yuan Lai is an online game.

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  • yuan Lai is an online game.

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    yuan Lai is an online game.

    "So Qiuyu Xiaoyao worships this girl so much!" Cheerful and cheerful female voice came from not far behind. Several people were stunned. Looking back, Tyrannosaurus Rex was carrying two swords, a black armor, and the hair tied up high was swinging rhythmically as he walked. He walked up the gentle hillside full of vitality. It's true that great minds think alike, and Qiuyu Xiaoyao also feels that robbery here is the most suitable thing. She was followed by a beautiful young man with a smile on his face, a depressed and soft thief, and then a group of cheerful people baring their teeth and claws, led by a ferocious man who looked like a bad guy, Yanyu Jiangnan. What are you doing here? Qi Anjie obviously has some psychological shadow on Tyrannosaurus Rex, and when he sees her, he will only frown and grind his teeth. Come and do our old job! Answer as a matter of course, justifiably, there is a picture of how you are so stupid, unexpectedly can not see the contempt of the eyes, almost did not make Qi Anjie jump feet. What are you doing here? Qiuyu Xiaoyao said hello to Tyrannosaurus Rex, more concerned about the thief,Nail machine manufacturer, now this situation, he must also be dangerous, inevitably some anxious. "You have come to rob, and I can't find the organization. What can I do if I don't come to help?" "There are many things that can be done." Qiuyu Xiaoyao stared: "Find a way to find them, and then help me take good care of the moon, wait for me to take the reward to find you..." "Eh?"! How can the reward be yours? This girl hasn't said no yet! Tyrannosaurus Rex and Qi Anjie stared at each other with big eyes and small eyes,Iron Nail Making Machine, while interrupting Qiuyu Xiaoyao's words and staring discontentedly. Haha, are you making a mistake? Before robbing others, you are in a mess first. Qiuyu Xiaoyao, this is not your style. The teasing voice had a strong evil spirit, and the Wolf King came this way with a group of people, with a murderous look and anger that was hard to extinguish in his golden eyes. After settling down, he stepped forward alone, looked at Qiuyu Xiaoyao's unruly and helpless expression, and looked at Tyrannosaurus Rex's confident and rogue appearance. The Wolf King's golden eyes turned around doubtfully: "Qiuyu Xiaoyao, who is this?" "Nanjing, a robbery expert." Tyrannosaurus Rex happily introduced himself, iron nail machine ,Coil nail machine, and then boldly folded his fists: "We are all in the same way. This girl thought that there were only a group of girls who liked to do this." “……” The Wolf King looked at Qiuyu Xiaoyao with a black line on his head. "Did you come to humiliate me on purpose?!" “……” Qiuyu Xiaoyao grinned and smiled with jewel-like eyes. "You think too much. This is not the Lord I invited." Golden eyes flashed, after all, Tyrannosaurus Rex all over the body are written with straightforward atmosphere, said is also calm, and did not mean to clip the knife and stick, so the Wolf King politely introduced himself, pulled Qiuyu Xiaoyao aside: "Can you not participate in this matter?" "Why?" Qiuyu raised his eyebrows in a carefree and uninhibited way. Why what?! The Wolf King is going crazy. I'm glad you withdrew from the choice before, after all, you don't participate in it. In this game and in reality, the government has the upper hand. "But you just lost." "Shut up!" The Wolf King pressed down his desire to fight with Qiuyu Xiaoyao first and shouted angrily: "Now you two are here!"! You want to die, don't you? Are you still so arrogant when you know that others are against you? As he spoke, he looked around and nodded, his anger calming down a little. It's a good thing you know how to hide in the moonlight. Qiuyu Xiaoyao proudly raised his head: "Hello!"! Don't you fight when others provoke you? Then he looked back at the thief. He was an accident. Come here. He doesn't know everything, and I'm trying to move him. "You go with me!" The Wolf King gritted his teeth because he hated iron but not steel.

    Raised his eyebrows provocatively, Qiuyu smiled uninhibited and unrestrained: "Impossible!" "You.." The Wolf King was dizzy with anger. He had just been informed that Qiuyu Xiaoyao knew everything and would cooperate with him. He didn't know how happy he was, but after meeting, he realized that the so-called cooperation between them had absolutely different meanings. The two men were at daggers drawn. Not far away, the Tyrannosaurus Rex returned to Xiao Zhiya and Xiao Thief with a puzzled face. He asked Xiao Zhiya strangely, "Fang, do you think they don't want to rob with this girl?" "Who wants to rob with you? There's something wrong with that." The thief threw a supercilious look at the Tyrannosaurus Rex before the tooth of Xiao. I really want to work with Tyrannosaurus Rex. Does that mean there's something wrong with us? The voice of fortitude and tenacity came again from behind the crowd, through the crowd brought by the Wolf King, the calm atmosphere of the world and a cold man's sword through the heart, with a hypocritical and confident smile on his face. Tyrannosaurus Rex was slightly stupefied, and then laughed: "Who did this girl say? It turns out that the people of the first school have arrived. It seems that there are a lot of people who want to reap the benefits this time." Qiuyu Xiaoyao stood high on one side, holding the Dragon King Dao, smiling handsome and arrogant, with a faint smile, jewel-like eyes quietly swept the partners and friends who had fought together, but there was no warmth in the past. Well, it's a lot. Besides a few sects here, there are a lot of lone rangers who are also ready to get a piece of the cake. Looking at the brilliant smiling face of Qiuyu Xiaoyao, there is a trace of regret and helplessness. He himself admires the personal charm of Qiuyu Xiaoyao. Not everyone can have the ability to stand on a high place forever. Wolf King's golden eyes with disdain, for like or dislike, the feeling of soldiers is always more direct, words are not polite: "We have eyes, this is all around one or a group of people, look familiar not familiar,Nail machine supplier, the purpose is obvious.". But you, just two people, what are you doing? Isn't a big school a little shabby? 。 3shardware.com

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