Bees and distant thunder

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  • Bees and distant thunder

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    Bees and distant thunder

    Ya Ye forced a smile. Indeed, Marcel had no problem getting through the first primary. The beautiful and charming performance. By all accounts he was the top seed to win. I heard that the evaluation of the judges is also very good. But what about me? What will happen to me? Uneasiness suddenly welled up in my heart. I didn't pay much attention to the reaction of the audience, although I felt good. Miss Rongchuan. Suddenly, someone behind her called her. Turning around, there were two men and women with armbands who looked like members of the media. It's been a long time since the first pre-election. What a wonderful performance. "We are from the classical trend program, and we want to say a few words to you." Looking at their excited faces, Ya Ye did not feel disgusted. However, it happened suddenly and I haven't been interviewed for a long time. Her mind went blank. How does it feel to be on the stage after a long time? "Do you feel familiar?" "Ah, that-" "Sorry, we want to hear the next performance, so we'll leave first." Marcel cut in, smiling and bowing his head to the two media people. I'm sorry He took the hand of Ya Ye, who hurriedly lowered his head,Flush valve price, and walked quickly into the concert hall. It seems to be completely reversed from before. Ya Ye smiled bitterly. A surprised voice came from behind. "Ah, isn't that Julia's prince with her?" "Oh, really." It seems that they just found out that Marcel was beside Ya Ye. It should cause gossip. A trace of uneasiness passed by. Marcelli landed in the unassuming seat at the back left. Ya Ye was going to go back to her, but Marcel took her hand and sat down together, and she couldn't say it. The first primary will be over soon. Let's go there afterwards. Thank you,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, Marcel, for your trouble. She whispered her thanks, and Marcel's side face smiled. In that case, when you don't want to be interviewed, you just have to explicitly refuse. "Pony, are there a lot of people who want to interview you?" "I decided not to give interviews during the first primary.". Let's talk about it after the results of the first primary election. The second primary is ready to do the same. "Ah, I see." He is indeed a great master of the future. Media management is also very sophisticated. Maybe there's already a brokerage firm there. She opened the program and looked again at Marcel's page in contemplation. It turns out that the pony's name is so long. "Ya Ye's name is hard to pronounce." "The pony went to the United States later, so he didn't pay attention to it.". Isn't the pony's nationality French? "Now both countries can.". Julia asked me to become an American citizen. It will soon be necessary to choose. By the way, the pony is still a minor. Internationally, stainless steel toilet ,Time Delay Tap, it is 18 years old? Is that what dual citizenship means? A year younger than myself. The number "nineteen" left her speechless. So mature, but still a teenager. When he turned over the program, he found Marcel still holding his right hand tightly. He hasn't let go of his hand since he just held it. Hey, pony. Ya Ye said carefully. Can you let go of my hand? "No." "Huh?" She didn't know what to do with such a simple refusal. Why? I want to turn over the program. "If I let go, I'm afraid Xiaoya won't know where to go." Ya Ye looked surprised. Xiaoya, I'm going back to France. She remembered the shock of that time. Remembering the past, shock turned to anger. What are you talking about? It's a pony that went to France, and it's still in the United States. Ya Ye said angrily, trying to turn over the program with his left hand. Marcel glanced at her. Is it? Xiaoya. It wasn't me who left, it was Xiaoya. Didn't Xiaoya leave the piano for a while? He played so well that he had reached such a high level, and one day he suddenly walked away clean. The smooth hand that made people miss was now completely held by him. An unspeakable sense of reassurance. He remembered the intoxicating atmosphere of his childhood. I finally found you. Marcel refused to let go of Ya Ye's hand, not only out of the feeling of reunion after a long separation, but also out of nostalgia. But subconsciously, he also felt keenly. If we don't keep her here, she might leave the piano again. This pair of feet, without any nostalgia, will leave Marcel in front of the piano, a person to a more beautiful, more distant world, perhaps will not come back.

    In his heart, he felt a faint sense of uneasiness and fear. A song of joy Akashi looked nervous, and Yami tried to put his face in the center of the picture. He was always a little restless when he saw him through the viewfinder. What's the mood now? Yami asked. Akashi looked at this side with a wry smile. Yeah, I'm nervous. I'm so nervous that I can't remember when I had it before. Probably not since my son was born. He deliberately made an exaggerated gesture of touching his chest. A lot of people gradually gathered in the lobby. Many of them are media people. There were several people wearing armbands and holding cameras. Soon, the list of finalists for the first preliminary selection will be released. Many contestants and related people are waiting nearby. Their expressions are nervous and excited, but also permeated with anticipation and uneasiness, so that people can recognize them at a glance. Some people could not calm down at all and kept walking around, while others suppressed their excitement and kept talking. Of the nearly 100 contestants, about three quarters will be brushed off. When I think about it, I feel the cruelty of the game, and their nervousness is more sympathetic. Of course, there is excitement and trembling. In the eyes of the average music fan,Self-closing Shower Valve, there is no more exciting performance than this. Akashi stared at the people around him. Although the eyes see them, they are not actually looking. Have you passed or have you been brushed down? My mind is occupied by the question of where fate is going to push me. At the thought of his mood, Yami became more and more nervous.

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