When Great God Meets Great God- "Keyboard Class"

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  • When Great God Meets Great God- "Keyboard Class"

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    When Great God Meets Great God- "Keyboard Class"

    Others are silent, Ye Xinmo saw riding a donkey to find a daughter-in-law's head and Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao's head appeared on the trading sign, after a while, it was the turn of heaven Xiaoguang, and finally the spring was leisurely, but ordered several times. [Nearby] Spring is leisurely: Brother Donkey, there are really not so many. [Nearby] Riding a donkey to find a wife: Take it as a betrothal gift from my eldest brother. [Nearby] Spring is leisurely: Brother Donkey, don't go, OK? Riding a donkey to find a daughter-in-law did not speak again, two people quickly point to the transaction, spring leisurely finally accepted the 100 million broken coins. Ye Xinmo breathed a long breath, filled his mouth with boiled water and did not swallow it, letting it cool down gradually. It was not until he noticed that the water was beginning to cool that he swallowed it with a grunt. What does this have to do with her? Ye Xinmo swallowed the boiled water helplessly and scratched his head innocently. [Nearby] Riding a Donkey to Find a Wife: From now on,65 inch smart board, I have nothing to do with the Heaven Gate. Please go out! Several people asked for a few more words, but the moonlight was dim and nothing was said. Before riding a donkey to find a wife, she specified that his number was stolen by her. Naturally, she was also very upset. At this time, riding a donkey to find a wife actually broke off the gang relationship to show that his maintenance of the little mage who had only turned 106 was beyond their understanding. It's obviously his wife's fault. Why should he put the blame on others? Riding a donkey to find a daughter-in-law's tone is still not salty,smart boards for conference rooms, it can be seen that several of them still have a little awe of him, although not very obvious, but Ye Xinmo still felt. Several people left a few words, probably feel boring, but also slowly retreated, and finally only the indifferent heart stood in place. [Nearby] Riding a Donkey to Find a Wife: You'd better apologize for your indifference. Remind you for the last time. [Nearby] Indifferent Seal Heart: You are a bird. There is no way to make me listen to you. [Nearby] Riding a donkey to find a wife: Well, please go out! Don't disturb our husband and wife. [Nearby] Indifferent Seal Heart: Wait, one day I will climb higher than you. It's just money! I have a lot of your young master. Don't cry and beg me to let you go. Ye Xinmo pulled the corners of his mouth, didn't he? Indifference seals the heart. You'd better climb a little higher. Do not wait for two people to have a reaction, indifferent to seal the heart very natural and unrestrained to leave. Come to think of it, digital interactive whiteboard ,interactive digital whiteboard, he stayed just to put these two bold words, which is really childish. Ye Xinmo shook his head and looked at someone quiet next to him. [Nearby] Life 0322: Why do you believe me so much? [Nearby] Riding a Donkey to Find a Wife: Are you there? I thought you had something to do. [Nearby] Life 0322: I've been watching the play all the time. [Nearby] Riding a donkey to find a wife: a group of children who have nothing in common with them. If you want to steal the account, you should have stolen it. Ye Xinmo hesitated and then pursed his lips. This year, riding a donkey to find a wife has been the top of the rich list, but for a period of time, he hoarded nearly 10 billion gold coins in order to collect equipment. At that time, all kinds of password protection measures were not very complete, and the conversion rate between gold coins and RMB was 100000:1. So riding a donkey to find a daughter-in-law is very correct. If she wanted to steal his number, she would have stolen the ten billion gold coins at that time, and she could sell them for tens of thousands of yuan casually. Why wait until today to take such a big risk to cheat people? [Nearby] Riding a donkey to find a wife: Thank you today. [Nearby] Life 0322: Thank me for what? [Nearby] Riding a donkey to find a wife: You know. Ye Xinmo suddenly felt that his heart was going to fly, and this man was really not a fool. Smiling, even the night scene outside the window became more and more beautiful, and the twinkling stars in the distance dotted the dark night sky. [Nearby] Riding a Donkey to Find a Wife: Do you have any plans for Christmas tomorrow? [Nearby] Life 0322: No. [Nearby] Riding a donkey to find a wife: Then wait for me at eight o'clock in the evening, and we will go to do the task. [Nearby] Life 0322: Good. Then there was a long silence. Ye Xinmo turned the mouse and never managed to operate the little blue-haired man into the back garden for collection. I had no choice but to count the trumpets in the world in boredom. It doesn't matter if I don't look at them. I was shocked when I saw them. She said she was riding a donkey to find a wife. Why was she silent? It turned out that he was issuing a kill order.

    And the other main gang figures in the world who quit the gang because they learned that they were looking for a wife on a donkey were scrambling to invite him into the gang. For a time, the world was in chaos, and people who bought and sold things were pushed into corners and could no longer be found. [World] Love Sky Starlight: Big Donkey, Xiongqi, Hurry up to Love Sky Family! [World] Ao Shi Kuang Ye: The door of Ao Shi Gang is always open for Donkey. [World] Little Crazy: Who is Life 0322? Come out and say something. [World] Riding a Donkey to Find a Daughter-in-law: Anyone who kills this person who is indifferent to the heart can come to me to collect fifty thousand hardship fees. Report to me the coordinates of this person, can receive ten thousand gold coins. [World] White-haired Devil: Are you stupid? Donkey's wife never shows up, and her friends all refuse to be added. [World] Little Crazy: It's not really a shemale, is it? Ye Xinmo felt very helpless, why did this topic go around and around, and around to her? [World] Fen Xiang: Anger is beauty!! [World] Little Madness: Strong demand for life 0322 to show up. [World] Burning Village: Platoon. [World] La-la-la I'm a newspaper seller: in the same row. [World] Love smallpox: Top. [World] Love Tian Pei Pei: Top. The crowd went crazy, and Ye Xinmo curled his mouth, pulled his overcoat tighter, and continued to watch the play. [Nearby] Riding a donkey to find a wife: Are you a man or a woman? Be my girlfriend. [Nearby] Life 0322: Female. [Nearby] Riding a donkey to find a wife: Oh. To say that these two people, married for a year, the man asked the woman in the end is a man or a woman, is also a great anecdote in the game industry. But when he learned that his wife was indeed a woman, he quietly stopped talking, and even on the World Channel,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, he disappeared. Ye Xinmo clings to the mouse and spins on the glittering little person, murmuring in his heart, does he actually want to be a man? Or does this guy have a special hobby. hsdsmartboard.com

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