Natural and unrestrained as the wind

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  • Natural and unrestrained as the wind

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    Natural and unrestrained as the wind

    Arriving at a side hall, the leading bodyguard asked, "Is there anything unusual here?" Everyone shook their heads. Several people breathed a sigh of relief, and the bodyguard, who had just been restrained by the wind, said with a smile, "Maybe it's just an ordinary woman looking for a lover. It's not for that one." "Humph!"! If it is an ordinary person, can you break in here without being noticed? Let's go and tell your Highness three first. As soon as the leader gave the order, several people explained a few words and left in a hurry. If the wind looked up to patrol half ring, as expected, even the roof has arranged people, it seems watertight ah! Looked around for a long time, a little thought, turned away. So, for four days in a row, a mysterious woman appeared in the palace of the Three Kings in the middle of the night, restrained a guard and began to inquire about the whereabouts of a man, and then there were traces of a house being searched. Early this morning, when the queen was walking around to exercise as usual, she met the three queens by chance. Sister Wang, how are you recently? The three princesses bowed with their hands. The polite greetings of the two men, like the wind, greeted each other with constant inquiries and smiles. I don't think I've seen this one before. The three princesses asked thoughtfully. Wanyan Luoqi stepped forward, blocking the view of Rufeng,endless swimming pool, and smiled: "Yes, new comer." "I wonder where Sister Wang met this young man?" "That's my business, Sister Wang." Faintly angry, Wanyan Luoqi dragged Rufeng and turned to walk back. Step forward, three Wang Nu stood on the loop of Wanyan Luoqi, "big emperor elder sister, this is not just your business.". Because this childe's lover seems to have come to me, and he's been wandering around my palace these days! Wanyan Luoqi looked at the three princesses and smiled. "Wanyan Ximin, how is your palace? That's your business." Give way to the side and drag it away like the wind. Sister Wang. The voice of the three princes came leisurely. "Don't forget what's going on in my palace now. If something really happens,Whirlpool bathtub, I'm afraid it's not easy to explain in front of the mother." Wanyan Luoqi stiffened slightly, but kept walking straight ahead. Back in the palace, Wanyan Luoqi sat down with a sullen face and stared at Rufeng. "Tell me, what a great person your sweetheart is?" Rufeng did not speak, but stared at Wanyan Luoqi. What are you looking at? Seeing that she had not replied for a long time, Wanyan Luoqi became more and more irritable. Who lives in the palace of the three princes? If the wind does not answer the rhetorical question. Wanyan Luoqi was obviously stunned by her question and looked back suspiciously. "Why do you ask this?" Shaking his head, he sighed: "Your Highness, I want to ask you two questions: 1. I was captured by you into the palace. At that time, I was the only one beside me. After entering the palace, I never went out for half a minute. How did my family know that I had entered the palace?"? 2. Is there an important person living in the palace of the three princesses now? And this important person seems to be very powerful. Even the three princesses dare not be careless. They seem to be very nervous. Once something happens, will the three princes take the responsibility? Wanyan Luoqi gasped and frowned. "Are you saying that Third Sister wants me to be the scapegoat? If something goes wrong, I'll take the blame." After hesitating, he suddenly looked up at the wind and said, "Hum, you are so good at people's hearts. It seems that you are not a simple person." Rufeng smiled and said, "Isn't Your Highness very clear about the struggle in the harem?"? A man in this world, in order to rob his wife's attention, outdoor whirlpool tub ,outdoor hot tub, which one is not trying his best? I never said I was simple, huh! If one of you dares to put some trumped-up charges on the one in my family, you will see that I will be more difficult than I am now. Wanyan Luoqi was silent for a long time and looked away: "Rufeng, the person who can be remembered by you is really a lucky woman." Really want to experience ah, simply as a woman's identity, the feeling of being wholeheartedly maintained by another person. Rufeng looked at the face of the person in front of him and suddenly smiled in a low voice: "Your Highness, in fact, the person who can be remembered by Uga is also very lucky!" Wanyan Luoqi smiled coldly, "Uga?"? Yeah, it's lucky to be remembered by him.

    If I was confused by Wanyan Luoqi's attitude towards Uga during the day, it seems that I began to understand the reason at night. She was lying in the garden of the three empresses, listening to the conversation between a man and a woman. Did Szeto Rufeng do anything unusual? The woman asked, listen to the voice, it should be the daughter of the three kings. No, it looks pretty ordinary, too. Rufeng could not hide his surprise, because this man was actually Uga. So what's Wanyan Luoqi's attitude towards this newcomer? After a brief silence, the voice sounded: "It seems very gentle, in short, in short, did not let him suffer any injury." Chuckle, "are you sad?" "No, the slave dare not." I warned you not to fall in love with her. Think about who you are, Uga. After a while, I heard the friction of clothes, such as the wind closed his eyes, constantly silent, do not look at the indecent, do not listen to the indecent. Only feel the sweat on the forehead constantly come out, then again, this Li country's folkway is too open, she came here a few days, has been continuously destroyed by vision and hearing several times. Hearing the sound of a man being pushed to the ground, the three princes laughed unsteadily and said, "Uga, how can a man who has been touched by others get close to the king?"? Just remind you, don't be naive and wishful thinking, think about your own identity, and do what you should do. The man sitting on the ground, hanging his head, waited for the three princesses to leave, slowly climbed up, wiped his face, stood quietly for a moment, and turned into the darkness. Rufeng breathed a sigh of relief, got up and straightened his clothes, grabbed the things at hand, and walked toward the side hall. Half an hour later, there was a faint flash of fire in the side hall. Someone exclaimed, "No, it's on fire." Then, smoke came out from the other direction of the side hall. "Put out the fire!" The sound of "fire" rose and fell one after another, the lights came on one after another,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, and in a short time, a crowd of people came with basins, buckets and water.

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