bulk Virus Sampling Kit

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  • bulk Virus Sampling Kit

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    bulk Virus Sampling Kit

    bulk Virus Sampling Kit  CDMO service platform of microbial expression system
    Serving by heart, Co-creating the future
    Jiangsu Yaohai Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Company Introduce锛?/strong>
    Jiangsu Yao Hai Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd established in August 2010, known as Jiangsu Neptunus Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It is located in Taizhou Pharmaceutical zone which is the first high-tech pharmaceutical of national- class in china. Our company is committed to providing the Contract-research & manufacturing of biological products services which built with open-minded, Omni-bearing and integrating attitude based on service platform. The platform includes CRO/CMO/MAH systems which improve feasible solutions efficiency for customers. The philosophy of us is "Serve by heart, co-create the future"
    Company Scope:
    Our construction occupied 8088 square meters built in accordance with the GMP requirements. A 50+500L microbial fermentation and purification with 1500 square meters production line. A 50+200+1000+2000L microbial fermentation and purification with production line of 1500 square meters. 1500 square meters鈥?workshop, quality control laboratories and research and development facilities of 1150 square meters. The company obtained the Pharmaceutical Production License in 2012. Also we have professional technical teams from Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, Jiangsu University, Sichuan University and other institutions of higher learning and institutions which contains professional GMP workshops and supporting equipment to provide customers with professional and assured services.
    Service Content:
    Busines Model Expression
    System Service content Fermentation ScalePreparation
    CRO Bacillus coli and saccharomycesProvide small-scale test process development, pilot scale-up research, quality standard research, registration and application services10L銆?/strong>30L銆?/strong>50LPreparation production of polypeptide or antibody (Xilin bottle freeze-dried powder and water needle)
    Suitable specification:1ml-25ml
    Speed and capacity:
    Based the calculation of 2 ml vials
    the maximum production speed is 300 vials / min
    the maximum freeze-drying batch is 40000
    CMOProvide pilot scale research, registered batch sample production and clinical sample production services50L+500L
    MAHProvide entrusted production services for the listing of varieties in line with the policy of listing license holders50L+500L
    CooperationCooperate with customers to cultivate varieties suitable for our company's platform production
    CRO Service锛歂ew drug technology development, new drug platform Setting up, registration and reporting services, and preparation of preclinical research samples
    CMO / MAH mode: to provide the service of pilot-scale production, process route optimization, product yield and quality improving; to carry out the industrial production under the reference of MAH policy
    Project Cooperation: co-develop new products
    CRO Platform:
    Platform profile:
    The platform takes the gene recombination medicine development .Use the service direction with the fastest speed helps customers to advance the project progress for the service objective. The scope of service mainly covers new drug process development, pre-clinical research sample preparation, registration and declaration services. New products on the ground incubation provides customers with an integrated open technical service platform. The company has a full range of high-precision equipment which can meet the needs of customers.
    ACQUITY Arc Bio systemUltiMate 3000GE AKTA pure 150 system
    CMO Platform:
    500L Fermentation&Purification Platform:
    E. coli/yeast system, diversified varieties
    Fermentation experience with multiple expression modes (low / high density)
    Automatic fermentation system (50-500L )
    PALL automatic hollow fiber ultrafiltration system
    Purification scale from small to large, personalized service
    Automatic chromatography system, industrial-grade automatic HPLC preparation system
    Diverse chromatographic separation system 锛圓ffinity column, gel filtration, ion exchange, hydrophobic chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography锛?/p>
    BIO-DVT3000 fermentation systemFermentation system
    Cooperation Partners:
    Contact Us:
    Phone Number锛?523-86202833
    Business Director Name:Ruidong Zhu Mobile:15996011292
    Business Development Manager Name锛歒azhou Wang Mobile: 17314779667
    Business Development Manager Name: Kai Yuan Mobile: 15152616235
    Company address锛歁edicine High-Tech Developmental Zone, Taizhou, Jiangsu, Chinabulk Virus Sampling Kit

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