Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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  • Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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    Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

    The leader, is a dignified middle-aged, before being thrown out of the window by Lin Xun Rui Qing, impressively followed in the middle-aged side. At this time, Rui Qing was saying something indignantly. Obviously, that majestic middle-aged is Rui Qing's father, behind the two also followed by a group of servants, must also be from the Rui family's hatchet man undoubtedly. Uh? How was the Fengwan Restaurant destroyed? How long have I just been away? Why is it like this? Rui Qing saw the destroyed Fengwan Restaurant from a long distance away. He couldn't help being stunned. He immediately glanced at it. When he saw Lin Xun in front of the ruins, he immediately gnashed his teeth and shouted angrily. It's him, it's him! Chapter 0299 keep silent. Rui Qing shouted angrily, letting the dignified middle-aged eyes lock on Lin Xun for a moment. Just from the appearance, Lin Xun is just a handsome, warm and harmless young man, but when he touches Lin Xun's deep and indifferent black eyes, there is a trace of palpitation in his heart. He narrowed his eyes slightly, glanced around, and said something inexplicable: "There seems to have been a fierce battle here just now." Lin Xun smiled in his heart, knowing that this dignified middle-aged man was an old fox, and had already noticed that something was wrong with the situation. Pretty good Lin Xun nodded. Next to Rui Qing shouted: "Father, there is no need to talk nonsense with him, just kill him!" Lin Xun smiled and said, "This friend, if I hadn't thrown you out of the restaurant just now, do you think you would still be alive now?" As he spoke, he glanced at the restaurant in the distance, which had already been reduced to ruins. Rui Qing said angrily, "Are you calling me a ***ing rescue?"? Do I need you to save me? With these words, he rushed up and slapped Lin Xun in the face, as if he had his father to rely on, so that he had no scruples about starting to fight. But when Rui Qinggang acted, his father frowned and slapped him in the face, which made his figure stagger and squat on the ground, covering his face and screaming. Father You What are you doing? Rui Qing's face was incredulous, including the servants who followed him, all looked stunned and confused. But seeing that the dignified middle-aged man didn't pay any attention to Rui Qing at all. Instead,Glass Cosmestic Containers, he handed his hand to Lin Xun and said gratefully, "Thank you, little friend, for ignoring the past and returning good for evil. If you hadn't witnessed all this with your own eyes, Rui would almost have been hoodwinked by the son of a dog, causing a misunderstanding." "No, it's just a simple task." Lin Xun said casually. Father, how can you still believe this guy's lies? Rui Qing shouted. Pow! In his middle age, Wei Yi slapped him in the face again and scolded him in a harsh voice. "You're a blind fool. If it weren't for this young man this time, how could you still be alive?" "I.." Rui Qing was stunned, want to cry without tears, what saved his life, clearly that guy threw himself out of the restaurant ah! Is this also called help? "Shut up!" Wei Yi middle-aged eyes a stare, scared Rui Qing all over a shiver, immediately shut up. Weiyi middle-aged is really angry, as long as a little brain, just look at the ruins of the restaurant will know, if Rui Qing is still in the restaurant, glass cream jars ,30ml dropper bottle, which may have the possibility of survival? Even before Rui Qing was beaten up, humiliated and thrown out of the window, but as long as life is still there, this is not a matter at all. The little friend laughed. The son of a dog grew up in Qingliu Town. He was like a frog at the bottom of a well. He was arrogant and ignorant. He did not know the depth of heaven and earth. If he offended someone, he would like to see the sea. Wei Yi middle-aged hand said, sincere attitude, so that Lin Xundu can not help but suspect that this pair of father and son is really different, a shrewd as an old fox, a dull as an idiot, the difference is too big. Little friend, if you don't mind, please move to my humble abode and prepare a banquet to express Rui's gratitude. Wei Yi said in his middle age that he had sent out an invitation. He saw at a glance that Lin Xun seemed to be dressed in unremarkable clothes, but his breath was extremely unique, and he was obviously not an ordinary person. No, if you can, I'd like to ask the senior to do me a small favor. Lin Xun said. Wei Yi was stunned in his middle age and immediately said, "Little friend, but it doesn't matter." "There are fifty-one dead bodies in the nearby area and in the ruins. Please send your subordinates to help the younger generation collect the articles they carry." Lin Xun said with a smile.

    Wei Yi's middle-aged eyes narrowed, waved his hand, and let the subordinates behind him act according to the order. Then he looked at Lin Xun with a little surprise and whispered: "Little friend, can you take the liberty to ask, those dead bodies.." But you killed them all? Lin Xun smiled silently, noncommittal. But this is already the most obvious answer, let the majestic middle-aged can not help but secretly take a breath, through his observation just now, can destroy a maple evening restaurant like this, such a battle is not a small fight. It shows that the opponents of the young man in front of us must also be extremely powerful, at least there must be someone to cultivate the realm of Gang! "Great." Weiyi middle-aged sighed with emotion, he did not ask the cause and effect of the battle, but also did not want to be involved in this storm. Before long, a group of subordinates returned, one by one all holding all kinds of spirit, short crossbows and bows, enough to pile up into a hill. Prestige middle-aged eyes swept, immediately look on the trance for a moment, God arm crossbow, violent armor crossbow, broken blood crossbow. If it's just a few pieces, but now it's dozens of pieces! These alone add up to thousands of gold coins! But this is only a small part of the booty of the teenager in front of us, in addition, there are dozens of pieces of armor, dozens of pairs of combat boots, dozens of pairs of bracers. As well as a pile of various top-grade spiritual objects and hundreds of elixirs needed for healing and repair! The most impressive thing is that whether it is equipment, spiritual equipment, or elixir, all are unified systems, belonging to the market almost can not buy the fine! At this time, not only is the dignity of middle-aged, even those subordinates are shocked, fell into silence, breathing heavily, one by one red-eyed fever, greed blazing. And Rui Qing is unbearable, his eyes almost fell out, his mouth wide open, there is only one voice echoing in his mind, how much is this ***ing worth! "Ladies and gentlemen,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, the things on the dead body are valuable, but they are very hot in the hands, and maybe they will kill themselves." 。

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