The Queen's new clothes ...

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  • The Queen's new clothes ...

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    The Queen's new clothes ...

    Entering the cave mansion of Wandu Laozu, except for the place collapsed by the wanton bombing, the important place where the treasure house was piled up was not affected. The attendants inside were all driven out and tied up for standby. After entering the huge treasure house, Zhu Yang's eyes turned into currency symbols. Even though she claimed to be a local tyrant, she had to be moved by the huge wealth in front of her. This old man had been a local emperor in southern Xinjiang for almost a hundred years, and the family belongings he had accumulated could be described as horrible. Li Xuan hurriedly pushed Zhu Yang: "This, this is more money than the treasury, right?" "Of course, most of the money in the treasury is taken from the people and used for the people, and the old man's money is his own." Li Xuan urges her: "You install quickly, come to me to help you move." Then he picked up a gold vase half a man's height and stuffed it into Zhu Yang's hand. The gold vase was pure in color and beautiful in workmanship. It was inlaid with a large gem. It could be seen that it was invaluable, but it was just unremarkable here. Zhu Yang thought about it, and finally only installed a small part of it, because it might be useful in the ancient background copy in the future, and brought gold, silver and precious stones to Longlong. But so much she can not take all, ten thousand poison Lao Zu died, the whole southern Xinjiang sphere of influence is empty down. A bad mess is possible. Although it is pleasant to cut out the cancer, you have to prevent massive bleeding, don't you? So this wealth has to be used for the people. However, Wan Du Lao Zu's refined elixir utensils were divided up by Zhu Yang,metal racking systems, who had a premonition that after she left the world, she would have a huge change. Wan Du Lao Zu couldn't use a lot of things himself, so even though he refused again and again, Zhu Yang still insisted on giving them the big head. Especially Younger Martial Sister Yun, you are good at medicine. As soon as Wandu Lao Zu dies, many monsters will lose their restraint. Wandu Mountain is fine. The branches in various places may cause riots. You should study it and deal with it early. Younger Martial Sister Yun nodded and was not polite to her. In their opinion, Master Xiaoyaozi was the ancestor of ten thousand poisons,automated warehouse systems, so the whole world covered by the conspiracy of the ancestor of ten thousand poisons should also be dealt with by them. Zhu Yang took a small part of these things, which was the worst for her. The real benefits, such as the poisonous insect cave of Wandu Laozu, where the poisonous snakes, insects, rats and ants make people's scalp tingle. Without saying a word, Zhu Yang let the baby cockroaches go down and swallow them. Although there are tens of thousands of cockroaches that have evolved by devouring the poisonous water of ten thousand poisonous ancestors, this number is not enough to see in the higher world. We have to evolve a more terrible number, and if we don't swallow these things and let them run out, it will be a human tragedy. In addition, there are the classics of Wandu Lao Zu's practice, which are all good things to take back to their employees. It is also possible for that world to evolve from a low-level field to an intermediate field through their joint efforts. The higher the world is, the more abundant the Reiki is, and the more unlimited their cultivation is. With her, she had to work for the benefit of her younger brothers, push back racking system ,warehouse storage racks, and although she had experienced the low-level field integration at that time, it was her own base camp in her heart. It is no wonder that she is still thinking about recruiting employees when she is doing tasks. Her dedication to work can not be displayed in reality, and she can only pour it into it. Zhu Yang put the secret book away and found a lot of genius treasures, such as Lingyunjing, which is also a lot here. However, it is not as big as the old mother of the cloud poison that she devoured, after all, that kind of size can be met but not sought. Zhu Yang scattered one for Li Xuanxuan's brother and sister Yun, and fed one to each of the newly recruited employees. Is working hard to earn performance, but also the fox fake tiger power of the various beautiful strength of the hot chicken goblins, immediately burst into tears. I was so moved by the boss that it was like this every time. How can they meet such a boss when they haven't done much work yet, and the great benefits are endless? A group of monsters were crying and working while refining Lingyun Crystal, which made the monsters of Wandu Mountain jealous. Those are the treasures that Lao Zu can enjoy, not to mention them, even the poison will be able to get one, why are these spicy chickens? Now that the treasure has been searched, the cave house of Wandu Mountain has no effect, and Zhu Yang directly went down with a few cannons and completely collapsed here.

    But at that moment, a little demon who looked like a ten-year-old child suddenly had a jade tablet in his hand aimed at Zhu Yang. He raised his hand to fold the jade tablet into two pieces, trying to kill him with one blow. There was a vicious smile on his young face, but the next second, the smile stiffened. Because Zhu Yang, who should have been cut in two out of thin air, was still standing there without a wrinkle in his eyebrows. That's impossible — "he screamed.". As a result, before he could escape, he was caught by the Elder Martial Brother and hit the ground directly. I remember the child was just met when he entered the cave? I thought it was the child of a monster, so it was. In her battle, she has been guarding against the use of the soul card by the old ancestor of ten thousand poisons. After all, it is only her theoretical assumption to use the human book contract to achieve the purpose that other curse contracts are invalid for her. As for others to launch those contracts, is it completely ineffective, or she has to resist with her heart, many still need to be tested, not to mention things in the hands of Wandu Lao Zu, but not a concept in the hands of those three guys. Later, however, Wan Du Lao Zu was forced by her to have no gap and bite his whole body. He thought that the soul card might have been swallowed by a cockroach, but unexpectedly it was in the child's hand. Zhu Yang pressed the head of the little demon, and the spirit invaded, only to find that there were two strands of consciousness inside. One, of course, is the innocence of a child, and the other is the same as the old demon of ten thousand poisons. As soon as I asked, it was true that the child was a reincarnation raised by the old demon of ten thousand poisons, and the old thing had already been divided into a wisp of spiritual refinement into the child's consciousness. Because he wants to choose the most suitable body to restore the peak state through the national teacher election, but in the end these monastic people are human beings, and his demon soul is suspected of exclusion,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, so he must use the demon body to reconcile. The little demon's roots and bones are wonderful, and naturally it is a good choice. Zhu Yang pressed the little demon's head and sneered, and the little demon's expression became extremely frightened in her laughter.

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