n95 face mask making machine pricelist

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  • n95 face mask making machine pricelist

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    n95 face mask making machine pricelist

    Our History
    Jiangsu Hengmanhui Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a daughter company of the YANGLI GROUP. We provides mask making machines, high stand mask raw materials and various types of masks.
    Yangli Group was founded in 1966 and is included in the beautiful Chinese historical and cultural city of Yangzhou. Yangli covers a area of 1670 acres, has more than 5,000 employees, registered capital of 150 million US dollars, and total assets of 2.8 billion. Yangli is currently one of the domestic large-scale, complete categories, comprehensive strength of high-end metal forming equipment manufacturing enterprises. Yangli has a wide range of products for automobiles, household appliances, Aviation, shipping, new energy, hardware, electronics, electrical and other production areas, and exported to overseas. Now Yangli is committed to the development of mask machine.
    Our Factory
    Jiangsu Hengmanhui Technology Development Co., Ltd. factory is located in Yangzhou industrial concentration zone. Yangli Group has three manufacturing bases: Yangli Industrial Park, Yangli Technology Park and Yangli Industrial Park. It has jurisdiction over Yangli Machine Tools, Yangli Heavy Machinery, Yangli Precision Machinery, Yangli Five major production divisions of CNC and Yangli Hydraulics; owns 600,000 square meters of modern standard factory buildings and various types of high-precision cutting equipment, with an annual production capacity of 30,000 sets of complete machines, and a complete set of mid-to-high-end metal sheet processing solutions Provide capabilities.
    Our Product
    N95 Fully/half Automatic Face M邪sk Machine
    3 Ply Full/half Automatic Face M邪sk Machine
    Meltblown Non-Woven Fabric
    Product Application
    The mask comes from our mask machines, which are simply divided into flat masks and three-dimensional masks from the appearance. Flat masks are mostly used in the medical industry, and three-dimensional masks are mostly used for daily protection.
    Our Certificate
    Yangli Group meets the highest quality requirements guidelines and our strict quality control system. We had many certificates: such as ISO锛汣E锛汿op 100 China machinery-industry-company certificate; CQC certificate; China well-known brand certificate. Here are the two certificates for our mask making machine.
    Our Service
    1.Pre-sale-product advantage
    Product feature introduction: The advantages of the product compared with other products in terms of function, design, performance and appearance.
    2.On sale-quality advantage
    Mask making machine quality introduction: machine must be guaranteed to be authentic licensed, and the quality of the item must meet the requirements of relevant standards.
    3.After-sales-maintenance advantage
    Machine warranty introduction: While guaranteeing the quality of the machine, if it is unintentionally damaged or damaged for other reasons after use, please contact the dealer for warranty during the warranty period.n95 face mask making machine pricelist

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