked angry and said, "He'd better not come back. I've seen it with my own eyes.." Just say these two words, then suddenly shut up, hand way: "I'm sorry, brother Gui, please give me.." It should be noted that these two old men, who are both among the four wonders of the martial arts world, have their own ambitions, although they are in harmony with each other in appearance. First, it is necessary to clarify the doubts of the people of the world, and it is necessary to be firmly in the first place. First, unwilling to be oppressed by fame, we must strive to be the first, so after comparing weapons, we compare internal force, and now we compare palm strength. All the people watching the battle were experts, and they could not help but turn pale when they saw that they had fallen and sat down, because they could not move when they fell and sat down, and although they could not make a break to attack, they also could not dodge. With the power of their hands, within five feet, even if there is a golden bell jar to protect the body, it is not in charge, so if there is an occasional slip between the moves, they will die. Zheng Zhudi panted for most of the day, just barely able to speak, then from Jiang's father's joke, learned that Jiang Zhong although they arrived early for a long time, now is the first time to speak. As soon as the thought passed, he wanted to open his mouth. Father Jiang was already waiting for the enemy. His face was very heavy. It was obviously a tense moment of life and death. Unconsciously, he swallowed the sound back into his abdomen, but in his heart he was thinking that Jiang Shangyun was stepping towards danger, so he was so anxious that he did not know what to do. Long Biyu has been paying close attention to the movement of Zheng Zhudi, suddenly feel Zheng Zhudi move, immediately with a Jasper pole, low rebuke way: "Don't move." The wind whistled in the palm, and Gui yuantai, the shaking hand,endless swim spa, was the first to attack. He hit the palm head-on, and the force of the split palm tore the air rapidly, so it made a harsh sound.

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