Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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  • Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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    Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

    Sha Liu Chan's face was very ugly, and his heart was very bored and angry. This time not only failed to defeat Lin Demon God, but by Zhong Li Mowgli this guy seized the opportunity to make a big show, a posture to make decisions for him and Qinglian son, which makes Sha Liu Chan how can not be angry? And the same is true of Qinglianer, who looks livid. She has her own cards, even if Zhong Li Mowgli does not appear, she is confident that it is absolutely impossible to be killed. But now it's obviously too late to say this, whether she recognizes it or not, she has to get the favor of Zhong Li Mowgli! It made her bite her teeth with hatred. In full view of the public, it was humiliating enough to be defeated by Lin Demon God, but now Zhong Li Mowgli jumped out again, making her more and more unbearable, which made her not suffocate and resentful? At this moment, Zhong Li Mowgli is absolutely dazzling, attracting the attention of all practitioners. But Lin Xun hated this man very much in his heart. He opened his mouth coldly: "So you are Zhong Li Mowgli. You are really a bastard who loves to be in the limelight!" Words are very impolite, because of the appearance of Zhong Li Mowgli, let him miss an excellent opportunity to kill Qinglian son. Pushy? Son of a bitch? The whole audience was restless and looked stunned. Some practitioners were so impressed that they wanted to kowtow and worship. They were worthy of the name of Lin Demon God, and only he dared to comment on Zhong Li Mowgli in this way. And the look of those proud people became strange, to tell the truth, they also agree with Lin Xun's words in their hearts,caustic calcined magnesite, but on the surface, they will not show it. Younger Martial Sister Lingxi, your friend is so crazy that even I can't help admiring him. A descendant of the immortal Pure Land sighed with emotion. Although the others did not open their mouths, they all looked a little complicated. They witnessed the world-shaking melee just now, and also witnessed how Lin Xun defeated the peerless Tianjiao. This makes their hearts disdain and contempt, already swept away, even if they do not want to, have to admit that this Lin Demon God is really powerful,Magnesium Sulphate producer, even in their eternal pure land, such as Lin Demon God peerless figures are only a handful. Bai Fengliu was very excited, and his hands and feet were quick to engrave it with the leaves of the message. The angle he chose was very tricky, and he specially engraved the part where Lin Xun scolded Zhong Li Mowgli. And the words about Zhong Li Wuji were intentionally blurred by him. Lin Demon God, originally we should maintain a neutral attitude, but I also do not like these guys, that can only render your image a little taller, even if you know in the future, you must also accept my feelings.. Bai Fengliu murmured to himself. Brother Lin Xun, you are really a man of God! Yue Jianming held back for a long time and made such a feeling. However, to everyone's surprise, Zhong Li Mowgli did not get angry. Instead, he frowned and said flatly, "Lin Demon God, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Sulphate price, are you only good at talking?"? If so, it will make me look down on you. He is really calm and maintains a kind of demeanor. It's nothing for you to look down on me. Lin Xun laughed angrily. "You guys are really shameless and hypocritical. A while ago, who was the first to jump out and threaten to suppress me in front of the world?"? And now you're saying I'm just a good talker? Do you want a face? Without any concealment, Lin Xun's words were direct and impolite, which made all the practitioners present secretly frightened and more aware of the ferocity of Lin Demon God, which was stronger than the rumors. In retrospect, as soon as Lin Demon God appeared, he killed Saru, the top player of the Sea Shark Clan, and then turned his hand and suppressed Tang Chuan, the younger generation of Tianjiao of the Sword Sect. Until Sha Liu Chan, Qing Lian'er and Zhong Li Clan appeared, the spearhead was aimed at him alone, but failed to frighten him. Instead, they jumped directly into the sky and asked one person to kill Sha Liu Chan and Qing Lian'er, two peerless figures. Later, Sha Liu Chan was defeated, and Qing Lian'er was seriously injured and almost killed! This scene, all live in front of us, virtually also reflects the strength and ferocity of Lin Demon God. Looking at the world, I'm afraid I can't find the second ruthless man with such courage! Can let everyone did not expect is, in the face of Lin Demon God so reprimanded, Zhong Li Mowgli is still a calm look.

    He just frowned and said, "Yes, I did say that not everyone in the world is worthy of the word'Demon God '. If you refuse to accept it, I will be the first to suppress you at the beginning of the Lantern Festival and take off your title." His words are plain, but he is full of details and has a kind of absolute confidence. Don't talk nonsense. It's not easy to want to die. I'll send you on your way now! Lin Xun became more and more disagreeable and opened his mouth coldly. People in an uproar, Lin Demon God this is to continue to suppress Zhong Li Mowgli? What is so crazy that no one can match it? This is it! If Fang Linhan, the heir of Baji Dao Nunnery, were here, I'm afraid everyone would feel inferior. However, the words heard in the ears of Sha Liu Chan and Qing Lian'er made them feel a burst of pleasure in their hearts. They had been frustrated by Lin Demon God before, and their faces were somewhat frustrated, and their hearts were angry and suffocated, while Zhong Li Mowgli was in the limelight at the moment, with a messianic posture, which made them extremely repelled and hated. Therefore, when they saw Lin Xun so ferocious, unceremoniously provoked and reprimanded Zhong Li Mowgli, they were naturally happy to see his success, and even wished that Lin Demon God would show great power and suppress Zhong Li Mowgli first! This is a kind of "I have a hard time, and I won't let you have a hard time" mentality. Now? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Zhong Li Mowgli chuckled, "I can't do such a thing as being watched like a monkey show." Monkey play! All of a sudden, Sha Liu Chan and Qing Lian'er's faces were embarrassed to the extreme. Just now their confrontation, how did it become a monkey show in Zhong Li Mowgli's mouth? Is this calling them a monkey who tries to please the public? All the heroes in the field were also shocked. Zhong Li Mowgli looked light, but his sharp words were equally alarming. Monkey play? You're right. I'll have a good time with you today, you hypocritical and shameless monkey! Lin Xun's figure rushed forward,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and he was too lazy to talk nonsense. Boom! The brilliant splendor flowed all over his body. As soon as Lin Xunfu started, he exerted all his strength. His fists were brilliant and blazing, roaring through the universe.

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