After Ascension _ Huangfuqi _ txt Novel Paradise

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  • After Ascension _ Huangfuqi _ txt Novel Paradise

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    After Ascension _ Huangfuqi _ txt Novel Paradise

    Ximen Yibei hesitated for a moment, raised his head and said, "There is a way. In this case, if I use the method of opening the plane channel, the final result can only be to open a plane channel at random.". It could be the demon world, it could be heaven, it could be any other plane, it's hard to say. If you are lucky, you may be able to open the plane you are in. "Good luck?" With a wry smile, Fengyun Mowgli leaned against the cold wall and looked up at the ice edges hanging upside down above the ice kiln. He felt a little uncomfortable and asked, "Is there really no way?" Ximen Yibei shook his head, then nodded again. "There's another way," he said. "What?" "You have learned the way to open the channel of the plane!" “…… How often can you open a plane channel? Asked Fengyun Mowgli. Ximen Yibei took a surprised look at Fengyun Mowgli and then said, "Opening the plane channel is different from soaring. It consumes a lot of energy. Even with my great cultivation,inflatable water slide, it can only be opened once every other month.". You must realize with your heart that within a month, I can't protect myself at all, let alone open the plane channel again. "I see." Fengyun Mowgli nodded. "When shall we start?" "Right now, but you'd better call the sword demon Dugu without injury. I'll be very weak when I open the plane channel." "Mmm." Fengyun Mowgli walked out of the ice kiln, raised his head to the sky and let out a sharp whistle. A big eagle spread its wings and flew down from under the clouds. Big Eagle,Inflatable dry slide, please come to the sword demon Dugu without injury. The big eagle made a loud sound, then turned into a black spot and quickly disappeared in the sky. www.xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 78 Space Passage Chapter 78 Space Passage Not long after the black eagle left, he returned, sitting on his back alone with the style of a master. Fengyun Mowgli went forward and told Dugu Wushang about the general situation of the matter. It was the first time that Ximen Yibei heard about the plane situation of Fengyun Mowgli. After listening to Fengyun Mowgli's narration, Dugu Wushang and Ximen Yibei both felt the same at the same time. What's the matter? Asked Fengyun Mowgli. Dugu took an appreciative look at Fengyun Mowgli and stroked the silver beard under his chin. "Yes," he said, "you are not lucky to be able to fly to the ancient world at the age of thirty-three. A "Demon Destroying Heart Sutra" has made so many people ascend to ancient times. It's a miracle. What is even more rare is that this Heart Sutra of Demon Destruction can actually spread throughout the entire plane, which is really incredible. Fengyun Mowgli sighed: "But it also caused twenty years of killing!" "There is no lack of killing in Jianghu. Without your Heart Sutra of Destroying Demons, there may not be a big killing." Dugu said indifferently without injury. Ximen Yibei did not answer all the time. Suddenly he whispered, "If it had been.." Maybe they'll drink with me here, Jumping castle with slide ,inflatable floating water park, and I'll.. It won't be so lonely. Ximen Yibei's voice was filled with an incomparable loneliness and coldness, and both of them were shocked when they heard the words. Brother Ximen, if you don't mind, why don't you come to my Sword Domain? Maybe, when I'm tired of staying here. Let's get started. Ximen Yibei took a step and flew to the open space in the middle of several peaks. Snowflakes fell in the air. Ximen Yibei pressed his sword on his waist with one hand. An invisible extremely cold and condensed sword was flying, and Ximen Yibei's face was cold, and his white robe was flying like a butterfly. Watch carefully! Ximen Yibei slowly closed his eyes, holding the scabbard in his left hand and the handle in his right hand. Fengyun Mowgli expanded his divine consciousness to the maximum and enveloped the whole space. At the same time, his eyes were wide open. This opportunity was very rare. If he wanted to see it again, he would have to see it a month later. What Fengyun Mowgli lacked most at the moment was time. The cleansing of heaven may begin at any time.

    Sniff! When a long sword was unsheathed, the blade and the inside of the scabbard rubbed violently and made a harsh sound, and then a brilliant light burst out from the scabbard of Ximen Yibei, which was so intense that even ten suns appeared at the same time. The brilliant and dazzling light reflected everything so white that it was completely impossible to tell the difference between things and things. What I saw in my eyes was only a snow-white dazzling light. As a last resort, Fengyun Mowgli closed his eyes. Plane channel, a matter of great importance, Fengyun Mowgli has almost done his best to scan the divine consciousness and observe the whole process of Ximen Yibei. Boom! There was a loud noise, and in the divine reaction, I saw Ximen three feet in front of the north body, and a huge black hole as tall as a man appeared out of thin air. The black hole seemed to be composed of numerous vortex-shaped black clouds. As soon as it appeared, a strong wind blew out of the hole. With the skill of three people, I could not help but take a few steps backwards. The speed of Ximen Yibei's sword was so fast that it was almost less than a second. With the strength of divine consciousness, he could only see a misty white sword shadow, which flashed away and could not be captured at all. Only then did Fengyun Mowgli realize how high the swordsmanship of Ximen Yibei, who did not show any dew, was. At the same time that Fengyun Mowgli appeared in the dark plane passage like a bottomless cave, the divine consciousness covered the past and probed inward from the outside of the plane passage. In the sense of divine consciousness, the outer layer of the plane channel is a vast and powerful, but extremely unstable energy, which is so special that it has the ability to devour divine consciousness. Fengyun Mowgli endured the discomfort, and the divine consciousness continued to penetrate inward. The more inward, the weaker the sense of divinity. Vaguely, Fengyun Mowgli felt that the divinity touched a layer of membrane,Inflatable outdoor park, a layer of invisible membrane. When Fengyun Mowgli's divinity touched this layer of material, his mind immediately went back like the tide. He heard a violent roar in his ears, and a wave of air with a dark breath came to his face. "Bold animal!" He shouted angrily in his ear. 。

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