Urban evil talent

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    Urban evil talent

    "Oh, this Xiaogang, he doesn't tell us about such a big thing. He keeps everything in mind." Mother Tang said. You don't see what my brother is engaged in. The most important thing for them is to keep it secret. I found it by accident. Otherwise, I don't know when I will find it. Tang Mengmei said that she suddenly remembered that she had promised her brother to keep him secret when she was in Hong Kong, but now she said it quickly, and she didn't know if he would be angry? Tang Mengmei has been in Hong Kong for more than a year now. She came back during the Chinese New Year last year. But a few days later, she went to Hong Kong again. This time, there was no time limit to play for a few more days. So after dinner, she contacted several friends and made an appointment to meet and then went out. Tang Mengmei grew up in Beijing, where there are many classmates and friends. Everyone is like this, in the middle school period will have a few very good friends, in the university period is the same, now her middle school classmates are basically still in the university period, to know Tang Mengmei high school only two years, university is only two years, so her current middle school classmates are basically next year to graduate. Tang Mengmei is going to see her college classmates now. She is a senior and will graduate next year! To come to her university alma mater, Tang Mengmei went directly to the original dormitory, a time to enter, the former two old friends are waiting for her there. Xiaomei! "Mei Mei 1" "Hello, Avon and Xiaojing!" Tang Mengmei went in and said hello to the people inside. There were two girls inside, both of whom she had played well before. When she came out, she called to inform them that she would come, so everyone was waiting for Tang Mengmei here. When did you come back? The speaker was her former "best friend" named Wu Yafang. This morning, I came out as soon as I entered the house. Tang Mengmei laughed. Are you a rich man now? Wu Yafang laughed. What a rich man! I'm just a working girl! Tang Mengmei said. If you become a working girl, then we are beggars on the street. Another person interfaced, her name is Xia Jing, used to be Tang Mengmei's upper berth. By the way, do you have classes in the afternoon? Shall we go out to play in the afternoon? Tang Mengmei said. Ok, even if there is a class, I will skip it. It's rare that you, Big Boss Tang, come back. I can't sleep at night if I don't eat you today. Wu Yafang said. No problem. Here's a little something for you. Tang Mengmei said, handing out two handbags, which were two sets of cosmetics she bought in Hong Kong. Wow, Shiseido! I love you, Amy! This is something I've been thinking about for years, but I didn't expect it to come true here. I was thinking about saving some money to buy it right after I go to work tomorrow. Xia Kui shouted. Tang Mengmei, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,White Marble Mosaic, as their "best friend", certainly knows what they like best. She was also pleased to see how much they liked what they had bought. Sending things is like this. Sometimes, even if it is a valuable thing, but it is not suitable for others to use, maybe others do not need to accept your kindness, but if you give her what she needs, it can satisfy her at worst. Besides, Tang Mengmei's two sets of makeup are worth a lot! "As long as you like it, let's go shopping. I wanted to give you every piece of clothes, but I don't know if your figure has changed, so I didn't bring it. Besides, there are many famous brands in Beijing now. As long as you like the clothes in the afternoon, I'll pay the bill. Is it interesting enough?" Tang Mengmei laughed. Hooray! Wu Yafang hugged Tang Mengmei and said, "In the hearts of girls, besides cosmetics, they are clothes, and then they will talk about men, which is also a topic they will never change." Mei, why don't you drive a car here? Wu Yafang came out and saw that there was no parking outside and asked. I just got off the plane. Where can I find a car? Besides, I won't stay in the capital for a long time. Is it necessary? Tang Mengmei said that although she sent cosmetics and clothes, she studied economics and had to consider the cost of everything she did. People can be extravagant, but not wasteful, which is one of her principles.

    "You can rent a car. It's very cheap. It's almost the same as taking a taxi every day. And it's much more convenient for you to do things." Xia Jing said. Yes, some students in our school sometimes go to rent a car after they get their driver's license. Wu Yafang said. "In that case, shall we go to the car rental company first and then to the Wangfujing?" Tang Mengmei said that when she came back, she also found that it was really inconvenient to have no car. Although there were many taxis, it was inconvenient in terms of time. She could not stop and go as she wanted. Although Tang Mengmei just wanted to rent an ordinary car, she could not resist the persuasion of two friends on the side. Finally, he rented a BMW, and after getting the car, the three of them went straight to the Wangfujing for shopping. Although Zhu Siqi also followed Tang Zhigang's team in action, he had neither clothes nor equipment, but followed everyone with his bare hands. Although Tang Zhigang applied for equipment for Zhu Siqi, the process could not be done in a few minutes, but it had to be signed and agreed by the Bureau leaders. Finally, when Zhu Siqi got off the bus, Tang Zhigang gave him a wireless headset within his authority, so that he could at least ensure that he could contact other team members. In fact, Zhu Siqi doesn't care whether he has this thing or not. At least he will never contact other people. As for his initiative to contact them, he can only use "voice transmission". But in that case, everyone will be clear about his strength. This is what Zhu Siqi doesn't want to see. So he took the headset happily and put it on quickly. He tried it with other players. I found that the voice was still very clear. You are like this,Stone Honeycomb Panel, Wang Dake. You and Long Aotian are mainly responsible for the periphery. You two are in a group. Tang Zhigang said. That's all right Zhu Siqi answered. Besides, if you have time, you can take an hour to buy a suit. Your casual clothes are not suitable for our current environment. Tang Zhigang said. forustone.com

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