Regeneration Warriors of Online Games

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  • Regeneration Warriors of Online Games

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    Regeneration Warriors of Online Games

    The monk in the center of the priesthood is probably the so-called "monk". This monk chooses the image of an Oriental monk, which is particularly unique among the Western priests. Seen from a distance, the monk seemed to have his eyes closed, but at the moment before the magic God was ready to use the space transfer and fire magic, the monk immediately turned into an angry King Kong, and a lion roared like a thunderbolt in the sky: The blue light fell on the magic God in an instant, but the magic God did not dodge at all. He continued to move and set fire, shouting in his mouth: "How many times have I told you that it is only a high-level third-class seal, and your level is more than ten levels lower than mine. It will not be effective!" More than once, the fire of the Dharma God fell on the central group of priests. However, the monk opened his eyes again and shouted, "Don't touch the seal of the Ming King!"! Solid! Handprint is not only a hand movement, but also a body print and a heart print at the same time. As soon as the monk's handprint comes out, the whole person is like the incarnation of the immovable Ming King, and the treasure is dignified. With him as the center, the range of more than ten Zhangs was full of golden light, like a golden ball covering the heads of the priests. In front of the golden ball, only a part of the fire can invade, and then be met by the "fire protection" released by the priests at the same time, most of it will be melted immediately, and the remaining flames will not be enough to damage the priests. There is also a black army in the battlefield,whirlpool hot tub spa, like a poisonous snake in the dark, wandering in the fire, quietly, giving people an indescribable strange feeling, that is the assassin group of the Slaughter Eagle Sect. Assassins with high sensitivity and high attack, low defense and low blood, often miss a hit, then kill themselves,best whirlpool tub, even if the attack is successful, they are often killed by the other side's counterattack. In the game, there are quite a lot of people practicing this profession, because once many skills of assassins play their greatest role, killing and even surpassing knights, the most important thing is that there are many skills of "ignoring defense", whether it is playing BOSS or gang war, having many assassins in the team is absolutely a guarantee of victory. There are only a dozen assassins in the Eagle Slaughter Sect, but no one will doubt that once the magic gods are captured by them, they will be turned into white light in an instant. Mages and archers are the main forces of the Eagle Slaughter Sect, but this time, they have no way to attack super mages who are farther away from them, have a wider range, and can move in space. The Dharma God is always ahead of them. If the "Iron-blooded Cavalry Company" in the sky can't find the figure of the Dharma God in time, then the Dharma God will have time to shoot twice. Even if the priest cures in time, outdoor whirlpool ,endless swim pool, at least a few members of the mage will fly away. If the priests had been half a beat slower, no one would have survived the third fire. In order not to give the Dharma God time to recite space magic, close combat professional players will rush up at the first time once they find the Dharma God, and even several times suddenly launched a "charge" skill to hit the Dhamma God. However, the Dharma God seemed to have anti-stun equipment, and was rushed to the immediate transfer, but let the soldiers who stayed in place be severely damaged or even killed by their own leader who rushed down from the sky. Every minute, an average of more than ten Slaughter Eagle followers were killed. The medium players in the outer circle were immediately added to the battlefield by more than a dozen people. The dead players and the newly arrived players, after arriving from Flying Eagle Town, joined the outer circle and were ready to re-enter the battle. I stood behind the players watching the battle and gawked at the battle in front of me. The space transfer of the magic God is simply an invincible existence. Although he is occasionally attacked by the "Iron-blooded Cavalry Company" or hit by several magic bows and arrows, he can be transferred away at the moment of being attacked. The time of each transfer is very precise, and he never wastes any time to attack his opponent. And the target point of his transfer is always such an incredible dead corner. This kind of transfer technology is like a myth. Is this really what human intelligence can do? I have been sleeping for 20 years, and there has been such a great genius player on the earth! Shocked by the battle scenes for a long time, I finally remembered my purpose, that is, to stop the slaughter of the magic gods.

    This may be impossible, but I have already made up my mind, and if I don't do it, I will never be at ease. The horse was about to run to the battlefield when there was a clear sound, and the phoenix in the sky suddenly left the battlefield and flew away into the distance. Pet betrayal? Almost all the players who witnessed it had this idea in their minds. The higher the rank and grade of the pet, the easier it is to break away from the control of the owner, especially when it is almost exhausted for the owner and the owner does not feed it. The players of the Eagle Slaughter Sect cheered in unison, the already depressed fighting spirit rose again, and the reaction seemed to be much faster. In addition, the players no longer had to be distracted to deal with Phoenix, and the Dharma God was in danger several times later. If just now the Eagle Slaughter Sect was worried that the Dharma God would pass through the transfer at any time and ride away on the Phoenix, now this concern is gone, and everyone feels that they can finally avenge their shame! Although the loss of Tu Ying Jiao this time, even if the Dharma God burst out a full set of treasure level equipment, the level dropped to 0, it can not make up for it. But everyone is fighting for that breath, not out of this tone, Tu Yingjiao followers, from now on where to go can not raise their heads. Who wants to leave the mark of a loser in his heart even if he can't get through it. I continued to flatter, while rushing forward while shouting: "Magic God, you do not kill, I have found a way to eliminate the evil eagle!" " Chapter 40 trouble Updated 2005-10-8 11:33:00 Words: 3326 Perhaps, my action this time, at any time, will feel extremely foolish, but at this moment, I firmly believe that I am right, or that this is what I have to do, is my only choice. I think my voice is high enough, but unfortunately, because of my physiological conditions, the system also judges my hidden attribute "volume" as the lowest, which is many times different from the voice of the Dharma God that can penetrate thousands of people and the lion's roar of the monk. Of course,endless swimming pool, the Dharma God could not hear my voice, but many people on the periphery of the Eagle Slaughter Sect looked back at me, and then a group of people greeted me.

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