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"Should we have a long time to prepare for the civil strife on Starburst Island and be so alarmist?" Xing Yu was a little dumbfounded. Brother, if you think so, you will definitely be played to death by Longzhao. Damn it, Longzhao is not a joke. He is more cunning than all the mothers-in-law put together, and he will make careful calculations. Because of the four starburst warriors and the king of nine hills, the Anse galaxy is a synonym for terror and mystery in Starburst Island. Now Longzhao has produced evidence to say that the legendary'Magic Pool Anse 'starts from the Silver Shrimp Jumping Window and can be reached through three jumping windows, which will surely make everyone on Starburst Island feel insecure, and then come to the slogan of'Stop the Civil War and Unite with the Outside World'. Long Shihao, after all, has a bad name. The civil war will soon be put down. Once the civil war is aborted, we will hang ourselves. Chen Fei's eyes are shining, and every word is brilliant. At this time, there is no ruffian who usually looks like a cheeky smile. Only then did everyone realize the seriousness of the problem. Chen Fei then said to Yan Zhen, "Old Yan, it seems that I need your brother's help. During our absence, the Bloody Knife Soldiers will trouble you to take care of them. They are still a group of children. Your brother has to ensure their safety." Cologne heard almost out of breath, open blood knife soldiers, not afraid of the fire, but was Chen Fei said to be a group of children, but also asked Yanzhen when the nanny,tile trim manufacturers, what is this?! "General, I'm not convinced!" "Don't do this to me, old Ke. Low-level planetary warriors like you can easily find thousands of them in Starburst Island. Stay here obediently." Chen Fei did not give Cologne any face. Raise your hand and start brewing "Fire Cloud Jump". " All right, it's calculated. A total of one hundred children with blood knives. The charge is very fair. Each kid has ten thousand yuan per hour. You have to go back quickly. I won't give you a discount. Heh heh. Yan really ignored Cologne's feelings now and added fuel to the fire. Cologne heard that the old face was blue and white, even if Chen Fei said, Yan Zhen actually did not give face at all, which made Cologne so angry that he breathed heavily and was so depressed that his teeth itched. Hey hey, old branch,tile trim factory, idle and bored to ask Yan Zhen nanny a lot of advice, his brother is a master ah. "Ah, I have to go to class, so I have to pay more." At this time, the fire cloud jump has been completed, Chen Fei, Soli, Xingyu, Xue Xi four people into the "fire cloud". Yan Zhen smiled and waved goodbye to the four of them. He didn't know that he had fallen into the trap set by Chen Fei. How could Cologne have suffered such an insult? After Chen Fei and others jumped through the window of the fire cloud, they immediately shouted angrily at the bloody knife soldiers on the beach: "Come here all of you!" Little friend of Cologne, do you want to make it so grand? All the ceremonies are simple. Just get a little ceremony to see the teacher. You don't have to bow to me. Yan Zhen laughed. On the orders of the general, Yan Zhen was captured alive, tortured, and started! Cologne roared and stabbed Yan Zhen with a hard punch first. Seeing this, aluminium edge trim ,stainless steel edge trim, the other Bloody Knife soldiers swarmed up. Hello! Hello! You want to rebel, grandma, I won't play with you again. The speed of the blood knife warrior can not be compared with Yan Zhen, so Yan Zhen is not afraid of the ferocious Cologne and others, hard to fight, escape their own can always, relying on the advantage of speed, dodge out of the tight encirclement. Run to Cologne and others. Yan Zhen nanny, you run well, you ***ing run again, Lao Tzu will turn around and smash the shadow number to pieces. Cologne grinned. Stop! Damn it, what do you want? Yan Zhen's face changed slightly when he heard this, and only then did he realize that something seemed to be wrong. Don't want to do anything, stop and fight with us obediently, if you hurt any of us, you will bear the consequences, hum.. Cologne sneered.

"Are you making a mistake? Don't you want me to be beaten obediently?"? Chen Fei, you son of a bitch, grandma, I fell for it. Lao Ke, we are our own people. We don't have to be so cruel. We are all taken in by the evil son of a bitch. We are all victims. In fact, my kung fu is very bad. You come out casually and I lie down. Hey, the cool brother with a beard, we were drinking and toasting just now. Good brother! You can't turn your back on people. "Twenty people in a group, group A first!" Cologne can't control so much. Divide the blood knife warriors into five groups and have a wheel war. Yan Zhen did not run for a time, nor did he make a heavy hand. He was surrounded by Group A. Although the strength of individual combat was far less than Yan Zhen's, what surprised Yan Zhen was that the position and timing of each bloody knife soldier's choice seemed to be calculated by a program. Sometimes, in order to trap themselves, they also made one or two hands against each other, and used their strength to speed up the filling position. They cooperated seamlessly. Under the premise of not killing people, even if they play their best, they can only play a draw, if there is a group B, group C, the problem will be serious. In fact, every blood knife warrior has a biological brain, and the power of joining hands is naturally extraordinary. Cologne was also indignant to "boost morale", saying how Yan really insulted the personality of the blood knife, making those guys all eyes wide open, rubbing their hands to taste their fierce, Chen Fei that dead bastard killed himself. Chapter 161 the Sea of Fire. Out of the fire cloud jump window, Chen Fei and others arrived at a completely unfamiliar star field. Pointing to a star in the distance, Chen Fei said, "According to the silver shrimp soldier, the nest of the silver shrimp clan is near the star for the time being. It seems to be a little far away. It seems that I misunderstood it. Fortunately, I didn't open the fire cloud exit to the star for barbecue. Otherwise,stainless tile trim, brother Xingyu's long silver-white hair used to pretend to be cool will be reimbursed." Xingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry, but he was not surprised at all. Since the Silver Shrimps were able to fly in space, they must have their own method to calculate the position of the star field.

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