Love Abuse: Disabled Love President/Cold Love President's Tender Wife

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  • Love Abuse: Disabled Love President/Cold Love President's Tender Wife

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    Love Abuse: Disabled Love President/Cold Love President's Tender Wife

    Smile full of pull Zhan Tianyou leave, Xiao Xiao always feel that there is a line of sight always follow their own; turn around, and can not find the root of the line of sight. "Why are you always looking at me?" Xiao Xiao stared at Zhan Tianyou: I'm depressed enough that I can't find that line of sight. No, from the place where I left to sell goldfish, Zhan Tianyou's line of sight has been following me! So, can you stand it? "It's okay!" Zhan Tianyou turned his head forward again, and then turned back. "Why are you always staring at me?" Xiao Xiao unrelenting stopped: "Do not say clearly do not go!"! It's so awkward to look at yourself like this! "I just felt you were so cute at that time!" Zhan Tianyou seemed to be recalling something and fell into a deep memory. What. What loveliness! In the past, both of them mocked each other when they worked, but now they are always praised by Zhan Tianyou, and Xiao Xiao always can't control the blush on her face! "You were really cute when you bargained with the goldfish seller just now!" Zhan Tianyou held Xiao Xiao's face and praised him. Xiao Xiao, you look so cute when you bargain just now! Yu Wenjun held Xiao Xiao's face in praise, and then sighed contentedly, "I'm so happy to marry you!"! A good wife and mother! Xiao Xiao gawked at Zhan Tianyou, letting the people in front of him overlap with the figures in his memory. "Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao?" Zhan Tianyou gently shook Xiao Xiao's face: "Why do you want to be distracted?"? Why? Why do you make me so uneasy when your mind is wandering? Don't let your mind wander, don't upset me! "Huh?" Xiao Leng Leng to withdraw the line of sight, and then fixed on the anxious face of Zhan Tianyou. Xiao Xiao, what's the matter with you? Zhan Tianyou asked with concern. I Xiao Xiao wanted to tell the reason, but under the caring eyes of Zhan Tianyou,Agate Stone Price, he shook his head gently, "I'm all right!"! I'm sorry, God bless! I was distracted just now! "It doesn't matter!" Zhan Tianyou suddenly hugged Xiao Xiao into his arms and said, "It doesn't matter if you are distracted, as long as you don't go!"! Ten meters away, the window of a black car was slowly rising. "How are things going?" A cold voice came from the lazy man in the back seat of the car. Everything is going according to plan! The man in the front seat answered humbly. Very good The lazy man's eyes suddenly flashed a sharp light, and anyone who saw it knew that the sleeping lion was angry! To speed up the plan,Grey Marble Slab, I will never allow my woman to snuggle in the arms of another man! Eh? The man in the front seat was slightly stupefied, then nodded and said, "Yes, President!" Roll after marriage In the face of different marriages, different husbands, different mothers-in-law, fairy tale princesses-where should Zheng Xiaoxiao go? In the face of Chanyu Ying's treatment of Yu Wenjun, how should Xiaoxiao deal with it? When happiness comes, why is Xiaoxiao pregnant with the child of Khan? In the face of Yu Wenjun, how should Xiaoxiao deal with the children of the nine generations of the Chanyu family? [O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ Orange guarantees the wonderful following text, dear friends, please support me!] Another love affair-Wang Ruofei "Wow?!?" Switchboard Miss Lan Xiaowei stared at her eyes in disbelief, and finally could not stop making a surprised sound. Wow!?! "Oh?!?" Early in the morning, pietra gray marble ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, there was a lot of surprise in the company. "Oh?!!" "Click-" "Ah-" The biggest reaction is Jiang Keren in the secretarial room, first incredibly looking at Xiaoxiao and Zhan Tianyou's clasped hands, then the coffee cup in his hand slipped, and finally the wail of killing pigs.. Xiao Xiao looked back at Zhan Tianyou, his face was embarrassed and funny, he knew that if he entered the company hand in hand with Zhan Tianyou, it would definitely be a great response! But the fall of the lovely coffee cup is really not in his expected reaction. "Oh, oh, oh." I told you! Keren lamented the coffee cup that had just "died" and immediately returned to their side, teasing Zhan Tianyou, "The president of our family has been coveting Zheng Jie for a long time, and finally got it, ah?" "Pa-" is accurate to the back of Jiang Keren's head, Cai Jie a slap fell.

    "Ouch!" Jiang Keren held his head. "Sister Cai, did you hit me again?" "It was you who was hit!"! No big, no small! Cai Jie scolded, then looked at Zhan Tianyou and Xiao Xiao's clasped hands and asked, "What is today?"? Declare it? Zhan Tianyou turned around and found many faces by the door of the secretarial office. Then he happily took Xiao Xiao's hand and said, "Yes, announce!" He said to the man by the door, "If you want to come in and see the gossip, you can come in!" Crash-all the people crowded into the president's secretarial office, and the small office was suddenly crammed! I've never seen so many people at a company-wide meeting! So many people like to join in the fun! No wonder it is the deep-rooted bad habits of the Chinese people! Zhan Tianyou smiled, "I am also Chinese, and I also have this bad root!" The words immediately made the whole company laugh happily! "There are still ten minutes to go to work, president, let me say a private thing first." Zhang Zhengyu looked at his watch, then looked at Zhan Tianyou and Zheng Xiaoxiao's clasped hands, and then his index finger moved on them. "Are you two dating now?" Hearing Zhang Zhengyu's inquiry, Xiaoxiao immediately blushed; instead, Zhan Tianyou generously raised their clasped hands, "Thanks to your Hongfu, I officially became Zheng Xiaoxiao's boyfriend at ten o'clock last Saturday evening!" "Cut, I thought you could keep track of minutes and seconds!" Keren with a pig nose, made a grimace, "for so long, finally deceived our Zheng Jie nodded ha ~" "Yes, thanks to the fact that we didn't bombard my Xiaoxiao. Without so many powerful rivals, I will catch up with Xiaoxiao smoothly!" Zhan Tianyou smiled happily and brightly, "otherwise, my love road is really long!" "Alas!" Zhang Zhengyu pretended to lament, "It's not that we don't want to chase, it's that some men are staring at the flower of Xiao Xiao; we are a group of flies,Calacatta Quartz Slab, even if we want to settle down, we may be killed by a beat!"! We are not the bees of cauliflower. The old heroes have all made jokes, and the lively and lively new employees are naturally unwilling to lag behind.

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