Jian Xiu who was forced to change his job

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  • Jian Xiu who was forced to change his job

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    Jian Xiu who was forced to change his job

    However, in the face of the major clans, the people of the demon clan did not say a word. Although, or a pair of eyes higher than the top, the chin to see people, the inner sense of superiority burst. But on the mouth, but did not say a word to reveal the news about this immortal mansion. The reason.. That is naturally because this demon holy palace contains a great secret of the demon clan. There have always been rumors among the various ethnic groups of the demon clan. Fuxi Demon Saint did not fall on the spot in the Great Plunder of Heaven and Earth. Instead, he was seriously wounded and fled away. In the last days of his life, he lived in seclusion in a secret place. Until he finally died. And that place is the newly born palace! So, when this holy palace of demons is alive. Demon clan each big clan, immediately excited, the heart is fiery. This is the place where Fuxi's demon saint fell and buried his bones! You know what this means! All the wealth of an ancient demon saint! The major demon clans immediately went crazy. This is a huge treasure that can make any demon clan's heart surge. Undoubtedly, this newly born secret land of immortals, in the eyes of this group of demons, is a treasure mountain. And in this treasure mountain, the most precious, the most priceless, is naturally used by Fuxi demon saint in the past years, accompanied by a magic weapon,rapid sand filters, congenital treasure Fuxi Qin. Although, as to whether Fu Xi Qin is still alive. The major demon clans have been arguing endlessly, each holding its own views. But one thing is the same, that is, as long as the final result is not determined, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we can not give up! Therefore, just had the white tiger young Lord,disc air diffuser, other all nationalities young Lord body bear heavy responsibility, come to the immortal mansion secret land. Their task is to find out whether the legendary innate treasure Fuxi Qin will remain in the world. Once you find it, bring it back immediately. —— Fu Xi Qin is the magic weapon of the former demon saint Fu Xi. It is a sacred object of the demon clan. Sacred objects have spirits, which are beyond the reach of ordinary people. So, the big demon clan immediately busy up. They began to look for the relics of the demon saint of Fuxi in the past. As long as they held the relics of the demon saint, Fuxi Qin would respond. White Tiger Young Lord used the wine cup that Fuxi Demon Saint used to use in the past, which was purchased from a down-and-out demon by their family at great expense. It is said that the ancestor of this demon has dragon blood, and the ancestor once invited Fuxi demon saint to dinner, so there is such a wine cup handed down. At that time, the elders and patriarchs of the White Tiger clan looked at each other, looking at the broken wine cup with a big hole missing, and their faces hesitated. Is this the wine cup used by Fuxi Demon Saint? Really? It looks exactly like those ignorant little demons in the market who come from the countryside to deceive people. They claim to be antique Lingbao with a history, but in fact they are just a pile of useless junk. But the demon promised in all sincerity and seriousness, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,Lamella Plate Settler, "This is handed down from my ancestors. It is absolutely the wine cup used by Fuxi Demon Saint himself. Have you seen this opening?" The demon pointed to the gap in the wine glass and said firmly, "This is the place where Fuxi Demon Saint drank!" “……” Elder and chief of the White Tiger clan. You know that, too? Sounds more and more like a liar. That's what all liars say. They come and go. Seeing that they looked wrong, the demon said hurriedly, "Don't go. What I said is true. If you don't believe me, I can swear to my heart." Eventually, the white tiger clan bought the wine cup which was said to have been used by the demon saint Fuxi. At that time, the young master of the White Tiger Clan, looking at this ragged gap wine cup, hesitated and said in a hesitant tone, "Father, Elder, is this really used by the demon saint?" "Maybe." The head of the White Tiger clan said in a faint tone. …… Then why should we buy it? Said the White Tiger Young Lord. Why don't you find a real one? When the head of the White Tiger clan heard this, he immediately looked at him with your innocent eyes and said, "Are you so easy to find when you are the relic of the demon saint?" "Not to mention that tens of thousands of years have passed." The head of the White Tiger clan said, "Even in ancient times, the things of demons and saints are not easy to find." "Demon Saint, what kind of noble existence is that?"? Their belongings will not be easily left outside. Said the White Tiger Patriarch. It's a great fortune to meet something that is somewhat real. So it's a fake? Asked the White Tiger Young Lord. How do you know it's fake? The White Tiger Patriarch asked in reply.

    “……” Young Lord White Tiger. According to you, it is far more likely to be false than true. White tiger young Lord is a face of depressed look, heart way, take the fake demon saint relics, go to the demon saint palace, don't offend the holy face, be beaten out is already a great fortune. It's a dream to dream about Fu Xiqin. Seeing his expression, the head of the White Tiger clan immediately shook his head. He sighed and said, "You child, why are you so unenlightened?" "If we can't find the real one, can others find it?" White Tiger Clan Chief Road. Anyway, everyone is six of one and half a dozen of the other. Don't have any burden in your heart. What the head of the White Tiger clan did not say was that most people in the demon clan thought that the existence of Fu Xiqin did not exist. Sacred things have spirits, perhaps, when the demon saint fell, Fu Xiqin accompanied the demon saint to die together. This time, I'm just going to try my luck. The highlight is not Fuxi Qin, but other treasures left by the demon saint. —— Therefore, before stepping into the Jade Pool Fairy Mansion, the White Tiger Young Lord always thought that what he took was a relic of a false demon saint. He had no hope of finding Fu Xiqin. Who knows, as soon as he stepped into the Jade Pool Fairy Mansion, he touched the fantasy of the Fairy Mansion. Turn into a black bear king. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw the man in Tsing Yi standing in front of me, holding the harp in his arms, smiling and saying to him, "What kind of child are you?" White tiger young Lord Wen Yan immediately under the heart of a startled, eyes quickly swept him, the focus of the line of sight in his arms on the piano stay for a while,fine bubble diffuser, and then hurriedly bow, dare not look directly at the holy face. Set off stormy waves under the heart, that is. Fu Xi Qin!? It is exactly the same as the Fuxi Qin painted on the murals in the clan. Even the appearance of this man in Tsing Yi.. khnwatertreatment.com

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