Iron Sword and Red Mark

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  • Iron Sword and Red Mark

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    Iron Sword and Red Mark

    Zhen Qiushui couldn't help being shocked and said, "Thanks to us, we didn't drink water all the way.." As he spoke, he smiled again and said, "After we got out of the black hole and entered the dense forest, we climbed to the top of the tree immediately, but we never saw a bird or a beast, not even a snake or an insect. So this is the reason!"! Elder Bai, although this spring is harmful, it can't be said to be useless, can it? Bai yuanzhang shook his head and said with a smile, "What Miss Zhen said may not be entirely true, because animals, snakes and insects, which grow in the dense mountains and forests, have their own natural instincts, so they will not drink this poisonous spring water.". Never seen the reason, or there may be other strange things! Ru Tian Hen sighed and said, "Everything in nature has its advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, we have found the'head of the stream 'and finally have the door to enter Taoyuan. But now there are two caves on the top of the cave, and we have to choose one of them!" Then raise your hand and point to the right. Bai yuanzhang and Zhen Qiushui with attention, right more than twenty Zhangs, two cliffs face each other, separated by a shallow ravine. On the flat slope of the cliff, there is a deep cave on the left and right! Bai yuanzhang frowned with a wry smile and said to Ru Tianhen and Zhen Qiushui, "It was a lot of difficulties along the way, but we got through all of them and reached the so-called'stream head 'where the water is highly poisonous. At present, there are only two holes, half of which are right and half of which are wrong. It seems that it is not very difficult to choose!"! Brother Ru and Miss Zhen, let's take a closer look before we make a decision. Ru Tian Hen nodded with a smile, and the three of them walked slowly to the front of the cave. The two holes were similar in shape, and the width of the hole was about the same, both of which were generally dark and unfathomable! But the direction of access still seemed to be one on the left and one on the right. Ru Tian Hen thought a little and said flatly, "If you only look at the surface, you can't tell which hole you should go between the two holes."? It would be better for Ru Tian Hen and Brother Bai to advance ten feet in a cave, examine the actual situation in the cave, memorize the situation, and then withdraw from the study and decide whether to choose or not. Bai yuanzhang nodded in agreement, that is, he and Ru Tianhen each chose a hole and dodged. Zhen Qiushui is independent cliff head, waiting for the two old back, and then go to study to agree on the direction of travel! Not long after,Surveyors tape measure, Ru Tian Hen and Bai yuanzhang came out of the cave one after another, each saying what he saw. Ru Tian Hen went into the cave on the right side, which was smooth and flat, not very strange, while Bai yuanzhang went into the cave on the left side, but there was a very bad smell of mutton, which made people feel sick! After Zhen Qiushui listened quietly, he pondered a little and suggested to Ru Tianhen, "Master, as Qiuer saw, we should choose the cave on the right." With hatred, Ru Tian nodded approvingly and said with a smile, "Qiu Er's prediction is getting more and more accurate. Most of the strange and dangerous things often happen in a very dull way."! Brother Bai enters the cave of human beings, in which the smell of fish assails the nostrils, and there must be a beast of prey hiding! But no matter how fierce these beasts are, they can't pose a threat to us, and there's no need for this girl to warn us! What's more, she specifically mentioned the term'snake on the top of the cave '. This snake may be similar to the'pterodactylus' discovered in Gaoligong Mountain last year. Since there are such rare and poisonous things lurking in the cave, other animals will all retreat. Therefore, we should choose this plain and spacious cave to go in! With a smile on his face, Bai yuanzhang extolled, "Like teacher, Walking measuring wheel ,Horse weight lbs, like disciple. Brother Ru is a pedant. He has a wide range of knowledge. Miss Zhen is also very clever. She can understand by analogy and draw inferences about other cases from one instance. Bai yuanzhang respects her." Ru Tian Hen sighed and said, "Brother Bai, please don't praise me. It's almost dusk now. We should go into the cave as soon as possible to find out where this so-called paradise is." Ru day hate words, two old smile, then with Zhen Qiushui, into the cave on the right. After the human cave, because the lyrics of the beautiful woman in strange clothes stated that "when encountering a cave, we must guard against snakes on the top of the cave", they raised their vigilance. Ru Tian Hen is a unique skill, unparalleled in the world. He is duty-bound to be the first to make trouble. Zhen Qiushui follows closely behind his teacher, holding the purple flute in his hand, focusing on the top of the cave. Bai yuanzhang was separated by several feet, and his whole mind was on guard against the rear.

    The human cave has been tens of feet, twists and turns gradually, but the height and width of the cave are not reduced, flat as before! Round and round, twists and turns, and finally see the road ahead of the change, there seems to be a faint fluorescent penetration! Zhen Qiushui was the first to make a sound and said with a smile, "Master, why hasn't the'snake on the top of the cave 'appeared yet?"? We have a few more turns, and we can reach the entrance of the cave. With a snort, Ru Tian Hen cut off Zhen Qiushui's conversation and said with a laugh, "Qiuer, this time you made a mistake. Although there is light in front of you, the light is quiet and slightly crystal green. It is by no means the light of the stars and the moon!" Zhen Qiushui Wen Yan, although silent, but in the heart, but slightly do not believe. The three of them, old and young, turned the luminous corner one after another, and their eyes brightened and the wonderful scene appeared! See the cave to this, suddenly spread out, forming a radius of more than 20 Zhangs of a stone chamber, the top of the cave stalactites uneven, thick several countries, thin as a finger, long is hanging to the ground, short only inches! But no matter how long or how thin they are, they are all glittering and translucent, and all colors are in riotous profusion. The fluorescent light we just saw is indeed the reflection of these stalactites! In addition, the grotesque rocks on the ground are in disorder, with different shapes, some of which are like people, sitting or lying, standing or leaning, and so on! Some are exquisitely carved, like birds and animals, but all the strange rocks are shining faintly, and the stalactites on the top of the cave add radiance and beauty to each other, forming a strange scenery! The three swordsmen, old and young, suddenly saw such a rare scene, and naturally one by one they were delighted to look at it and appreciate it carefully! Bai yuanzhang clapped his hands gently and said, "I didn't mean to turn into a barbarian mountain. There are such precious treasures hidden in it!" When Zhen Qiushui heard this, he asked, "Elder Bai, are you saying that these stalactites are priceless treasures?" Bai yuanzhang nodded and replied, "Although stalactites have the ability to reflect, they are not glorious in themselves. At best, they are carved as playthings."! But the grotesque rocks underground are all uncut jade and belong to amber. Although I don't know whether they are useful or not, the refraction is so strong and the material is so good that its value is not less! Ru Tian Hen nodded in silence, as if he were thinking! Bai yuanzhang then motioned to Zhen Qiushui with his hand, telling her to stay here, take a short rest, and eat a little dry food, and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Ru Tian Hen pondered for a long time,fish measuring tape, and then sat down on a grotesque rock that looked like a giant elephant with a long nose pointing straight to the top of the cave. He said to Bai yuanzhang in all earnestness, "This trip to the Savage Mountain may have unexpected gains. If there is a good opportunity for these natural treasures, Ru Tian Hen should make good use of them so as to live up to the true meaning of heaven's creation!" 。

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