Quickly wear to save the white moonlight substitute GL

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  • Quickly wear to save the white moonlight substitute GL

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    Quickly wear to save the white moonlight substitute GL

    Unconvinced she used her nanny's cell phone to call Huo Yuting and what she heard was the sound of "sorry" However the plan to bring Huo Yuting back home through the college entrance examination met with a major failure Of course their family's entanglement is what Huo Yuting doesn't know The college entrance examination is coming tomorrow and she is listening to the endorsement of the original spark at home After a year of polishing Huo Yuting has seen more things and she knows more and more about her relationship with the original spark While thinking about when to confess or be confessed she asks the original spark if it has a new university goal Spark which university do you think we should apply for Huo Yuting blinked her eyelashes and looked curiously at the original spark The two men had argued about Health & Medical this issue countless times before and the final result was that the original spark followed her However Huo Yuting now sees the light of the original spark more and more apparent and she is also proud of it in her heart Unlike Huo Yuting's devotion to finance there is no such thing as a dream in the heart of the original spark Her dream is probably to eat drink and play every day without worrying about anything of course it would be better if she could lie on money to eat drink and play The original spark listened to Huo Yuting's question eyebrows slightly wrinkled a face of innocent way "I think want to go to Jingda study" Learn The original spark has not thought well however looking at Huo Yuting's expectant face she shamefully said "I want to learn the same as you recently I bought a stock so I am interested in finance" The more he said to the end the more smoothly the original spark said and even in the end even the original spark believed that he thought so Huo Yuting nodded with amusement and sighed again The author has something to say Thank you for the little angel's landmine As for Xiao Huo's performance it actually has something to do with her former adoptive mother As mentioned earlier the adoptive mother used very bad language to humiliate and whip her soul and she instinctively resisted something Starfire will heal her though This chapter is sent in a hurry I will catch worms again Thank you for your support Chapter 58 the end of saving the calculated true daughter Everyone is working hard towards their dreams and the original spark can't help but feel touched The college entrance examination is still very beautiful can put most people on the same starting line watching all people set out the original spark to write the paper will also be more lively and enthusiastic The three-day college entrance examination came to an end in full swing After the last exam the original spark took Huo Yuting's hand and went home The trees along the road are green and the sun is scorching like fire blazing and shining on everyone The slanting branches hung on the trunk of the tree and as soon as the wind blew they swung leisurely as if they had raised their thumbs to the passing students The original spark endured three days and finally asked the results of the words to spit out "How did you do in the exam" In case of a top 1 top 2 even if the adjustment she is not sure whether she can get into this person's school China Suppliers  It's not that she has no confidence in herself but that she has a thorough understanding of the straight A students Huo Yuting's long eyelashes were shrouded in a layer of warm yellow light and the sun shone down completely Her whole person was so warm that she was out of words "All the topics of the meeting have been done" Uh The correct rate should not be too low The original spark asked tentatively "What about the question that you can't answer" "There is no question that you can't answer" Huo Yuting coughed and felt a little embarrassed ???” Original spark is stupefied still take this kind of view so That means you may get full marks in the college entrance examination right The original spark said while taking a breath of cold air full marks in the college entrance examination yes it's you Comrade Huo Yuting! Huo Yuting was quite embarrassed to think for a while or did not exaggerate "I certainly can not get full marks although there is no no but the composition should not have full marks this time" When Huo Yuting said this she was no longer worried about it Instead she asked curiously "How did you do in the exam" I saw the last big problem in math and you should have done it When the original spark was asked she touched her chin and said with a straight face "I've done everything I can"
    ” "No no" "No it's all covered" Say that finish the original spark grinding teeth with HuoYuTing taxi all the way back home Still no one at home the original spark pulled Huo Yuting ran panting Huo Yuting while panting while strange tunnel "How" What's Gifts & Crafts going on Did you suddenly remember something important Why else would he suddenly run so fast as if someone was chasing him Huo Yuting touched her stomach and waited for the original spark to say an answer yuan Xinghuo shook his head and said with a giggle "Of course not I don't want to talk about the score with you You see once you run you don't have to talk" The original spark touched Huo Yuting's hair and felt that his arrangement was very wise This is such a good idea that most people can't think of it Huo Yuting wanted to continue to ask but she was afraid that the original spark would pull her to run two laps so she stopped "What will we do in the next two days" Suddenly ended the exam as if there was no sense of reality By the way I'm going to work! Huo Yuting consciously thought of a good idea She recently this period of time is living in the original spark home high school scholarship is good to say the university they should be prepared to make good money The original spark was rarely choked "I have money!"! Didn't you promise to be my girlfriend Of course I will take good care of you! Why is the child so solid Huo Yuting heard this but solemnly shook his head the original spark was thinking that Huo Yuting was based on the degree of development of the relationship between the two people and refused did not expect HuoYuting whispered "If we are found together your parents want us to break off the relationship or cut off your pocket money then what do you do!" Huo Yuting's heart was heavy at the thought of the original spark suffering because of her The original spark stunned "Are you afraid that I have no money and no way to live well" 。 trade-global.com

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