Wu Dong Gan Kun _ Tian Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • Wu Dong Gan Kun _ Tian Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Wu Dong Gan Kun _ Tian Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise

    And in the bone to intercept the amulet when the two old eyes is also a flash of cold awn, they also know the high amulet overbearing place, so also understand, Baidu force to move Qiankun first must use thunder means, quickly slay Lin move! Two people's figure, almost in a flash, a blink of an eye time, is appeared in front of Lin move, palm a grip, Jinli's bone sword is flashing out, tricky and fierce stab to Lin move throat and heart two vital parts. On the two people's bone sword, covered with extremely strong yuan Li fluctuation, two strong people who create Qi realm at the same time, that power, is also extremely not weak! However, for Lin Dong, who has now successfully stepped into the atmosphere, it is obvious that the threat is not as high as they imagined. In the face of their offensive, Lin Dong showed no signs of evasion. With a grasp of his palm, the ancient halberd flashed out, and the sharp halberd burst out in the sky. Fish scale halberd! Angry python halberd! Hua Jiao Ji! The first three types of the sky-scale halberd method were almost instantly displayed at the same time in the forest. Suddenly, the offensive condensed by the fierce halberd awn was directly directed at the two old men. Dang Dang! Lin Dong suddenly burst out of the fierce counterattack, but also made the two old men face a change, hurriedly urged the body chalk yuan Li, bone sword draw a sword shadow, mixed with vigorous yuan Li fluctuations, want to resist Lin Dong that offensive. Fuck off However, for their defense, Lin Dong is a sneer,hot tub wholesale, above the body, a sudden surge of glass-like luster, the strength of the whole body instantly soared, halberd body like a stick, as fast as lightning through the heavy shadow of the sword, and then in the two people that drastic changes in the face, mercilessly tied on their chest. Puff! The power of the forest, extremely powerful, a halberd swept the past, a mountain is able to explode on the spot,5 person hot tub, now fell on the two old men, two people on the spot pale, a mouthful of blood crazy spurting out, eyes are also filled with some incredible color. How could he have such a powerful force when he was a young man who created a small atmosphere?! The two of them were so embarrassed that they almost sat on the ground, looked at each other, and lost their voice in horror. This kid is weird. Let's go! The white-haired old man with a dark face and buttocks reacted very quickly, and this time he felt the overbearing of Lin Dong. Only then did he realize that this shot seemed to be somewhat reckless. At that moment, he gave a low drink and his body suddenly retreated. I'm afraid it's too late to go now! Lin move sneer, if before, in the face of two gas realm Dacheng strong, he still have to be a little difficult, Baidu Wudong Gankun bar first, but now he is also into the gas realm, to slay gas realm Dacheng, is no longer impossible. As soon as the sneer fell, the big day Lei yuan was quickly condensed into a huge golden platform, and then under the control of Lin Dong, when the head brought up a burst of gas explosion, mercilessly to the white-haired old man two people mercilessly blasted the past. And the two old men, when they sensed the extremely overbearing wind on top of their heads, whirlpool hot tub ,american hot tub, their faces changed and their minds moved. The two skeletons that were wrapped around the amulet were swept away, and they wanted to carry Jintai alive. Bang! Seeing this scene, Lin moved a flash of cold in his eyes, and the speed of Jintai's fall suddenly accelerated. Finally, it hit the two bones hard. Suddenly, a clear sound sounded. The two bones were directly exploded by Jintai. Puff! The bone was exploded, and the two old men spurted blood again, but this time, they did not care about the heartache any more. They were so shocked that the souls of the dead were all out, and they desperately swept away in the distance. Whew! However, when the two men fled, the rear suddenly heard a very fierce wind, the two men had no time to turn back, only to see out of the corner of their eyes, two purple and black discs, with an extremely terrible speed, tearing the air, flashing.

    "Sniff!" At the moment of seeing the CD, the two men felt a pain in their necks, and the whole person seemed to be spinning in an instant. Then they saw the two headless corpses below, with blood like a column of blood, rushing up, and then the darkness quickly filled their eyes. Lin Dong looked at the two headless corpses, but also a little stunned, immediately looked at the mink beside him, saw the latter's face full of anger, but also can not help but shiver, this guy is angry, unexpectedly is so fierce. Roar! Xiao Yan rushed out quickly, and when he rushed over again, he threw his tail and threw two dry bags to Lin Dong. As soon as he took the Gankun bag, Lin moved his spirit quickly into it, and immediately his face was filled with a touch of surprise, because he found that in the pockets of the two old guys, Chunyuan Dan alone had about three hundred thousand! This windfall, for Lin move, is undoubtedly a pie falling from the sky, to get this high amulet, Lin move is in its body squandered nearly one hundred thousand pure yuan Dan, if there is no harvest, I'm afraid he will have to start to become clean again, fortunately, the two don't know where to come out of the old guy, Unexpectedly will give him timely help to send this expensive pure yuan Dan! "Lin Dong, help me protect the Dharma, and I will devour the demon spirit!" When Lin moved to clean up the harvest with joy on his face, the small raccoon dog quickly swept down, and the purple and black light penetrated into the chalk of the blood bat dragon body, and finally grabbed out a bloody demon spirit. Roar! Seeing this, Xiao Yan also gave a low roar, rushed down quickly, opened his big mouth, bit the blood vessels of the blood bat dragon, and frantically devoured the power of the blood vessels that had not yet cooled in his body chalk! Looked at the beginning of the tonic two beasts, Lin move is also a smile, sitting down on the side of the boulder, and then eyes turned to the direction of the tablet of creation, Baidu Wudong Gankun first calculate time, now those guys, should also rushed into the underground palace is. "Boom!" Just as Lin Dong's thought had just flashed through his mind, the heaven and earth in the space of the ancient tablet trembled with a bang. Suddenly, the heaven and earth turned pale,garden jacuzzi tub, and the earth shook. A horrible breath that made Lin Dong's scalp tingle, like an ancient spirit that had been sleeping for a long time, woke up from this space!. monalisa.com

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