Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)

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  • Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)

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    Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)

    "Back to your majesty, Li Wufeng and the Situ family's war should be said to have just begun, in the cloud both sides have invested a lot of troops, especially Situ Tai side, they have invested more than three hundred thousand troops, has reached twice the strength of the western Xinjiang army, in the cloud north, east, south three lines to form an encirclement of the situation, which Duodun people sent their Biao Wei Corps and Phoenix Corps.". Yunzhongfu city low wall thin, plus there is no moat, easy to attack and difficult to defend, and close to the north plain area, the western frontier army to hold this place is very difficult, especially Szeto Tai this time also put his army on the front line, it seems to be ready to take advantage of this opportunity to fight with Li Wufeng. However, due to the stupidity of the commander in the early stage, they lost the opportunity to seize the city of Yunzhong, which has some impact on them,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, but my personal opinion will not affect the overall situation. The minister's words were concise, and he knew that his master did not like to talk too much. Then why do you think Li Wufeng didn't push his first legion to the northern front? Are you worried that Szeto Biao has joined hands with Szeto Tai or are you going to swallow the five lakes area with the main force of his first legion? Bishley, too, seemed to see an oddity in the battle. Szeto Biao and Szeto Tai are indeed in close contact, but I am sorry, Your Majesty, so far we have not received any valuable information. Whether Li Wufeng put his first legion in Kansai for defensive preparation or attack preparation, we are not sure now,cosmetic packaging wholesale, perhaps the southern region is too complex and sensitive situation so that Li Wufeng had to do so. This war with the west Luo Bei people and Li Wufeng western front army battle is imminent, can be said to decide the fate of the Tang River people in the war, no matter which line of defeat, I'm afraid will lead to Li Wufeng in the western border of the ruling system collapse, I believe that Li Wufeng saw this, and his enemies are also afraid to see, he can not but be careful, Leaving a reserve force can not only deter the south, prevent us or Szeto Tai from joining the battlefield because of the emptiness of the south, but also serve as a temporary emergency mobile force that can be put into the front line at any time. Now, because the road conditions between Kansai and Heshuo and Beiyuan have improved a lot, Li Wufeng has specially formed a transport force all over the western border, their mobility has improved a lot, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Glass Cream Jars, compared with the past through rapid March to achieve the purpose of movement, this way is much more efficient, and for soldiers, it is also more able to save physical strength. This may be the main reason why Xijiang dares to put the first legion in Kansai. The map to master the intelligence has been very detailed and accurate, in addition to the relationship between Szeto Tai and Szeto Biao can not know the accurate information, everything else is under control, the war in the north is not only related to the whole Tang River Empire and the luck of the Tang people, but also will have a considerable impact on the surrounding countries and forces, on this point, Ma Qihan's views are consistent. Whether to get involved in the war or not has become an urgent issue for the Magi Khan people to make a decision. Tiancheng, what do you think? Nodding thoughtfully, Bishri's broad, blackish face was full of charm, and he was obviously very interested in Tulu's introduction. Your majesty, Tulu adult is right, this battle is not only to decide the fate of the people of the Tang river war, the same will have a great impact on the surrounding countries and forces, otherwise many people will not be so enthusiastic to join in, as to say what affinity, it is just a camouflage, who will fight for a woman? Not even if she was a princess or a queen. Whether we need to join or not, I'm afraid we also need to look at the timing. After the battle of Sanjiang, we lost a lot. In addition, the battle of the peninsula also hurt our morale. If we want to join this battle, how we join and what our purpose is need to be clear. At this point, it seems that we don't have an accurate goal in Korea and China so far.

    "Pu Tiancheng, dressed in a purple battle robe, had a cold face and sat in a guest seat with a cold attitude. He seemed to be dissatisfied with the operation of the battle at this time. In his opinion, as early as before the exchange of fire between Xijiang and Szeto Tai, he should have considered all kinds of countermeasures, which side to join, how much to mobilize and what to achieve." All these should have been implemented long ago according to one or even several plans made before the outbreak of the war, and according to the situation shown by the outbreak of the war, choose a plan that is most in line with their own interests. Jiangshan Beauty Chapter 2 Gas Swallows Thousands of Miles Chapter 6 Hegemony Section 1 Danger (1) [Section 2 of the main text is at stake (2)] Bi Xili and Lei Juetian exchanged a knowing look and a faint smile. This Pu Tiancheng's appetite is really not small. It seems that it is indeed a correct choice to transfer him back. Compared with Ya Ning's calm and vigorous, Pu Tiancheng has a stronger desire to fight and more changes in tactics, which may be quite necessary for the current Ma Qihan. But at this time, Beehilly did not explain anything more to his love, but turned his eyes to the silent face of Mingzhong, "Mingzhong, what do you think?" "Your Majesty, I think what Tiancheng said is very reasonable. Of course, Tiancheng may have just come back from the front and doesn't know much about our recent preparations, but I also think we have made so many preparations. When is the most appropriate time to send troops?" Mingzhong, as the general of Anguo,Serum Bottle With Dropper, stepped up the recruitment of soldiers in the mainland to expand and train the army after the situation on the Milan front eased. It should be said that the training effect was quite good, especially the financial support of the khanate, which made the combat effectiveness of the two new regiments improve rapidly. penghuangbottle.com

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